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Do you want to make your WordPress website mobile-friendly? A responsive website can provide a better user experience for mobile users. This makes it easy to advertise your products and services, leading to an increase in leads and revenues. In this post, we’ll go through the finest WordPress mobile plugins for making your website mobile-friendly.

WordPress Mobile Plugins

Is WordPress A Mobile-Friendly Platform?

WordPress is a set of core codes that was intended to serve blogging and other forms of online publication when the mobile industry was much smaller than it is today. However, the WordPress core is also free and open-source software that provides a foundation for developing numerous types of websites with the aid of its extensive collection of themes and plugins.

WordPress Mobile Plugins

Some WordPress updates in recent years have included features that make the WordPress core itself more mobile-friendly, although these improvements are focused on specific purposes and may not apply to all WordPress sites. 

Making a site’s admin interfaces mobile responsive allows site owners and administrators to work on the site and update information from any device, and making images responsive rather than merely scaling them allows them to load quicker and be clearly readable on phone and tablet devices.

Why Make Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile plugins are tools designed to deliver your website in a mobile-optimized way. They provide a plethora of options such as building mobile-friendly menus, optimizing your site’s mobile load time, transforming your WordPress site into a native app, and so on.

📣 Improved Browsing Experience: Showcasing a mobile version of your website allows mobile users to navigate your site more easily. Instead of a standard desktop site, mobile users get a design that adjusts to their screen size and alignment.

📣 Skyrocket Business Sales: Potential clients will spend more time viewing responsive websites since they are more user-friendly. Moreover, key aspects such as your call-to-action buttons or pricing table are more visible, improving sales.

📣 Boost Search Engine Rankings: When ranking your site, search engines like Google now evaluate how mobile-friendly it is. Ones that are responsive have a considerably better chance of ranking higher than desktop websites.

WordPress Mobile Plugins: What Are They & Their Usefulness?

WordPress mobile plugins allow you to achieve a variety of unique and powerful things without knowing how to code.

This is also true when it comes to making your website mobile-friendly. Balancing responsiveness across multiple screen sizes may be tricky, and doing it manually – creating distinct, device-specific designs and modifying some features, like menus, for mobile displays (especially touch screens) – takes a long time.

WordPress Mobile Plugins

The different WordPress mobile plugins we’ll explore will help you optimize your site for mobile devices/touch screens faster.

Making your site mobile-friendly ensures that it provides the best user experience for mobile users. This is especially important in today’s world when more individuals choose to access the internet and perform important tasks on their mobile devices (e.g. signing up for subscription services or making purchases).

A better mobile customer experience, even if it just makes a tiny impact, can nudge someone just enough to feel comfortable making a purchase, or keep them on your site long enough for you to obtain the desired conversion you need from them.

Best WordPress Mobile Plugins For A Powerful Interface

Now that you grasp what WordPress mobile plugins are and what they accomplish, here are our best options for making your site mobile-friendly.

1. Jetpack

WordPress Mobile Plugins

As you may know, Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides a set of features to save you from having to install thousands of plugins. Everything from security tools to social possibilities, design services to marketing modules is provided.

This plugin not only has excellent capabilities for optimizing the website for mobiles, but it also has awesome properties for site analytics, automatic social media publishing, and more. The best thing is that it is entirely free to download and use.

Since Jetpack is integrated with Google AMP, you can use the power of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to accelerate your WordPress site on mobile devices. It also has lazy image loading for a super-fast experience on desktop and mobile devices.

2. WPtouch

WordPress Mobile Plugins

A Google-recommended WordPress plugin is a must-have for your website. WPTouch is one such plugin that allows your WordPress website to adapt to any screen size. It does not change your original WordPress desktop site or content, but rather optimizes it for different screen sizes.

Suppose you have images, infographics, and extensive information that would be difficult to view on a mobile phone. In such a situation, you can use WPTouch’s WordPress customizer to omit them and add other pages in the mobile version. You can also manage and adjust the menus.

3. WP Mobile Menu

WordPress Mobile Plugins

The WP Mobile Menu plugin is an excellent choice for individuals who want to emphasize the mobile menu section of their website.

So, the main reason you’d consider using WordPress mobile plugin is if you currently have a responsive website that you like but think the menu leaves something to be desired. As a result, you would install this plugin and acquire complete control over that mobile menu without affecting what is displayed on your already-built mobile site.

4. AMP For WP

WordPress Mobile Plugins

AMP for WP is a fantastic WordPress mobile plugin that makes it easy to keep your website flexible. It was built specifically to bring Accelerate Mobile Pages functionality to your site. As a result, you can be confident that visitors using mobile devices will be able to access a lightning-fast site.

You may also keep your readers interested by utilizing the AMP Infinite Scroll function. The plugin has compatibility with Google Analytics, AdSense, Disqus, Divi, Elementor, and many other platforms.

5. Max Mega Menu

WordPress Mobile Plugins

Are you looking for a WordPress mobile plugin that can turn your current WordPress menu into a mega menu? Then Max Mega Menu is just what you require. With a few clicks, you can transform your existing menu into a user-friendly, flexible, and touch-ready menu.

Also, Max Mega Menu has been thoroughly tested with all recent desktop and mobile browsers. As a result, it’s suitable for a giant menu on the mobile interface. Furthermore, the plugin has settings for hiding sub-menus on mobile.

6. Smush

WordPress Mobile Plugins

An informative and appealing website that includes a variety of captivating images to improve user experience and raise the conversion rate. Unfortunately, images take considerable space and slow down your website.

Smush is a WordPress image compression and optimization plugin for mobile that has won several awards.

When you submit photos, they are automatically reduced to a size that has no discernible effect on page performance while remaining mobile-friendly.

7. AppPresser

WordPress Mobile Plugins

AppPresser is the plugin to use if you want to create a highly functioning mobile app from your already-developed WordPress site. It lets you create an app from any WordPress website. You can, for example, create an app for your WordPress-based university, big corporation, chapel, festivals, and so on.

AppPresser promises that you don’t need any prior experience to create an app. It believes that anyone who knows how to put up a WordPress site can also create an AppPresser app. You can add pages, build menus, and adjust the look using the AppPresser components at your leisure.

Bonus: Best WordPress Image Compression Plugins You Should Start Using

Large images can slow down your website’s page load speed and have a negative influence on its SEO. This will ultimately dissatisfy your website visitors and push them to leave quickly. Image compression is the only way to optimize your image size without sacrificing quality if you use the appropriate techniques. 

WordPress Mobile Plugins

This article will assist you with reducing image quality and redundancies in order to accelerate data transfer and save storage space.

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How To Get Elementor Unlimited Elements or Extras To Make Stunning Websites [FREE] Tue, 29 Nov 2022 14:00:00 +0000 Unlock Elementor unlimited elements to make stunning websites in Elementor without any codings.

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Wouldn’t you love to power up your favorite Elementor website builder and create more amazing websites without using a single line of code? Using Elementor unlimited elements, you can create anything you can dream of today. In this blog, we are going to tell you how you can get unlimited Elementor extras and build your dream website without any code. So, let’s dive in and learn how to supercharge your Elementor website builder below.

Elementor Unlimited Elements

💡 How Unlimited Elements Or Extras For Elementor Can Help You Make Stunning Websites

Elementor is an amazing solution to create any website on WordPress without any coding. You can use its drag-and-drop feature and make websites easily. It offers all the widgets and extensions that you need to create a fully working website. Besides, with the premium version of Elementor, you can convert any design into reality at ease, 

While Elementor offers its own widgets and extensions, Elemntor extras can even provide more freedom for building websites. You can get any extra pack or element pack and unleash outstanding widgets for free. With these widgets and extensions, you will have more options for designing more stunning websites. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

The Elementor extras are specially built to increase the functionality of Elementor and provide a better user experience. They will give you much more freedom and flexibility to bring your dream website to life without using any code. While Elementor itself has a vast number of widgets and extensions in the PRO version, Elementor addons can help you get access to amazing widgets for free.

⭐ Essential Addons For Elementor: The Ultimate Element Library For Elementor

If you are convinced to try out Elementor unlimited elements, Essential Addons is the perfect option for you. Out of every 5 websites that are built with Elementor, at least 1 of them is built using Essential Addons. What’s more, this is one of the top 40 ranked plugins on the WordPress repository and has almost 2 million active users! From personal websites to eCommerce stores, Essential Addons for Elementor is used in over 180 countries for creating all types of websites. 

Essential Addons has 90 outstanding widgets and extensions to bring your Elementor experience to a whole new level. Designing virtually anything on Elementor is possible with these extras. Thanks to Essential Addons, you can become a master of web building without knowing a single line of code.

✨ Exclusive Features Of Essential Addons For Elementor

Essential Addons is a brilliant widget library for Elementor that offers outstanding benefits and features for users. It can provide the utmost freedom that you are looking for while creating a website on Elementor. Now, let’s explore some of the top features of Essential Addons below:

⭐ Ultimate Elementor Elements & Extensions 

We have already mentioned Essential Addons comes with 90 widgets and extensions that will supercharge your Elementor experience. These Elementor extras are more than enough to build a stunning website without any hassle. You can find addons and extensions in various categories to feel up your needs while creating websites. From content elements to WooCommerce elements, this Elementor widget library has amazing ready widgets to smooth your experience.

⭐ Lightweight & Superfast WordPress Plugin

Even though Essential Addons comes with a huge element library for Elementor, it won’t slow down your website. This Elementor extra has brilliant widget control settings that let you disable the widgets that you don’t need at the moment. So, you can easily provide a better user experience for your visitors. 

Elementor unlimited elements

⭐ Well Explained Documentations & Video Tutorials

Web development may not be a cup of tea for you, however, Essential Addons’ documentation can make you a pro developer within a few minutes. All the documentation is nicely written specifically for beginners so that anyone can master the skill of building web pages at ease. Also, you can watch the video tutorials and start building websites without any hands-on experience.

⭐ Super Friendly & Dedicated Support Team

The Essential Addons team loves to empower people by making their websites effortlessly. Therefore, the support team for this Elementor widgets library tries to solve the customer’s issues as fast as they can. You can reach out to them for any help to create a website with Essential Addons. Therefore, the WordPress community has a mouth full of praise words for the support team. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

⚡ Example Of Stunning Web Pages Created With Advanced Extras For Elementor 

Essential Addons comes with all the exclusive features that perfectly complement Elementor and help to upscale page building experience. The Elementor addons that you get from this amazing plugin, will give you the freedom to make any website you wish. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

Now, let’s explore some of the web pages that are created with Essential Addons to get an idea of how super cool websites you can make with it below.

✨ Interactive Creative Agency Websites 

Here is an amazing creative agency website that is built with Essential Addons in Elementor web builder. Here the developer used the Dual Color Heading widget from Essential Addons to give an athletic look to the headings. That is why the headings are grabbing the attention of the visitors and enhancing the user experience. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

Also, the Advanced Accordion widget is used in numerous sections to make the website dynamic and more visually appealing. You can use this Elementor addon to create a clean layout while adding as much text as you want to your website. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

Showing reviews or social proof on your website can help you to gain credibility for your business. Essential Addons has Testimonials and Testimonials Slider widgets to showcase your reviews on your website. You can see below how the developers used the Testimonials widget as a form for gaining trust from the visitors. What’s more, you can have a stylish form there designed with the Fluent Forms widget. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

On this web page, you can also find the Post Grid widget that is used to display your multiple blog posts in a grid layout. See how interactive and smooth the section becomes, thanks to the Essential Addons for Elementor. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

✨ High Converting eCommerce Website 

Now, let’s look at another web page that is built for a skincare store website designed with these Elementor elements. This web page is built with WooCommerce elements from Essential Addons to achieve the clean and smooth design that a skincare website requires. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

The developer used the Woo Product Grid widget to showcase the WooCommerce products in a way that attracted the visitors’ attention. So, after visiting this web page anybody would notice the products right away. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

Now, look at another web page, where the developer uses Woo Cart widget from Essential Addons and created this beautiful clean checkout page. On this web page, the customers can clearly see all the products they have added to the cart and hit the interactive call to action button to proceed. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

Let’s have a look at the checkout page that has been created with the EA Woo Checkout widget. You can create different layouts and enhance your user experience with a professional outlook. So, you can create a high-converting eCommerce website with these Elementor extras without any hassle.

Elementor Unlimited Elements

✨ Beautiful Personal Portfolio Website

Essential Addons can help you to create web pages for any type of website you need. Using the Elementor extras from Essential Addons you can also create awesome personal portfolios and convert your visitors into customers. 

Elementor Unlimited Elements

Let’s have a look at the skill section personal financial advisor website where the developer used the Progress Bar widget. Using this widget all the skills of finance specialists are shown dynamically on the website. If any visitors come to this website, they will get a clear view of the owner easily.

Elementor Unlimited Elements

These are just a few glimpses of how stunning a website you can make for free using only a few of the widgets. Now, imagine when you unleash all the widgets and extensions of Essential Addons for Elementor, how easy it will be to build any website that you dream of. What’s more, is that you will get ready for all the presets, therefore, all you need is to personalize the texts or images to have a ready web page. 

⭐ A Snippet of User Feedback On Essential Addons

The users love how these Elementor extras from Essential Addons help them create web pages smoothly. In the WordPress community, people are full of prizes on how these Elementor unlimited elements made their life easier for them. It has more than 2500 five-star reviews on and the number is increasing day by day. See some of the users’ feedback on Essential Addons here: 👇

Elementor Unlimited Elements

✨ Get Essential Addons & Start Creating Amazing Websites

Now that you know how important it is for you to have Elementor unlimited Elements, it’s time to experience the magic of Essential Addons from today. So, get started with Essential Addons for free and start building stunning websites on Elementor at ease. You may also check out the Essential Addons PRO, which starts at $39.97 only.

🎁 Bonus: Create Stunning Websites With Ready Templates From Templately 

Templately is a haven of engaging and high-converting ready Elementor template libraries that you can use to create your website within just a few clicks. Using Templately, you don’t have to design or build any web page, all you need to do is choose any template from stunning 2000+ templates and insert them on your website. You can even save your templates on the cloud for reusing and collaborate with other developers to speed up your projects. Read the journey of Templately powering Up more than 200K WordPress Websites here.

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Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor Fri, 25 Nov 2022 14:00:59 +0000 Find out how to successfully redesign your WordPress website in Elementor effortlessly with our detailed comprehensive guide.

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As web design trends keep changing and businesses shift and grow, you may at one point feel the need to redesign your WordPress website. However, website redesign is a complicated process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps and show you how to do it effortlessly in Elementor.

Redesign Your WordPress Website

Why Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor?

Just as redesigning an apartment involves several steps to make it more aesthetically pleasing, there are tons of things to consider when you are planning a WordPress website redesign. But before you begin to take on such an important project, you might be wondering why you should put in the effort to redesign your WordPress website in the first place. Well, there are several reasons to redesign WordPress websites.

For starters, you may have a website that uses out-of-date design practices, which could result in a poor user experience. In such cases, it’s important to know what the latest, effective web design principles are and which ones you should incorporate into your website.

Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor 1

Another situation where you may feel the need to redesign WordPress websites could be due to rebranding. Rebranding a business is expensive and may require you to completely revamp your brand identity, logo and persona. When this happens, you will need to redesign your WordPress website to reflect the new brand identity as well.

Whatever your reasons might be, you can easily redesign your WordPress website with Elementor, the most popular drag-and-drop website builder. With Elementor, you can create stunning, responsive websites effortlessly with a few clicks. What’s more, you can use Elementor’s Design System to incorporate a consistent brand style across all of your web pages quickly and easily. Let’s find out more in details below. 

How To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor?

Now that you are aware of some of the reasons that could necessitate a website redesign for your business, let’s see how you can redesign your WordPress website with Elementor.

Identify The Problems In Your Existing Website Design

Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor 2

The first thing you need to do is identify the problems in your existing website design. To do this, you must perform a website audit. By performing a website audit you will be able to find out key areas of improvement and evaluate your website’s aesthetics as well as functionality in an organized way.

There are several steps you can take to perform a website audit. Below we have listed some of the key ways to do this.

☑ Compare your current design with latest WordPress website trends. Find out if your website’s overall appearance looks modern enough, and test its functionality by regularly checking the latest web design principles.

💡 Consider what tasks you want your users to perform when they land on any given page on your website, and test how easily your site visitor is able to perform those tasks. Come up with more simplified processes wherever possible and plan how you will implement it during website redesign.

⚡ Use tools like Google Analytics to evaluate how your landing pages are performing. For example, you can check the performance of your Checkout pages by seeing how many visitors actually complete their purchase, and more. If you notice a high bounce rate in any of your landing pages, then it is quite possible that the landing page design and content may need improvements.

Plan And Decide Your Style Guide For New Redesign

Elementor's Global Colors and Fonts

Once you have identified the problem areas in your existing WordPress website design, it is time to plan how you want to update your web design and make all necessary improvements.

The best way to do this is by checking your style guide and making updates wherever needed. If you did not have a style guide for your website before, then you should definitely consider creating one now. A style guide contains all the information needed for creating your business’s digital image or identity, and includes details about color palette, typography, imagery and more.

Once you have determined your style guide, you can work on developing a design system for your WordPress website. A design system will help you create a consistent website design that will help boost your brand identity to site visitors. 

With Elementor, you can easily implement a design system into your website by using its global fonts and colors

Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor 3

Simply open up your web page in Elementor Editor and navigate to the ‘Site Settings’ option. From here, you will find a section called ‘Design System’ under which you can configure the settings for global fonts, colors and much more. 

Create A Backup Of Your Existing WordPress Website 

Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor 4

Now that you have a clear idea of how you want to redesign your WordPress website, it’s time to get started. First, make sure you have created a backup of your WordPress website and current design and keep it somewhere safe. There are tons of WordPress backup and security plugins that you can use to do this. Make sure to check out this detailed tutorial on how to create backups of WordPress websites effortlessly 

Redesign Your WordPress Website In Elementor Editor

After creating the backup of your website, you can start creating the new design for your WordPress website using Elementor.

We strongly recommend doing this on a staging site or local site. There are several solutions you can use to install a WordPress website on a local host and experiment with your design on that local site. If you want to know more in details, then check out this comprehensive guide on how to use WordPress on a local host.

Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor 5

One great advantage of using Elementor to redesign your WordPress website is that you can easily use ready Elementor templates to design stunning web pages quickly and effortlessly. You will find tons of website templates for any industry on Elementor Kits Library. 

Alternatively, if you want more options to choose from, you can browse through some of the most popular Elementor templates resources. One such resource is Templately, which is used by over 200,000 web creators from around the world and comes with 2000+ ready templates as well as unique cloud collaboration features.

Complete Guide To Redesign Your WordPress Website With Elementor 6


Save Your New Website Design As A Template

After you are done redesigning your website in Elementor, you can always save the designs as templates in Elementor editor. If you are redesigning your website in Elementor Theme Builder, you can easily create and save Single Page templates, single post templates, header and footer templates and much more. 

Review The New Design And Modify As Needed

When the new design is ready, it is time to review it and make modifications wherever needed. At this time, you may need to get your full team onboard to know their feedback, test the usability of the redesigned website, assess its functionality and aesthetics and more.

With Templately, this type of collaboration is made much easier and faster through its unique Templately WorkSpace feature. With Templately WorkSpace, you can collaborate with your team members on cloud, share your designs with one another and more. 

Publish Your Redesigned WordPress Website

After all of the above tasks are done, it’s time to publish your redesigned WordPress website and make it live. 

Once you make your new design live, you must regularly monitor the performance of your website to decide how well it is performing. After all, the whole purpose of website redesign is to improve performance. If you see that your website is not doing as well as expected, then you can roll back to previous versions or go for an alternative strategy instead.

Effortlessly Redesign WordPress Websites In Elementor To Boost Your Conversions

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to redesign your WordPress website with Elementor. If you enjoyed this post, make sure to subscribe to our blog for more helpful tutorials, or join our friendly community.

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Introducing WorkSpace by Templately - Shared Cloud for WordPress To Collaborate with Team nonadult
How to Add Conditional Logic to Menus in WordPress Tue, 22 Nov 2022 02:07:06 +0000 From this blog you will learn how to add conditional logic to menus in WordPress in a step-by-step process.

The post How to Add Conditional Logic to Menus in WordPress appeared first on Essential Addons for Elementor.

What if you could instantly improve your website usability and assist website visitors in navigating through the site? In that case, you can guide website visitors based on their type, post type, category, etc. when you add conditional logic to WordPress menus. Read this thorough blog below to find out more about applying conditional logic to menus.

Add Conditional Logic

The most popular way among WordPress users is an all-purpose approach to menus in WordPress. But it might not work for you. What if the WordPress website could display different menus according to the user type? For instance, website administrators will view a certain set of menu items, while users who have signed in to your website will see a different set of menu items. It will aid users in making decisions about the actions they wish to do and improve your website’s navigation.

Conditional Logic: What Is It Exactly? 

We must comprehend the idea of conditional logic before we can discuss the benefits of adding it to WordPress menus. You may be familiar with the “if-then” concept, which states that if you do this or that, a specific outcome will occur that wouldn’t have occurred if you didn’t take the specified actions. The ability to determine a result based on the fulfillment of particular requirements is known as conditional logic.

It is common knowledge that WordPress is made of PHP language. Utilizing conditional tags, which are brief blocks of code that let you specify what shows on your website menus and under what parameters, you may add conditional logic to WordPress. Let’s see how easily you can add conditional logic to menus in WordPress below.

Two Ways To Add Conditional Logic To Menus In WordPress 

As you are a WordPress user, you might want to use plugins to add conditional logic to menus but there are other ways to do this task in the easiest way. In that case, all you need to do is copy and paste the right code into the exact section we will be guiding you to. Let’s see how simple the way is below: 

Method 1: Add Custom Conditional Logic To Menus In WordPress

Even if you think of using conditional logic plugins for your menu in WordPress, adding custom codes to your WordPress theme will open up multiple doors to show designated menus at once. WordPress already has a set of conditional tags for the menu from which you can choose your preferred ones easily. 

First, navigate to your Theme’s function.php file. For that, click on ‘Appearance’ from your WordPress dashboard and click on the ‘Theme File Editor’ option. Click on the ‘Theme Function’ from the right-hand side. Now in the code editor, paste the code given below: 

add_filter(‘if_menu_conditions’, ‘additional_menu_conditions’);

function additional_menu_conditions($conditions) {

$conditions[] = array(

‘id’ => ‘the-post-is-sticky’, 

‘name’ => __(‘The post is sticky’), 

‘condition’ => function($item) { 

return is_sticky(‘the-post-is-sticky’);



return $conditions;



After you have pasted the code manually in the code editor, click on ‘Save changes’ and store the progress. When you go back to the WordPress menu option from the Appearance, you will be able to apply the conditional logic in menus from the dashboard like this:

Add Conditional Logic Method 2: Add Conditional Display To Menus Without Coding 

If you want to avoid any code-related work, Essential Addons For Elementor can help you to do this task even faster and better. When you install the Essential Addons plugin in your WordPress, you will see the extension that comes with it. 

You can display your chosen information in accordance with the logic conditions you’ve built up with the Conditional Display extension from Essential Addons for Elementor. You can use any of the criteria or logic included in this advanced extension on your website using Elementor. To do this work, you need to install the Essential Addons Pro

Open any brand-new or existing page from your WordPress dashboard to use this Essential Addons feature. Select any area by clicking it, then select EA Conditional Display. To properly activate the extension, select “Enable Conditional Display” from the menu.

Add Conditional Logic

After completing the prior step successfully, click EA Conditional Display to access all the configuration options.

Add Conditional Logic

You will have a variety of conditional logic to pick from after activating the EA Conditional Display extension on your page, and each one of them serves a different function. You can display dynamic information based on the various user roles on your WordPress site by enabling the “User Role” condition. 

This can assist you in automatically displaying particular content to website subscribers, administrators, or authors. Depending on your “User Type” and “Login Status,” you can display your content here.

Add Conditional Logic

To display particular sorts of information, enable the “Post Type” conditional logic in the Elementor editor. You can select “Post,” “Pages,” or “Landing Pages” to display in this logical scenario. 

Add Conditional Logic

In addition to this, you can also display a section or page in Elementor just during particular times of the day by using the “Date & Time” conditional logic. For campaigns or seasonal, promotional offers, like those for Black Friday, this can be helpful. You have a choice of four conditions, including “Between” two dates, “Not Between” two dates, and “Simply Remove the Date.”

Add Conditional Logic

Now that you are done with all the configurations for Essential Addons Conditional Display extension, get ready to see the end result and how it appeared finally.

Add Conditional Logic

This is how easily you can add conditional logic to menus in WordPress using custom codes or the Essential Addons for Elementor. If you find this blog insightful and informative, subscribe to our blog to read more like this. Share your thoughts with other WordPress users around the world and join our super-friendly community.

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Guide: How to Export And Import Elementor Websites Easily [2022] Fri, 18 Nov 2022 14:20:11 +0000 You can easily transfer the components of your old website to the new one using the export and import feature of Elementor. Follow the quick guide and save time on creating a website from scratch.

The post Guide: How to Export And Import Elementor Websites Easily [2022] appeared first on Essential Addons for Elementor.

Elementor’s export and import feature can be very useful when you wish to switch your website or want to create another one. You may need to transfer your previous website’s content as well. Here in this blog, we are going to give a quick and easy guide on how to export and import Elementor websites in just a few clicks.

Export and Import Elementor website

Why Do You Need To Export And Import Websites?

From increasing productivity to saving a lot of your time, there are a lot of benefits of exporting and importing websites. It can help you in a number of ways. Here’s how the Elementor export and import feature helps.

👉 Saves Time & Increases Productivity

It is time-consuming to design a website from the very beginning. If you can directly import necessary plugins and all the essential components to your new website. A lot of your time is saved. Therefore, instead of designing a website from scratch, importing website files and components is more effective allowing you to focus more on your business than unnecessary time wastage.

🎯 Helps Create New Website Quickly

You can export or import entire Elementor content in just a few clicks and use that to create a new website. So, you won’t have to worry about designing the entire website. It allows you to create and design sites faster with a template kit that includes some or all components of a complete site, like templates, content & site settings. You can export the components from this site to use elsewhere or import a kit and apply it to your site.

Export and Import Elementor website

Easy Steps: How To Import Elementor Websites?

You need to go through an easy process to export and import Elementor websites that require a few simple steps. Before you start to import Elementor website, make sure you have a backup made for your previous site. This stage makes sure you have content to restore if you face issues with your new website design. Once you are done, now you can start to import Elementor website following the steps below,

Step 1: Activate Import Export Template Kit

From your WordPress dashboard, go to Elementor → Settings → Experiments. Find ‘Import Export Template Kit’ under ‘Stable Features’. Change the option from ‘Default’ to ‘Active’. Click on ‘Save Changes’ after that.

Export and Import Elementor website

Step 2: Import Components From The Other Site

Next, Go to ElementorTools Import/Export Kit. Click on ‘Start Import’ to apply the elements and settings of another site to this one.

Export and Import Elementor website

Step 3: Upload The Zip File Of Your Kits

Click on ‘Select File’ to upload the kits you want to import. Select the zipped file of the components you want to import and it will be uploaded.

Export and Import Elementor website

Choose the plugins from your former location that you want to install. The WP repository’s plugins are the only ones that can be imported. Third-party paid pro plugins won’t be installed.

Export and Import Elementor website

Now you need to decide which components you want to apply. By default, every item is selected. Select ‘Import’ from the menu.

Export and Import Elementor website

At this point, a pop-up message can show up. if you haven’t already made your new website’s unfiltered file uploads available. As a result, the installer will be able to import SVG files for icons and other necessary material.

Export and Import Elementor website
You will be given the option to replace any Theme Builder templates that are already being used on your existing website by the importer. The display criteria won’t be set for unchecked templates, but they will still be imported. Pick the choices that are best for you right now.

Export and Import Elementor website

Step 4: Start The Import Process

To start, click the green ‘Next’ button. The procedure will begin right away. The process will take a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of your file. You will be asked to go back to your dashboard after it’s finished.

Export and Import Elementor website

How To Export Elementor Websites?

Following some easy steps, you can export the elements from your site to another. To export Elementor website, activate the Import Export Template Kit from Elementor → Settings → Experiments like before and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Export From Your Elementor Site

From your WordPress dashboard, Go to Elementor Tools Import/Export Kit. Click on Export Kit afterward.

Export and Import Elementor website

Step 2: Select The Elementor Components

Choose which Elementor components (templates, contents, site settings) you want to include in your export file. Click on the green ‘Next’ button. Select the elements you want to add to the kit and then click on ‘Create Kit’ and you are all set. The export file will be automatically downloaded which you can use later.

Export and Import Elementor website

Thus, in just a few steps, you can import any website into another in the quickest possible time and export your website as well. 

Manage Your Website Content Easily With Elementor’s Export And Import Feature

With the help of the Elementor export and import feature, you can export the full structure for your website and integrate it into subsequent projects. Web designers can save a lot of time and increase productivity. You can design websites for your clients simply by adjusting the contents instead of creating them from scratch.

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A Checklist For Preparing Your Website For Black Friday Shopping Tue, 15 Nov 2022 14:30:00 +0000 A complete checklist of everything you need to fully prepare your website for Black Friday.

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Already started preparing your website for Black Friday? If not, then it’s about time that you do. With a little more than a month left, now is the perfect time to analyze, put together and get your website ready to thrive during the biggest sales season of the year. And to help you prepare your business website, we have researched and created a complete checklist.

preparing your website for black friday shopping 1

A Complete Checklist To Strategize For Black Friday In 2022

There are lots that you can do to optimize conversion and sales on your website for Black Friday, however, there are 12 tasks that you must keep in this. And this blog holds them all. Using this, you will be able to strategize and keep track of everything that needs to be done on your sales website before the rush kicks in

1. Evaluate The Target Market Beforehand & Set Goals

Before starting your preparation for the big Black Friday sales weekend, it’s important to plan what you want to see on your website and what type of sales in an attractive way. And for that, we recommend you start by evaluating successful campaigns by your company and other brands in the industry from previous years. 

preparing your website for black friday

In addition, research how the growing and major brands are updating their websites or deal pages for the Black Friday sales season. If possible, take a look at how they are hyping their customers up for the upcoming sales on their websites, social media channels, and email lists. Only after a complete analysis, you can ensure that your Black Friday sales strategy for your business includes all the crucial factors needed to convert customers to your site rather.

2. Design Attractive Deal Pages & Holiday Banners

Then, it’s time to update your WordPress website for Black Friday shopping, and the best way to attract potential customers to your website is through stunning designs that instantly grab attention. But not only that, you need interactive, engaging content and banners to highlight the sale offers on your site, generate more revenues, and earn the maximum profit. 

preparing your website for black friday 2

This is actually the most fun part of the process of revamping your website for Black Friday Shopping. You can effortlessly make your brand stand out from the competition by styling your deal pages and pricing sections with Black Friday shopping-themed designs and changing up the website copy to match the motif. You can also add interactive Optin Banners that instantly grab attention, enable engaging Exit Intent Banners that no one can miss, and more. 

You can personalize the designs yourself by tweaking the codes on your website. Or, as an effortless solution to design landing pages and deal pages attractively, you can use ready templates for your WordPress website using Templately. It is one of the largest libraries of 2,500+ stunning, ready templates for Elementor website builder & Gutenberg block editor. But more on this amazing software platform / WordPress plugin for website templates later.

3. Prepare Coupon Codes & Connect With Call-To-Action

preparing your website for black friday 4

Coupon deals are one of the most popular types of deals among eCommerce customers and it is a proven way to increase sales based on Black Friday shopping discounts and offers. It is one of the best ways to entice interested customers with attractive sales and intrigue them to make a positive purchasing decision. 

You have to be careful about setting up deals with the discount coupons on your website and make sure they are functioning seamlessly whenever applied during checkout. Because your offer’s success will depend on your customers’ smooth experience applying coupons and purchasing your products during sales. 

4. Optimize Your Website Pages For Maximum SEO

No matter how well-prepared a website is, users and customers will not come across it if it is not optimized for search engines and that’s the last thing you’d want during the competitive Black Friday shopping season. And it should be one of your first priorities when preparing your website for Black Friday shopping because a well-optimized site for SEO can help you rank higher and take you to your right audience base in a short time. 

So, once you have adorned your website with stunning designs, it’s time to look carefully into 5 smaller and more detailed types of SEO checklists: 

preparing your website for black friday 5

🎯 SEO Basics Checklist                                                             

🎯 Off-Page SEO Checklist

🎯 Keyword Research Checklist                                               

🎯 Local SEO Checklist

🎯 On-Page SEO Checklist                                                         

🎯 Technical SEO Checklist

To find out more in detail, check out our complete SEO guide to rank your stores on top of search engines. Focus on optimizing your website content, XML Sitemaps for Google Indexing, crawl errors, and more – all of these will help you run a successful Black Friday sales campaign with ease.

5. Test Your Server Capacity For Heavy Traffic Flow

The last thing you would want during the Black Friday weekend is a website that cannot handle the surge of incoming web traffic. If and when your hosting package or server is not equipped to handle a massive traffic load, it can cause your website to become too slow and unresponsive or worse, crash. So the next step in getting your website ready for the biggest sales of the year is to check the server load capacity. 

To ensure your website can handle a surge in traffic, you need to check how much traffic is allowed from your host and carry out website performance tests. Determine where most of your traffic is coming from and optimize the experience for that platform. Also, find out which of your website landing pages or product pages get the most traffic.

6. Analyze & Boost Loading Times For Faster Performance

preparing your website for black friday 7

Apart from the website performance test, you also need to test and analyze how long it takes for the new designs, banners, and product images to load. To optimize web page load speeds using the easiest steps, you can check out our complete guide here which also includes a list of the top tools you can use to do so. 

90% of shoppers will leave a website if it loads too slowly and according to Google, almost 53% of visitors will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds. And when there is a general sense of urgency and shoppers have a high level of buy intent, the losses of having a slow or unresponsive website can be staggering.

For rich and high-quality product images on your WordPress website specifically, you can give lazy loading tools a try. When you use this performance optimization technique, you can delay the rendering and loading of content that appears below the fold while the visible content is being loaded. In this way, only the top few photos that are visible to the visitor will load instantly while the remaining visual media will load later when the user scrolls down to the section that holds them – not all at once. 

7. Check, Find & Fix All Broken Or Expired Links

Another optimization step you need to take is to look for all broken links on your Black Friday shopping website. While it can be frightening to see your product images load late, users not finding the products or facing 404 errors on your web pages can be even scarier. Therefore, it is always a good idea to utilize a broken link checker and then fix or remove all ruptured and expired URLs using proper redirection methods. Only then, you will be able to ensure a proper user experience and a boost in sales on your website for Black Friday. 

8. Simplify Navigation On Your Product Pages

preparing your website for black friday 8

Once all products are set on your website, all links are corrected, and all visuals are ready – you need to check your entire website for a simplified navigation process. Your website can have all the information the visitors may need but all of that won’t matter if they can’t navigate through your site properly. 

On the other hand, having a well-organized menu is an essential step in preparing your website for Black Friday shopping. It encourages visitors to explore your website more, increases session duration, and improves bounce rates. And it helps to boost the overall user experience of your website. 

9. Update Payment Gateways For Smooth Transactions

Now we come to the aspect of payments and transactions during the biggest sales season of the year. No matter how well you follow the steps mentioned above and how big the discounts you offer are, if the user cannot pay for the products seamlessly, your Black Friday campaign is not going to work. And the worst complaint that can be heard during this much-awaited weekend during November is one that states customers not being able to pay for the products they already have in their shopping carts. 

preparing your website for black friday 9

So another crucial step, and probably one of the most important ones on this checklist, for preparing your website for Black Friday shopping is to check, analyze and ensure the payment gateways on your online store are working smoothly. There are many plugins and solutions that can help you create payment methods that not only allow seamless transactions but also include global billing facilities.

10. Make Your Website Responsive For All Devices

The recent increase in online shopping means most users like to browse stores from their mobile devices or tablets, just as much as their laptops and desktop monitors. You do not want to disappoint potential customers with web pages that do not load properly or get broken when they try to access them through different gadgets. And so, now that you are almost done preparing your website for Black Friday, it’s time to ensure that the site is responsive for all types of devices and screen sizes.

preparing your website for black friday 10

You can ensure this by adding responsive website templates that cater to all types of devices and image galleries that do not distort the pictures on different screens. It is also important to implement pricing charts that can be viewed from anywhere and payment gateways where users can easily input information as needed.

11. Create Suspense With FOMO & Add Credibility With Social Proof

To create a big impact in the market with massive sales, you will need to organize marketing campaigns and strategies that will be sure winners. And ones that you can create while preparing your website for Black Friday are the Social Proof marketing and FOMO marketing techniques. 

preparing your website for black friday 11

You can effortlessly use tools like NotificationX to create stunning popup alerts that display real-time conversions and transactions on your website. That way, interested buyers will be able to see which products are more popular and then, trust your company or brand more. You can even use push notifications on different devices and browsers to attain the maximum impact from social proof. 

On top of that, you can create a fear of missing out (FOMO) among your customers with the right techniques, such as countdown timers, visible deadlines on notification bars, and much more. It works perfectly during this big sales season because no one wants to lose a great offer that others are investing in – they are sure to become interested and make a positive purchasing decision. And you can surely use these techniques to grow your brand credibility, sales, and revenues.

12. Go LIVE With A Successful Black Friday Campaign

And that’s it. The last step on this checklist for preparing your website for Black Friday shopping is simply to go live with all the offers and campaigns. If you have followed this checklist properly and carried out all the necessary tests and fixes, your website is sure to be ready to hold massive traffic, ensure perfect performance, allow smooth transactions, and boost sales. 

Stunning, Ready Templates To Create The Perfect Black Friday Website

With that, we conclude our complete checklist of the steps you need to take while preparing your website for Black Friday shopping. But as promised, want to share with you some of our top picks of stunning, responsive, and fully customizable templates from Templately for the season. 

preparing your website for black friday 12

While there are many tools and solutions that might help you find suitable designs, Templately is quickly growing into the most popular templates library for WordPress with seamless compatibility for Elementor and Gutenberg. To add to all of its amazing, dynamic styles and types, this cloud templates library comes with the facilities to let you work with your team and save ready designs to be used later. And the best part? You require no coding knowledge at all. 

Templately brings you several ready Elementor and Gutenberg Black Friday and deals page templates to help you skyrocket sales this Black Friday sales season with a fully functioning, high-converting website guaranteed not to break. Here are a few noteworthy names that you can look at from the ultimate templates cloud:

🎁 BFriday             🎁 BlackNov                🎁 FlashFriday                🎁 Black Esale          

Bonus: Create A Cyber Monday Website In Just A Few Clicks

Before we wrap up, we also want to remind you to be ready to run smoothly from Black Friday sales to Cyber Monday deals within the week. Prepare your website contents, banners, and deals beforehand to make quick changes, or simply keep a website template ready just for the occasion. 

To help you out, Templately brings you some stunning, responsive, and fully customization website templates for the Cyber Monday campaign. Take a look below

🎁 EleCyber           🎁 CyberSell        🎁 Cyber Dealz       🎁 CyberCred

Run A Successful Black Friday Shopping Website & Grow Your Business

With that, we want to conclude our complete checklist of everything that you need to do while preparing your website for Black Friday shopping. Hope this helps you boost your business’ sales, conversions, and business during the busiest week of the year. Let us know how these suggestions work for you by commenting below, we would love to hear from you. Do not forget to subscribe to our blogs for such helpful guides, or join our friendly Facebook Community today.

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Elementor Loop Builder: How To Build Loop In Your WordPress Site [2022] Sat, 12 Nov 2022 21:49:50 +0000 The new Elementor Loop Builder feature comes with the latest v3.8 release to improve your website-building experience.

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With the release of the new Elementor 3.8 comes several much-anticipated improvements, features, and functionalities, such as the first phase of the Elementor Loop Builder. Are you wondering what this Loop Builder might be and how it might help you improve your website-building experience? Worry no more, we’re here to explain everything there is to know about this outstanding new feature.

Elementor Loop Builder

The Elementor Loop Builder enables you to construct and design the core item for repeated content (i.e. loops), such as listings, as well as customize its appearance on the website. In simpler words, with the Loop Builder, you have greater creative freedom to customize your articles and listings in any manner you like. In this blog, we will talk about the newest loop builder widget and how to properly configure it for the best practice. 

Introducing Elementor Loop Builder: What It Is & How It Functions?

The first step (or Beta experiment version) of the Loop Builder has been introduced in the latest release of Elementor 3.8 PRO. When compared to the Posts widget which is an already available widget in Elementor, having your own main item template gives you far more versatility in designing your listings and including additional dynamic content.

Elementor Loop Builder
Source: Elementor

The Elementor Loop Builder’s initial phase offers the ability to build the main item for postings, custom post types, and integrate dynamic content from your post. As a result, you can quickly personalize the appearance of your articles, portfolios, advertisements, and other content as needed to match your website or brand image. 

Future versions are expected to offer complete WooCommerce compatibility, allowing you to fully modify the appearance of all your Product Archives, as well as more features to improve the aesthetic of your website. So this new feature comes with the promise to help you take your Elemenetor website-building experience to great heights.

Easy Steps To Setup Elementor Loop Builder For A WordPress Site?

Follow this quick step-by-step guide to test the Elementor Loop Builder on your WordPress website. The steps are pretty straightforward and you can do all the changes from the page builder. 

Step 1: Create The Template For Your Main Loop Item

Elementor Loop Builder
Source: Elementor

You can design your primary item template in two ways:

👉 In-Place Editing: It is enabled by dragging the Loop Grid widget into a page and selecting the ‘Create a Template‘ option.

👉 Blank Canvas: Create a new Loop Item template from the Theme Builder or a new template from the Templates menu in the WordPress dashboard.

To create your main item template, you can employ almost any Elementor widget. Each widget you use can be assigned to any of your website’s dynamic fields, or they can be left static and used to improve the appearance of your primary item.

Step 2: Pick The Proper Source Of Content

After you’ve finished designing your loop item, it’s time to decide what content will be shown on the page. You can use a single Loop Item template on several pages to display different content, or you can develop separate templates for different post kinds.

Elementor Loop Builder
Source: Elementor

You’ll assign the dynamic content you want to display in your loop by selecting the Dynamic Content icon on each widget in the Loop Item template and deciding which dynamic field should be displayed.

To select the source, kind of posts, or content to display, drag the Loop Grid widget to the correct area on the page, and then select the relevant post type in the query box. Then you can specify whether you wish to include or exclude content from a certain source or that contains a specific term, as well as whether you want to display posts in ascending or descending order.

Step 3: Customize The Layout Of The Listings

Elementor Loop Builder
Source: Elementor

The Loop Grid widget allows you to use the loop layouts that you have generated on any page. After you’ve decided on a template and the content to show, you can customize the layout and design of your listing on the page.

In this phase, you’ll pick how many columns to display in your grid, how much space to leave between items, and whether you want all listings to appear on one page or divided into numerous pages. At this point, you can also add other design choices like background pictures, motion effects, and so on.

More About Elementor Loop Builder: A Video Tutorial From Elementor Itself

Check out this video below for an even clearer idea of how the newest Elementor Loop Builder works – brought to you by the website builder itself: 

Bonus: Get All Details About Elementor Wireframe Kits

And that’s all we have with our quick guide on what Elementor Loop Builder is and how it works. But before we leave, there’s more. If you’re planning a new website design is exciting, but can’t visually sketch out your creative ideas? Then, it will be difficult to transform your vision into a fully functional WordPress website.

This is where wireframes come into play. And, to help you bring your ideas to life in Elementor faster than ever before, check out our complete guide on Elementor Wireframe Kits.

Elementor Loop Builder

By integrating a website wireframe into your web design process, you will have a clear notion of where to place crucial parts of your web page and how to exhibit them in a logical way to attract and engage site visitors.

Show Your Dynamic Creativity With Elementor Loop Builder

Elementor and Elementor 3.8 Pro provide you the ability to design more of your website with super creativity. These improvements will provide you greater power over modifying the design and content of your listings, as well as the option to create more advanced layouts using Elementor widgets. 

If you have liked this blog then share it with your friends and families. For similar articles, subscribe to our blog page and join our super-friendly Facebook group for more exciting updates. 

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Introducing Elementor 3.8: Loop Builder and More! nonadult
How To Create A WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor Tue, 08 Nov 2022 17:40:22 +0000 Do you want to create a WooCommerce notification bar with Elementor? Then check this blog to get the best marketing solution for your WordPress site and know all details.

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If you are running a WooCommerce store, it would be a tough task to find out all new tactics that will boost your sales and generate more leads. Their WooCommerce notification bar tactics stand out. A top or bottom interactive notification bar on a website can help you showcase your latest sales, highlight campaigns, discounts, upcoming sales, new feature updates, and many others to drag your customer’s attention. 

Create A WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

A website notification bar can easily notify your customers or potential ones about what’s new you are offering just by visiting your site. It is also known as an announcement bar, announcement banner, pop-up bar, welcome banner, or others. Check out the reasons why you should use the notification bar below: 

🔵Help you highlight your sales promotional activities online.

🔵 Build sales urgency with animated countdown timers & enrich engagement. 

🔵 Interactive call to action button can redirect your customers to different website pages.

🔵Accelerate your website click-through rates, generate new leads, and boost sales.

So if you are looking for the finest marketing tactics to escalate your eCommerce store sales that are built with WooCommerce, a stunning WooCommerce notification bar can help you achieve your sales goal without hassles. 

In most cases, if your WooCommerce store is built with Elementor, you need to find an effective solution. That can make you design your WooComemrce notification bar with Elementor full of customizations and freedom. By this, you can easily configure the notification bar with Elemnetor to display your latest sales activities, discounts, promotions, or any other announcements impressively on your Elementor website

Don’t worry! This blog can help you entirely to create a WooCommerce notification bar with Elementor without coding. Let’s get started!

Best Ways: Create An Interactive WooCommerce Notification Bar In Elementor

You can easily make your WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor stand out using some amazing tactics. Take a look at the highlighted points below:

Show Your WooCommerce Notification Bar On Every Page

You must design a captivating WooCommerce notification bar that perfectly fits your site’s overall environment. It should be able to drag your customers’ attention on the first look and that makes them engage with your WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor offers. 

Draw Audience Attention With Appealing Texts

Eye-catching promotional texts always help to make your notification bar attractive in the eyes of your customers. Different test styles and fonts can easily pull your target customer’s attention. Your WooCommerce notification bar text could include your shipping address, coupon code, email address, and more to add credibility. 

Add Call To Action Button & Make It Noticeable

Without a call to action button, your notification bar information will be incomplete. You need to add and design it with your related campaign link that will redirect your customers to your campaign pages. 

Learn More: How To Create Successful Marketing Campaign In WordPress Using NotificaticationX

Utilize Countdown Timers To Create Anticipation

When you are showcasing your discounts or incredible offers on your WooCommerce notification bar, the countdown can help you set the deal deadline when your offer is running out. It can immediately induce a sense of urgency in website visitors to purchase your product. Potential buyers can then quickly take advantage of your offer before you stop the campaign.

Learn More: Evergreen Dynamic Notification Bar To Show Timer & Boost Sales In WordPress

How To Create A Stunning Notification Bar In Elementor?

The best Fomo marketing plugin for WordPress is NotificationX. It comes with a feature to create an amazingWooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor in Elementor with a few clicks. 

NotificationX also comes with ready template designs for your notification bar, you just have to add your preferred texts, and customize it a bit to make it your own. Anytime you can change the design in Elementor Editor with ease and make it appealing for your site visitors to boost your sales. 

Watch The Video Tutorial


Guide: How To Create A WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor?

NotificationX comes with an advanced notification bar on any type of Elementor sites like eCommerce, SAAS products, and others. Make sure you have installed and activated NotificationX to create your notification bar with Elementor. You will enjoy the freedom to add any Elementor elements into your WooCommerce notification bar in Elementor and customize it as per your preference. Let’s find out the step-by-step guidelines below: 

Step 1: First Add New Notification Bar With Elementor

You have to go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to wp-admin ->NotificationX -> All NotificationX. Afterward, you have to check the top bar and press the ‘Add New’ button. In a few moments, it will come up with a WooCommerce Notification Bar With this Elementor template. 

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

Step 2: Add Source Type As Notification Bar  

You have to now choose the ‘Source’ as Notification Barand hit the Next button to proceed further. 

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

Step 3: Configure Notification Bar With Elementor Design 

Afterward, you have to configure the ‘Design’ tab of the NotificationX WooCommerceNotification Bar With Elementor. First, click on the ‘Build with Elementor’ button. Then you can choose any of the stunning ready designs and press the ‘Import’ button.

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

You can now configure the ‘Display’ section. Go with the default settings there or you can choose which pages should display your WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor, and even control who it will be displayed for. 

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

Lastly, the ‘Customize’ section comes. You can go with the configured settings, or if you want to configure them in advance. You can choose where you want to show your NotificationX WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor, for example on the top of your page or at the bottom. 

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

You can even make the bar sticky so it moves with a mouse scroll, displays a dismiss button, and more to make it user-friendly and attractive for your potential customers. If you want, you can set up the timer and behavior to make your WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor flexible for your customers to notice at a glance. 

Step 4: Style Notification Bar In Elementor Theme Builder 

After completing all the steps, it will automatically redirect you to the Elementor Editor. Now you can go with what you have configured earlier or can customize the design the way you want with Elementor. 

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

So for that, you have to click on the ‘Edit Section’. That comes at the top of the WooCommerce Notification Bar of your Elementor editor. You can then customize the overall look, style it, and add any Elementor elements to make your notification bar more interactive for customers to boost sales. 

WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

For instance, you can use Social Icons, Image elements, or even design your WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor just the way you want. 

Publish Your NotificationX WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor 

After successfully completing all the previous steps, you can now publish your WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor on your Elementor website and grab your audiences’ attention instantly to boost sales. 

Create A WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

Following these simple steps above, you can easily create, design, and publish your sales WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor using NoticationX – the best social proof marketing plugin for WordPress.

Now It’s Your To Explore!

So what are you waiting for? Get NotificationX now, and let us know your experience by commenting below. If you get stuck anywhere or need any instant support, you can contact our support team and can join our popular Facebook community to connect with WordPress experts. 

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Claymorphism Effect In Elementor: What It Is & How To Create One? Fri, 04 Nov 2022 14:03:00 +0000 Learn how to apply the claymorphism effect to your web pages using Elementor without any codings.

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Do you want to create an appealing interface on your website by creating the illusion of 3D effects? Well, by applying the claymorphism effects in Elementor, you can easily make your website more engaging to visitors without any code. In this blog, we will share step-by-step guidelines to create the claymorphism effect in Elementor for you. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Claymorphism Effect

🔍 A Quick Introduction To Claymorphism Effect

The claymorphism effect mimics 3D on your 2D elements which makes web pages more interactive for the visitors. However, it’s not entirely similar to 3D effects, on the contrary, you can apply this effect to 3D elements as well. 

It can be achieved by combining two shadows that create depth on the website elements and makes them eye-catchy. Using the claymorphism effect, you can easily turn your web page more engaging and provide the best user experience for your visitors. As this effect appears like clay, it’s been called as claymorphism effect on the tech-World. 

📋 Where Can You Apply Claymorphism Effect In Your Websites?

The claymorphism design can help you to make your website more appealing to visitors. However, before applying this effect, you need to learn how you can apply this effect to provide the best user experience for your visitors. 

1. 2D Shapes & Patterns 

The shapes and patterns are the best places to apply the clay morphism effect. On these elements, this effect will give a 3D and realistic vibe that will be engaging for the visitors. Using this effect on shapes & patterns you can instantly make your web page dynamic which will enhance your user experience.

2. Call To Action Buttons

The CTA buttons are extremely important for any website. You need to create eye catchy call to action buttons to increase your conversion rate. Using the claymorphism illustration on these buttons you can easily make high converting call-to-action buttons and enhance your conversion without any hassle.

3. Charts And Graphs

The charts and graphs could be one of the ideal elements for applying the clay morphism effect. Using this effect on charts and graphs you can make them more visually appealing to the visitors. Besides, your visitor could easily understand what your charts and graphs are replicating with just a glimpse.

4. Cards And Containers

Applying this effect to cards and containers on your website can help you to create engaging content for your visitors. You can easily make the cards and containers eye-catchy simply by applying clay morphism effects on them. Also, once you apply this effect on cards and containers it will be highlighted properly and your users will instantly notice them after visiting your website. 

5. Clickable And Toggling Elements 

Claymorphism effect
Image Source: Mobile Banking App

If you have clickable and toggling elements on your website, applying the claymorphism illustration can make them noticeable to the visitors. This effect will highlight your clickable and toggling elements and increase the user experience. Besides, this effect will also increase the chance of getting more conversion rates. 

💡 Guide: How To Create Claymorphism Effect In Elementor 

Elementor is perfectly capable of creating a claymorphism design without any coding. All you need to do is install and activate Elementor on your WordPress website. By adding border shadow on 2D elements we will create a clay morphism effect in Elementor at ease. Once you have activated Elementor on your website, let’s start illustrating clay morphism on your web page.

Step 1: Open Your Web Page In Elementor

First of all, you need to open the page where you want to insert the clay morphism effect on your website. You can open an existing page where you want to add this effect or create a new page Elementor to apply it. So, go to visit the page while logged into your website and click on the ‘Edit with Elementor‘ option. Instantly, the page will load on the Elemnetor website builder. 

claymorphism effect

Step 2: Apply Claymorphism Effect On Your Web Page

Once you have opened the page on Elementor, now click on the element where you want to apply this effect. For the tutorial purpose, we will apply this effect on a call-to-action button. So, navigate to the ‘Style’ tab and find the ‘Border’ option.  From there, click on the ‘Box Shadow’ then you have to reduce the horizontal and vertical distance by 10px and make the blur value 20 from there. Now, change the position to ‘Inset’ to apply this effect on the element.

claymorphism effect

Then, you need to add a little darker shade to the shadow to make a ceramic 3D effect on your 2D element. Click on the ‘Color’ option and make the changes to achieve the clay morphism effect on your web page. 

claymorphism effect

Step 3: Time To Publish Your Web Page

Similarly, apply this effect anywhere you want to make your web page more interactive for your visitors. Once you are finished, click on the ‘Publish’ button to make it live for your visitors. That’s it. This is how easily you can create the clay morphism effect in Elementor without any code. See how appealing the call to action button looks after applying this effect:

Claymorphism Effect

🎁 Bonus: Enhance Your Elementor Experience WIth Essential Addons

Essential Addons for Elementor is an outstanding widget library for Elementor which can take your web building experience to the next level. You can easily create stunning web pages using the fantastic web bundling widgets and build a complete website without any codings. 

Claymorphism effect

This excellent Elementor library comes with 85+ widgets and extensions to add fuel to your web building experience. With more than 1 million active users, Essential Addons is the most popular widget library for Elementor that you can try today. Read the journey of Essential Addons for Elementor here to learn more about this plugin. 

✨ Create Realistic Web Pages With Claymorphism Effect

The Claymorphism effect can help you to make your 2D elements more attractive to visitors. This effect can easily make a static website interactive and provide a better user experience for the visitors. Now, it’s time to try this effect on your own and create an amazing lively website today. 

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How To Create Your Own Banking Portfolio Website [In 5 Minutes] Tue, 01 Nov 2022 14:00:00 +0000 Read the full tutorial here to create a stunning banking portfolio website in Elementor with just a few clicks.

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If you want to advance your career as a personal banker, then creating your own banking portfolio website can be a total game-changer for you. Having a personal banking portfolio can help you to highlight your expertise and add social proof, eventually bringing new clients without even knowing them in person. So, if you are interested in starting your own banking website, this complete guide is just what you need.

Banking Portfolio

You can now effortlessly create a personal portfolio website regardless of what your career path may be –  banker, financial specialist, tax auditor, or anyone with a background in financial banking. Even if you do not have the technical expertise needed in website building, we have got your back. In this blog, we will walk you through how you can build a banking portfolio website without any hassle. So, let’s dive into the main parts of today’s blog below.

⭐ Top Advantages Of Having A Personal Banking Portfolio Website

In today’s world, solo bankers, like any other businesses or professionals, need to establish a strong and powerful digital presence to make a name for themselves. If you want to do the same, creating your own portfolio online can be one of the best strategies. Let’s take a glimpse of the top benefits of creating a personal portfolio website for you, as a financial specialist or banker, before we get started.

➡ Let The Visitors Know Your Services 

Personal bankers can offer different sorts of financial services to their clients. From bank loans to investment services, they are known to offer a wide range of assistance to their clients. With a banking portfolio website, you can display all your services in an efficient way that instantly attracts and engages any onlookers. After visiting your website, your potential clients can easily get to know your service without even talking to you and exploring all that you have to offer. 

➡ Showcase Social Proof Of Your Credibility

If you have a website, showing your testimonials can easily build trust among your potential customers. With social proof, you can generate credibility, which will, in turn, increase your conversion rate. So, your reputation will grow and you can find more clients than before.

Banking Portfolio

➡ Acquire More Clients From Online

Nowadays, people search for almost everything online when they are in need of anything. Using search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, you can easily rank your website high on search engines and find clients for the services that you provide from different parts of the country. Besides, with web marketing, you can connect with a wide range of potential customers and supercharge your business and career. 

⚡ 5 Things That Every Banking Portfolio Website Must Include 

When it comes to banking websites you need to be very serious about your web design because it is the very essence of converting website visitors into regular clients. You need to keep your web design professional and at the same time eye-catchy for the visitors to instantly grab attention. Here are the 6 things that you should keep in mind to build a creative portfolio website below:

➡ An Instant Attention-Grabbing Header/Hero Section

While creating a personal portfolio website, you need to design an attention-grabbing header section first. Right after landing visitors on your website, you need to catch their attention and let them know what you are offering them. With a professional-looking website Header or Hero section, you can convert your visitors into customers at ease.

Banking Portfolio

➡ Introductory Section Displaying Your Specialties 

On your personal portfolio website, you need to introduce yourself to your clients and tell them about your specialty, especially if you’re just kickstarting your career. So, while designing your digital portfolio websites, you have to keep an engaging introductory section to let your customers know about yourself. 

Banking Portfolio

➡ Interactive Service Details With CTA Buttons

In your banking portfolio, you have to showcase your service details in an elegant way to convert your visitors to customers, as we have mentioned earlier. Therefore, you should add a dynamic service details section with Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons that users can easily explore through and take action with, easily. 

Banking Portfolio

➡ Testimonials & Blog Section

Also, as we have already mentioned, social proof is very important to acquire clients and establish the credibility of your experience in the field as well as your excellent services. With a stunning testimonials section, you can easily gain the trust of your visitor. 

In addition, having a blog section can easily boost your search engine rankings while sharing financial tips with your visitors, the latest news, projects you have recently worked on, and much more. 

So, adding these two sections to your portfolio webpage can both help to easily build credibility and enhance your reputation in the industry and community. 

Banking Portfolio

➡ Dynamic & Responsive Contact Page 

Your customers may have a lot of queries about various things – your services, particular charges, or even more. So, you must create a responsive contact page on your website to let your customers reach out to you easily. To make yourself more available to users, you can also add a contact form on your site to manage appointments without any trouble. 

Banking Portfolio

⚙ How To Make A Good Portfolio Website For Banking In 5 Minutes?

To build your banking portfolio website, first of all, you need to choose a website-building platform that can offer you the best web designing experience. For a web portfolio on banking, WordPress can be the ideal option. 

However, before that, you need to pick a domain name for your website. Your domain name should be related to the service that you are offering and one that sets you apart from all the competition. 

Once you have chosen your domain name, now you need to select the best managed hosting service to acquire space on the internet for your banking website. With managed hosting, you don’t have to worry about any installation or security updates. 

Banking Portfolio

🎯 Things You Need To Create Your Banking Portfolio Website Without Coding

Once you are through with the steps mentioned above, you can build an outstanding WordPress portfolio website within a couple of minutes. For the purpose of creating your banking portfolio without any coding, we will use a personal website template from the ultimate templates library, Templately

As we are creating a banking portfolio website, we will use FinGuru – Personal Website Template For Bankers to build an amazing personal website. This template is an Elementor ready template pack that you can use to create a website with just a few clicks. This high-converting personal website template offers a fully responsive design with 8 stunning landing pages.

Also, it comes with an elegant design and interactive call-to-action buttons. You can easily showcase your services and provide social proof to your visitors, and use this outstanding template to create every section of your engaging portfolio.

Banking Portfolio

In addition, it comes with all the necessary blocks that you need with full customization options. So, using this banking website template, you can easily create your personal portfolio within a few seconds and add all stunning personal touches to it to separate your site from all the competitors. To use this best personal website template, you need to download and install the following WordPress plugins first:

⚡ Elementor: The most popular website builder to create stunning web pages without any code. Using its revolutionary drag-and-drop feature, you can create an amazing personal website for bankers at ease. To build a portfolio website, we will use an Elementor template which will reduce website building time by a huge margin. 

⚡ Essential Addons for Elementor is the ultimate widget library for Elementor Website Builders. It comes with 80+ interactive widgets and extensions to build stunning websites. With more than 1 million happy users, Essential Addons can supercharge your Elementor web-building experience easily.

⚡ Templately offers more than 2200 WordPress website templates to create your website with just a single click. Using these templates, you can design stunning web pages without any hassle. With more than 1 million happy users, Essential Addons can supercharge your Elementor web-building experience easily. 

⚡ Fluent Form comes with elegant contact forms for free. You can create high-converting contact forms using it. The FinGuru – Personal Website Template For Bankers contact page is built with this WordPress plugin. So, you have to download and install it before moving to the step-by-step tutorial section.

Step 1: Insert FinGuru – Personal Website Template For Bankers From Tempately

First, to create a new page on your website, navigate to the WordPress dashboard and make a new page, then click ‘Edit with Elementor’. Once the page opens in the Elementor editor, click on the ‘Templately’ icon and search the ‘FinGuru – Personal Website Template For Bankers’ as shown below.

Banking Portfolio

To create a complete banking portfolio landing page, start off by inserting the ‘FinGuru Header’ on your Elementor Editor. Simply click on the ‘Insert’ button, and it will be added to your financial advisor portfolio within a few seconds. 

Banking Portfolio

Now, you have to insert the ‘FinGuru Home Pageon your website using the same method. Just click on the ‘Insert’ button and it will be activated on your website. 

Banking Portfolio

Lastly, you need to add the ‘FinGuru Footer’ on your website. Similar to the other section, you just need to click on the ‘Insert’ button to add the footer to your website.

Banking Portfolio

Using similar steps, you can add any other landing page to your site to make a complete portfolio that drives organic traffic and conversion rates. 

Step 2: Customize This Personal Website Template With Your Contents

Once you have added this banker personal website template on the Elementor page builder, now you can tweak any section by simply clicking on it. You can delete or add any section on your webpage using the Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor widgets. 

You can even add custom content and colors, to make your portfolio true to your personal style and branding.

Banking Portfolio

Step 3: Time To Publish Your Banking Portfolio Website

Once you are done with customization, you can click on the ‘Publish’ button to make this portfolio page live on your website. This is how you can a banking website with just a few clicks. If you still face any difficulties while adding this personal website template, you can contact Templately dedicated support team any time.

Banking Portfolio

⚡ Bonus: Tips To Drive New Customers To Your Banking Portfolio Website

Once you have your personal portfolio website for your banking specialist career, now is the time to find visitors to keep getting new clients. Here are the 3 quick tips that will help you to get more visitors to your website below:

⭐ Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

First of all, you need to apply SEO strategies to get visitors to your website. You can share creative content, frequently asked questions, testimonials, problem-solutions blogs for your customers, etc. to drive traffic to your website. It could be the most cost-effective way to bring visitors to your website.

Banking Portfolio

⭐ Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Using social media, you can easily establish your brand identity and drive traffic to your website easily. You should connect with people on social media and share your content from your website regularly to bring new customers to your personal portfolio website. 

✊ Create Your Banking Portfolio Website Today With Templately

While building your banking portfolio website, a personal website template from Templately can save you additional money and time. Using this WordPress website template platform, you can create a creative portfolio website without any hassle. So, install & activate Templately on your website now and build your free portfolio website in no time.

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