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Make sure you have WPForms installed on your website.

Head over to the side Panel of your Elementor Interface and search for EA WP Forms.




  • Pick your form from the drop-down.
  • Use the toggle bar to enable/disable custom Title and Description.


  • Enable/Disable Title.
  • Enable/Disable Description.
  • Enable/Disable Labels.
  • Enable/DisablePlaceholder.


Show or hide the Error Message.


Form Container: Adjust the background color, alignment, margin, padding from here. 

Title and Description: Set the alignment, text color, typography, the margin for both the title and Description text.

Labels: Adjust the Text Color and Typography.

Input and TextArea: 

Adjust the styling for the Input and Textarea for both its Normal and Focus State.

Field Description: Adjust the styling for your Field Description.

PlaceHolder: Adjust the Text Color for your PlaceHolder.

Radio and CheckBox: Toggle on/off the Radio and Checkbox.

Submit button: Adjust alignment, width. Also, adjust the background color, text color, border type, the radius for both Normal and Hover state from here. 

Error: Adjust text color, Error field input border color from here.

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