showcase your own crafts craft store website

How To Create A 1-Click Website & Showcase Your Own Crafts

To showcase your own crafts with the whole world, there is no alternative to creating a craft store website. You can even jumpstart your online craft business with an eCommerce website. But when you are in shortage of time and have no experience in creating websites, what solution comes to your mind? To help you out, today we are sharing the complete guideline to create a 1-click website for your online craft store.  Continue reading “How To Create A 1-Click Website & Showcase Your Own Crafts”

WordPress website for mosque

How To Create A Beautiful WordPress Website For Mosque Using Elementor Template In 5 Minutes

Creating a website for mosque can work as an ideal platform for sharing information on prayer times, get-togethers, Quran recitation classes, etc. It helps your community members to have easy access to essential updates online by sitting at home. If you are planning to create a mosque website without coding, then this blog is for you.

WordPress website for mosque

Since the world is becoming more digital, every organization, including nonprofits, is creating websites to establish an online presence. It helps to keep in touch with the niche users as well as skyrocket sales and donations. But while planning to create a website for serving your non-profit purposes like mosques, there is a limitation in budget. By the end of this blog, you will get a clear idea of how to create a mosque website using the FREE mosque Elementor template. Excited? Take a look!

Table of Contents

5 Essential Facts That Emphasise On Getting A Mosque Website

Mosques serve not only as places to pray, but they are also centers for socializing, exchanging knowledge, and helping the people in need, and so on. To keep updated with the advanced digital world, a fully functional mosque website can benefit you in many ways. Let’s have a look at the immense benefits of having a website for mosques.

wordpress website for mosque

⭐ When you have a website for mosques, it will be easy to get in touch with individuals within your society and people outside of your society.

⭐ Almost every mosque organizes Quran and salat learnings. With a website for mosques, you can even continue teaching remotely as well.

⭐ If you run donation campaigns, having a website for mosques can help you boost fundraising and easily meet your non-profit goals.

⭐ Usually, Salat time differs from place to place. A website for mosques can make it easy for you to share your salat times, and other details as well. An online mosque website can be very helpful in spreading the blessings of Islam and humanity.

Should Hire Professionals Or Create A Mosque Website By Yourself?

Once you have decided to create a mosque website, the next step is to decide how to do it. You can either go to professionals to create a website for mosques all by yourself. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both of these options before making our decision.

Perks Of Hiring Professionals To Create NonProfit Organization Website 

It’s always better to hire a professional designer and developer to create a website for mosques. So that you won’t have to worry about your mosque website appearance and codings. All you have to do is brief the professionals about what you want on your mosque website.

Nevertheless, hiring experts does not always come easily. This task requires money as well as time. While you are creating websites for nonprofit organizations, it’s tough to meet the budget for the professional designer and developer. So going for experts is not always a good idea, especially websites for mosques and others.  

wordpress website for mosque

Facilities Of Creating Website For Mosque By Yourself

It’s basically hard to create a website for mosques all by yourself when you have no coding or designing knowledge. You need to spend a lot of time learning how to create a mosque website from scratch. It is therefore time-consuming to create a website for a mosque without being an expert.

With technological advancements, you don’t have to learn coding in order to create a website for mosques. WordPress is now the most popular platform to create stunning websites that made it possible to create a website without coding.

Also, you can use WordPress templates to eliminate coding and designing worries simultaneously. By using the right WordPress website tools, building mosque websites and other nonprofits is easier, also more cost-effective.  

wordpress website for mosque

3 Simple Steps Before Creating Website With Mosque Elementor Template

Creating any type of website requires pre-planning and setting the goals in advance, which will allow you to complete the work more quickly and efficiently.  When you are set with what you want to represent on your WordPress website for mosques, the next step is to set the environments. Before creating the website for mosques, make sure that you follow these easy yet important steps.

Get A Stunning Name For WordPress Website

In the same way, your mosque has its own name, you will need to give your WordPress mosque website a unique name as well. The difference between your mosque name and the mosque website name is that multiple mosques can have the same name, but not the mosque website, it has to be a unique one. Hence, you have to pick a WordPress mosque website name from available domains. This is called your domain name.

wordpress website for mosque

Also, you will need a hosting provider to run your WordPress mosque website live. There are many best-managed WordPress hosting services to create website websites, such as GoDaddy, Bluehost, FlyWheel, and many more. Select one that comes with affordable pricing.

Choose A Popular Website Building Platform

It’s now time to choose the right WordPress mosque website platform and configure the environment. As earlier we have mentioned, WordPress is the best option to go with. WordPress comes with so many advanced and user-friendly features that you can install and activate it with one single click, and start creating your mosque website instantly.

wordpress website for mosque

Besides, to design WordPress websites for mosques or other types interactively and without coding, Elementor website builder is one of the best choices to start with.

With drag and drop and live preview features, you can complete creating mosque websites in no time. To provide your WordPress mosque website with more stunning functionalities, you will get full support from the popular Elementor library Essential Addons for Elementor. Get 70+ interactive widgets in this library to make your mosque website more engaging like other 1Million+ active websites.

wordpress website for mosque

Select A Striking Mosque Elementor Templates Pack

Another must-have thing for a mosque WordPress website is an interactive theme to create a stunning mosque website with all necessary functionalities. If you don’t want to use heavy multi-functional WordPress themes, you can go for light-weighted ones like Twenty Twenty-One to make your site load faster and improve its performance.

When you want multi-purpose features of themes and at the same time attractive looking, fast loading websites, ready Elementor templates are the best option to go for. Elementor templates are lightweight and easily load on your mosque website. There are many popular template libraries to pick a suitable template from the WordPress mosque website. 

To give your WordPress mosque website an outstanding look and all the essential sections, you can go for Taqwa- Ready Mosque Website Elementor Template. Built with Elementor and Essential Addons, this template is designed especially to create websites for prayer, Islamic teachings, Muslim communities, Islamic centers, and other related religious services.

Taqwa Elementor template pack has 6 ready to use pages like the Home page, the About page, the Donation page, the Contact page, and many more. Furthermore, these Elementor templates are 100% device responsive, cross-browser compatible, and load fastly.

All the Templately Elementor templates are dependent on multiple plugins. So to get fully functional mosques Elementor templates, you have to install and activate these below-mentioned essential plugins on your WordPress website dashboard. 

Elementor: Taqwa is a mosque Elementor template, you will need to insert and activate the Elementor page builder on your WordPress website. 

Templately: You will have to sign up in Templately to get started with the Taqwa mosque Elementor template. 

Essential Addons For Elementor: Multiple interactive features of the Taqwa Elementor template are created with Essential Addons elements. So, install and activate the plugin as well on your WordPress website. 

Code-Free Guide: Create A Beautiful WordPress Website For Mosque Using Elementor Template

After completing the steps successfully, it’s time to get started creating a website using mosque Elementor templates by Templately. No matter what your experience level is or if you lack knowledge about coding, following this comprehensive guide will help you create an amazing WordPress mosque website instantly. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Insert A Suitable Template In Your Website

First, open your WordPress website dashboard and create a new page there. Now click on the ‘Build with Elementor’ button from the top of your page to start creating the WordPress mosque website using Elementor. 

WordPress website for mosque

In the middle of your page, you will find the ‘Templately blue’ icon. By clicking the icon it will take you directly to the Templately Elementor library. From there you can search for mosque Elementor templates and select your desired one.

WordPress website for mosque

To make this tutorial, we have selected this Taqwa Landing page Elementor template for the mosque website. So, click on the ‘Insert’ icon to get the Elementor template. After loading the template will look like this on your WordPress website.

wordpress website for mosque
Step 2: Customize The Mosque Elementor Template

To give your WordPress mosque website a personalized touch, you can add your custom logo, images of your mosque premises, add your mission and vision, etc. The most amazing fact is, Templately Elementor templates are designed in such a way that you can use its ready content for your live WordPress website for mosques as well.

Customize any section of your mosque WordPress website, click on the section and the Elementor edit panel will be open immediately on the right side of your website. Give your mosque website a professional appearance by exploring all the available content customization and styling options.

WordPress website for mosque

Step 3: Save Your Designs With Templately

Templately not only offers attractive Elementor templates to its users, but also you can save your templates in a personalized cloud. This feature is called MyCloud and this will be available for you just after signing up in Templately. Right-click on the section you want to save and select ‘Save Block In Templately’ or Save Page In Templately’  and the section will be instantly saved in MyCloud.

You can collaborate your saved designs directly with other team members using Templately’s other exclusive feature WorkSpace. This way you can secure your customized design and save time in creating repetitive sections of the mosque WordPress website.

Time To Publish Your Mosque WordPress Website

After finishing the editing of your mosque WordPress website, now click on the ‘Preview’ button. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your website for mosques, then click on the ‘Publish’ button. 

Congratulations! The mosque website has been launched successfully. You can now share the mosque website link with others and start getting traffic on your site.

WordPress website for mosque

✨ Bonus: Easy Hacks To Promote Your WordPress Website For Mosque

Once your WordPress website for mosques is live and running, the next work is to start promoting it. There are multiple easy ways to promote your mosque website when it is built in WordPress. To ease you out, here presenting the most practiced hacks of promoting your WordPress website for mosques:

1️⃣ Add Your Mosque Website To Online Directories

In the same way as other businesses and organizations, you can add your mosque website to mosque directories to gain attention. Getting included on the list will make your website easier to reach and will be helpful to those in need. In this way, you can easily promote your mosque WordPress website.  

2️⃣ Establish Seamless Donation Opportunities

The most practiced activities of mosques are to run fundraising campaigns to help the people in need. A WordPress website is the best medium to boost fundraising. To create interactive donation campaigns and manage them successfully, you can get the Crowdfundly WordPress plugin on your WordPress website for mosques.

Wordpress website for mosque

This plugin is an all-in-one solution for creating an organization page, running campaigns, collecting donations, promoting campaigns, and many more. To keep your donation money safe and secure and use it for noble causes, Crowdfundly plugin is the best choice.

3️⃣ Use Social Proofs To Boost Site Traffic

The most popular way to increase traffic on your mosque website is using social proof. You can showcase your mosques contributors’ review teasers, the number of people participating in ongoing learning courses, focus google reviews, and many more to boost traffic.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution for social proof, then NotificationX is the plugin you can rely on. With this single plugin, you can create user engaging pop-ups, notification bars, run promotions, and many more. Get started with the WordPress plugin today and skyrocket your mosque website traffic.

WordPress website for mosque

Without being particularly tech-savvy, this is how you can still create amazing WordPress websites for mosques using Taqwa Elementor templates. Furthermore, you can get assistance whenever you want when creating a website for your mosque from our friendly Templately team.

Have you found this tutorial easy and enjoyable? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us via comments or joining our Facebook community. Be the first to know about new tutorials and blogs by subscribing to our blog.

entertainment magazine website

How To Create An Entertainment Magazine Website Using Elementor Template In 5 Minutes

Are you looking for a way to earn more revenue from your entertainment magazine and reach out to a wider audience swiftly? Then creating an entertainment magazine website is the best way to go. Let’s look at the importance of creating an online magazine and how to create one in WordPress without coding.

entertainment magazine website

To ensure everyone is on the same page, let’s take a look at what is an online magazine. Online magazine is specifically the digital version of a print magazine, that is accessed via the internet. Every online magazine website contains published content depending on various categories and subjects. You can easily turn your entertainment magazine into a website anytime you want.

Table of Contents

Why Should I Go For Creating An Entertainment Magazine Website?

In this digital age, every print magazine needs to have a strong online presence. If you are unsure why you should go for creating a website for your entertainment magazine, here are some interesting statistics from Statistia to motivate you.

Last year, USA based online magazines had seen more than 53.59 million unique visitors every month.

This data shows that people are becoming more comfortable with reading online magazines. While online websites have become a major trend, now is a good time for your entertainment magazine to make a web presence for the following reasons:

💠 Printing entertainment magazines and distributing them to your niche customer is going to cost you a lot of money. You can cut the cost of printing and distribution just by creating an online magazine. 

💠 When you are selling printed copies of your entertainment magazine, your sales depend on the supply of your magazine. With an entertainment magazine, the number of sales isn’t constrained by supply.

entertainment magazine website

💠 An entertainment magazine website can save you from the middle man issue so that you can sell your magazine directly to site visitors on the web. You can create protected content, set up limited access with WordPress membership plugins or subscription plugins, and several other tactics. 

Things To Do Before Starting An Entertainment Magazine

Now that you know the perks of creating a web presence for your entertainment magazine, let’s look at some of the things you will need to plan beforehand.

1. Create Revenue Model For Your Magazine Website

Before taking your entertainment magazine business online, you need to sort out what will be your business model. If you are selling online magazines, you have to go with a suitable revenue model to earn easily without any hassle.

🔲 Subscription Model: you can add a subscription fee to your entertainment magazine website. Customers have to pay you periodically. 

🔲 Sell Online Copy: You can give teasers to exclusive content on your entertainment magazine website and charge for it.

🔲 Include Live Streaming: It’s a popular model for earning revenue from online magazines. You can host multiple live streams on your entertainment magazine website. 

🔲 Membership Schemes: This revenue model offers membership and referral options for the present customer. They will be offered exclusive news and updates from your online magazine. 

🔲 Sell Advertising Space: in your magazine website, you can allocate space for advertising other companies services and products. This will help you with cash flow as well as increase site engagement. 

These are a few training revenue models for entertainment magazine websites. You can select any of these or implement them all together on your website. There are unlimited scopes of revenue earned with your entertainment magazine website. 

2. Set A Budget For Your Online Magazine

You must plan the budget for creating and promoting your entertainment magazine website. As mentioned above, it will cost you half of your printed entertainment magazines, though you need to create a strategy for budget and plan ahead for your online magazine.

3. Choose The Right Magazine Website Template

Selecting the right layout and design for your entertainment magazine website is very important. That’s why before you start your website, take some time to choose the best magazine website template for you. 

Below are some tips and tricks to help you choose a magazine website template that can help you get started quickly.

Checklist For Choosing Your Magazine Template

If you want to quickly build your entertainment magazine site in WordPress without coding, then Elementor templates are the ideal choice. Let’s set the spotlight on Elementor templates.

Elementor is a highly popular plugin for website creation, available for WordPress users to create complete websites with ‘Drag & Drop’ editor

Elementor templates are ready-to-use design layouts for websites; you have to just insert them and your online magazine will be ready to go.

There are many Elementor resources out there. To help you decide, we’ve listed down the checklist before picking Elementor template for your entertainment magazine website. 

A Dynamic Homepage With Multiple Actions

One of the qualities you’ll see on a successful magazine website is that they display multiple links and excerpts that have been published on the site. This type of layout ensures that as soon as a visitor opens the homepage of your site, many stories or articles are displayed, much like in a traditional magazine’s cover.

entertainment magazine website

Able To Display All Contents In An User-Friendly Way

You have to give a dynamic feel to your readers on your entertainment magazine website. Create a stunning appearance so that visitors stay on your online magazine for a longer time and increase site engagement, search engine ranking, and so on. 

Blogs and online magazines are not the same thing. So displaying only recent blogs may not make sense for an online magazine. Instead, you can focus on displaying news archives, trending news, recently published videos, live streaming, etc. 

Have Magazine Page For Every Single Category

A good practice of all best-selling online magazines is, they don’t clutter all news and updates on one single page. You can create categories for all your news and content. This will make it easier for you to reach customers who are passionate about multiple categories and they can easily find the news they are going to read.

entertainment magazine website

How To Create An Entertainment Magazine Website Using Elementor Template?

It’s time to explore how swiftly and efficiently you can create your entertainment magazine website using Elementor templates. Time to dive in. 

Step 1: Get a Suitable WordPress Hosting & Domain Name

Again reminding, you will need a WordPress platform to create your entertainment magazine website using Elementor templates. To make your magazine website live, you will need hosting and a domain name. 

Hosting means taking lease of online space for your entertainment magazine website and domain name stands for the name of the allocated online space. All your magazine website databases will be stored in the hosting providers’ cloud. Best managed hosting for Elementor websites are FlyWheel, Kinsta, BlueHost, and so on. 

You have to buy your desired domain name for your entertainment magazine website. For getting the desired name you can visit GoDaddy, BlueHost, and so on. After getting hosting, you can set up WordPress on your personal computer with just one click. 

Step 2: Set Up Essential Plugins For The Elementor Template

Basically, templates contain functionalities from multiple WordPress plugins. You have to install and activate plugins to run your templates swiftly in your dashboard. To create a stunning entertainment magazine website, we will go for ‘Enter Mega’, a gorgeous Elementor template pack from Templately.

Let’s check out the plugins this Elementor template requires.

  • Elementor: As ‘Enter Mega’ is an Elementor template, you have to install and activate this website builder plugin in your dashboard. 
  • Essential Addons For Elementor: Many functionalities of the template are created with Essential addons, the most popular Elementor library with 1 million+ users and 70+ elements. Install and activate this plugin. 
  • Templately: Enter Mega Elementor template is from Templately the ultimate Elementor template cloud with 1000+ templates. Sign up on Templately and get started. 

Step 3: Insert ‘Enter Mega’ Template From Templately

If you are done with setting up the environment for your entertainment magazine website template, let’s explore you to get started with the Enter Mega Elementor template. 

First, create a new page from your WordPress dashboard. From there click on the ‘Edit WIth Templately’ button to open the Elementor editing panel. 


Edit With Elementor

In the middle of the page, you will find the ‘Templately Blue’ icon. After clicking the icon it will take you directly to the Templately library. From there search template for an entertainment magazine website. For tutorial purposes, we are going to select ‘Enter Mega’  Home page.

entertainment magazine website

Now insert the template in your website. The template will load instantly with all layouts, contents, and images. After inserting the template this is what your website will look like.

entertainment magazine website

Step 4: Customize the Online Magazine Template Contents

Make your entertainment magazine website template uniquely yours by customizing. You can customize every content and image of the recently inserted Elementor template. Select a section you want to customize, and the element editing panel will be open on the left side. With all the styling and customizing options, you can spice up your entertainment magazine with a vibrant appearance.  

entertainment magazine website

Step 5: Save The Magazine Website Template For Reuse

An exclusive facility Templately offers to its users is you will get personal cloud storage MyCloud just after signing in in Templately. You can save the entire customized page or single sections from your website.

To do this, right-click on anywhere on the page and select ‘Save Block In Templately’ from the drop-down menu. Your template will be saved in MyCloud storage, so you can resume it whenever you want.

entertainment magazine website

If you want, you can share your saved design with other team members and save time from creating repetitive items. This exclusive feature of Templately is known as WorkSpace. You can create unlimited WorkSpace in Templately Pro and collaborate with your teammates instantly.  

Time To Launch Your Entertainment Magazine Website

If you are done with all changes, then click on the ‘Preview’ button to find out what your recently created entertainment magazine template looks like. Hit the ‘Publish’ button while you are happy with the changes.

entertainment magazine website

Just by clicking the ‘Publish’ button, your website will be live. You can create other additional pages with Enter Mega entertainment magazine website template pack and share your online magazine with others.

Watch The Video Tutorial 

✨ Bonus: Tips & Tricks For Running An Online Magazine Website

Your website can’t bring instant revenue if you only just create the website and keep it idle that way. Let’s explore tips and tricks on how to increase the audience for your online magazine website. 

🗓️ Get SchedulePress To Manage Website Contents

SchedulePress is a content management plugin to help you in publishing your entertainment magazine website contents, schedule them, and share them on multiple social platforms. With this content management plugin, you can swiftly maintain your content publishing strategy and drive more traffic to your entertainment magazine website


entertainment magazine website

🔔 Use Social Proofs With NotificationX

Wondering how to build trust with the newly arrived visitor and hook them to your entertainment website? You can get the NotificationX plugin for your online magazine website and apply the social proof strategy. NotificationX will help by creating interactive and attractive pop-ups and display them on your entertainment magazine website to build credibility, and trigger a newly visiting audience. Thus you can easily boost the audience in your online magazine website. 

We hope that this blog has guided you thoroughly on creating an entertainment magazine website using the Elementor template. If you are stuck, don’t forget to contact the dedicated support team of Templately.

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team collaboration

How To Improve Team Collaboration To Design Websites Faster


If you want to achieve excellence in website designing projects,  then first focus on improving your team collaboration. It will help you to reach out to your outcomes faster. Today, businesses rely on this mantra of team collaboration. The ability to collaborate is a sign of a good team as it brings the best from each individual.

team collaboration

It is known as team collaboration that involves working for the whole team on a single project together and taking turns in various tasks. In order to deliver an effective website design project, your teams need the right tools and best practices to seize success.

Table of Contents

Advantages Of Team Collaboration To Design Websites

No project can be done perfectly without team collaboration. It helps to generate new insights and ideas while designing a stunning website in WordPress.. Let’s begin by explaining why team collaboration is needed.

Team Collaboration can help you to achieve 10% productivity improvements, by the statistics of Finances Online.

Save Time By Reusing Same Elements

When you are working as a team in website designing projects, you may need the same website elements in multiple projects. Team collaboration enables members of the team to share designs they have created, saving time and effort in completing the projects.

Boost Your Work Flow In Website Design

To finish the project in time you will need strong team collaboration and boost workflow. Team members who work separately from each other without synchronizing result in disaster. Furthermore, product delivery deadlines cannot meet due to the repeated use of the same design resources, and other major reasons. 

team collaboration

Improve Every Team Members Performance & Learning Curve

It is important to improve one’s own performance and productivity in the workplace. Team collaboration can make it happen. Team members help each other, provide guidance, give positive feedback, and so on. In the meantime, it makes website design faster, while simultaneously boosting productivity.

Choose Right Team Collaboration Tools To Design Website 

Website design becomes so easy and advanced if you choose the right platforms. It helps you complete your urgent website designing project successfully. Elementor is one of those drag & drop, flexible and powerful website builders of WordPress to give an amazing kickstart at the beginning. You can design anything and everything without using any simple line of code. 

Besides, if you consider using Elementor as your website designing tool in WordPress, you can also have Essential Addons for Elementor. It’s the best elements library for Elementor that hits 1M+ active installs and comes with 70+ cool widgets, extensions, and more. 

team collaboration

As you have got the whole idea of your website designing tool Elementor, now it’s time to check out the best team design tools that you should use to design websites. Get started!

Trello: Flexible Team Collaboration Tool

team collaboration

Trello is one of the popular tools for team collaboration and managing any kind of project in advance. You can create multiple boards, cards and share those with your entire team to design websites. You can also track down every project’s progress easily with it. 

Mockplus cloud: Online Design Collaboration Tool

team collaboration

This design collaboration tool Mockplus provides excellent collaboration between designers and developers. This platform builds a connection between product teams and streamlines the designer-developer team collaboration process. It gives your team exactly what they need to get their ideas off the ground. 

Templately: Seamless Could Collaboration To Design Websites

team collaboration

Templately is the ultimate templates cloud for WordPress. If you are designing your WordPress websites with Elementor, then Templately is the best tool for team collaboration. 

This template library comes with 1000+ ready Elementor templates, advanced cloud support, and a secure cloud WorksSpace to create a backup for your works. Also can make seamless cloud collaboration with your team anytime you want. You can even reuse your website design from Templately cloud or workspace, and share it with your team whenever you want.

7️⃣ Easy Ways To Improve Team Collaboration For Designing Website In WordPress

If you want to kickstart in WordPress website designing, the previously mentioned team collaboration tools can help you. Wondering how these interactive tools can improve team collaboration? Then read the following sections to find out details. 

Save Website Design Elements In The Cloud

You need to keep every design resource in a place that everyone can access when working as a team to design a WordPress website. The most affordable place to store in clouds. So that even if the team members are working remotely, they can access the resources they need instantly.

team collaboration

Once you sign up for Templately, you will have access to your own personal cloud storage, named MyCloud. You can save all your designed templates in Templately MyCloud. Moreover, if your team members are designing a WordPress website with Elementor, then you can save pages and blocks directly from the Elementor editing panel. 

team collaboration

Furthermore, you can also directly download the Elementor templates you saved in MyCloud, and reuse them. You can also create multiple folders in your MyCloud, move saved resources from one folder to another, edit them as well. 

Provide The Opportunity To Collaborate Design With Team

How To Improve Team Collaboration To Design Websites Faster 1

One of the key ways to improve collaboration among team members is for them to share their resources, and to access them at any time. With Templately’s WorkSpace feature,  you can create multiple projects, keep designed templates there and share them with your team. In this way, Templately WorkSpace will save your team members time from creating the same designs repeatedly. 

Practise To Provide Regular Updates Within The Team

Transparency plays a vital role in team collaboration, leading to improved outcomes. It also helps all the team members to stay on the same page. Keeping the team informed about other members’ progress can be easily done if regular updates are posted to the Trello board.  Also, the WordPress website design process will be streamlined by meeting the deadline.

Maintain Your Design Version Control

To be able to track the number of resources you use and the changes you make to them, you should start version controlling your WordPress website designs. With Mockplus you can easily control your design’s version and share them with your team members. So your team members can do better team collaboration since they’ll always know where your designs stand.

team collaboration

Establish Communication Among Team Members

Team collaboration relies on communication. It will not be possible to get the best results if the communication bridge is weak among your team. Trello enables seamless team collaboration by offering instant communication, mentioning teammates, adding notes to their cards, and more. 

team collaboration

Be Open To Accept Reviews & Feedback

The mentality of accepting review and feedback from other team members will help improve everyone’s individual performance and total team performance. Trello and Mockplus provide the opportunity to give reviews and feedback on team members’ works. Team members can check them out in real-time and work according to those.

Create Open Floor For Learning & Innovation

To improve team collaboration, you will have to give the floor to your team members to learn new things and their innovative ideas with others. This practice will also boost team productivity as well. Templately has a wide collection of WordPress website designs, your team gets to take a glance and get new inspirations from there easily.

⭐ Bonus: Exclusive Templately Features To Design Websites Faster

If you are interested in finding out about other exclusive facilities that Templately offers you in web designing, this section is for you. Look into other features Templately’s got to offer besides a team collaboration tool.

✅ Get Access To Amazing Ready Templates

If creating a WordPress website design from scratch is something you don’t feel comfortable with, you can dive into thousands of ready-made Templately website templates. There are almost all website templates for every category here, so you can easily build a stunning WordPress website in a matter of minutes with Templately. 

team collaboration

You can use these templates by adding Templately to your WordPress website dashboard, then inserting templates, and publishing them. You can also make customizations over these ready templates to give them a personalized look and save them into your MyCloud cloud storage provided by Templately.   

✅ Use The Global Signup For Team Members

When your team is using Templately as a web design team collaboration tool, another privilege is that not all of your team members will need a Templately account. You can simply switch on the global signup option and the team will be able to use Templately from their own workstation. 

team collaboration

✅ Seamlessly Compatible With Multisite Networks

WordPress’s multisite facilities help you to have as many sites as you like under one URL. The theme, plugins, and access from the same hosting account will be used by all of your sites. 

Templately works flawlessly on multisite networks. Therefore, you can use Templately to manage all your website templates from a single WordPress dashboard. This will help your team to manage your websites that have been designed using Templately swiftly. 

How To Improve Team Collaboration To Design Websites Faster 2

✅ Keep Your Template Inspiration Collections In Templately

There is a stunning feature in Templately named My Favorite. You can keep your ready templates from Templately in your collection from this feature. Later you can use these templates to design websites or take inspiration from them. 

team collaboration

Start Designing Website Fastly

Improving team collaboration for WordPress website design faster mainly depends on using the right tools and practicing above mentioned methods. With Templately, you will not only collaborate with your team, but you will also have access to over 1000+ ready-made website designs. So to unleash these immense facilities, get started with Templately

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Minimalist Portfolio Website

Guide To Create Minimalist Portfolio Website In WordPress Without Coding In 5 Minutes [FREE]

With a minimalist portfolio website, you will be able to showcase your work and experience in an engaging manner and increase your chances to get the clients. If you are planning to give your online portfolio a minimalist look and feel, then this blog is for you. Join as we show you how quickly you can create a WordPress portfolio website in 5 minutes.

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finance portfolio website

How To Create Your Own Personal Finance Portfolio Website Without Any Coding [2022]

If you want to boost your career as a solo financial advisor, then a personal finance portfolio website will benefit you in the long run. If you want to make your own finance portfolio website without coding, this is where you need to be. Start reading to find out everything about finance professional’s website development. 

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plumber website

How to Create a Plumber Website Using No-Code WordPress Template [FREE]

If you are running an online plumbing service business, then your own plumber website the easiest way to boost sales and expand your customer base. When you need to design a plumber website quickly without codes, only free WordPress templates are the best option to go for. Wondering where to start from? Here is everything you need to know about building a website without coding.  

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technical writing

Top 7 Most Popular Software Tools For Technical Writing

Technical writing is one of the useful resource for your business when it is focused on creating software, cloud-based solutions, eCommerce, LMS, etc. How? It will help to increase your customer experiences, make your product promotion successful, and speed up your business sales in an instance. And surely you need the assistance of software tools. As they will help to deliver user-friendly technical or creative writings to your customers. Today, we will take you on a tour of the best technical writing tools.

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dance website

How To Get Dance Website Template For FREE & Create Without Any Coding

If your goal is to take your passion for dancing to an entirely new level, creating a dance website then can be the most effective way for you. This can also help you get more recognition online quickly as a newcomer. As now websites have become one of the popular platforms for showcasing your talents, skyrocket your career by communicating spontaneously with your audience, and more.

dance website
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nft marketplace website

How to Create Your Own NFT Marketplace Website Within 5 Minutes

The NFT marketplace website is becoming important platform for artists, painters, designers, art lovers, and auctioneers. It has opened new opportunities especially when the museum and gallery doors are closed from arranging in-house artwork selling and auctioning. There is no doubt that the NFT market is booming. It’s up to you to decide how you can take advantage of this trend. One of the possible opportunities can be launching its own NFT marketplace. Continue reading “How to Create Your Own NFT Marketplace Website Within 5 Minutes”