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How To Instantly Create Your Own Deals or Coupons Website With WordPress

Wondering how you can make extra money while working from home? Consider starting a deals or coupons website with WordPress, where you can show people how they can save big by choosing deals or coupon codes from your website.  

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sign up for coding classes or hire a developer to create your coupons website on WordPress. In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to create an eye-catching coupons website on WordPress with EleDeal, a stunning, free template pack from Templately. With this beautifully designed template pack, you can create your coupons website instantly without touching a single line of code.

EleDeal - coupons website

Table of Contents

Pros of Creating Your Own WordPress Deals or Coupons Website

While there are many ways to make money from home, earning extra income on the side with deals or coupons website is much easier than you think. Besides, you’ll be able to earn money from the comfort of your home without the hassle of going to work or managing a large team of employees. 

To give you an idea of what a coupon or deal website could be like, take a look at this website shown below.

How To Instantly Create Your Own Deals or Coupons Website With WordPress 1

As you can see, it lets people find coupons or daily deals for a wide variety of items and websites. Similarly, you can also create a coupons website with the EleDeal template and let site visitors know about latest offers, promotions and discounts.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros of creating coupons website.

👉 Huge Market Potential for Deals or Coupons Website

If there are two things almost everyone wants to save, then they are money and time. That’s why coupons and deal websites are so popular–people can quickly look for the cheapest, best prices for the things they need without wasting time travelling from one store to the other.

👉 Coupon Websites Can Help You Earn Money From Home

Since coupon or deal websites are so popular, you are likely to get a high number of visitors to your website looking for good deals online. Once these visitors start choosing the deals you offer on your WordPress website, you’ll be able to earn money easily from the comfort of your home.

👉 Easy To Set Up With WordPress

To create a coupon or deal website, you will need to use a platform. The best, and the fastest way to do this is to sign up for an account on WordPress and get your own domain.

Afterwards, you can simply choose a coupon or deal template such as the  EleDeal template pack from Templately. This is the best coupons website template for WordPress sites, and features beautiful, ready-to use pages. All you have to do is add your own content and style it to give your personal touch.

What You’ll Get With EleDeal Template Pack From Templately

Home Page

EleDeal gives you an attractive premade Home Page that is guaranteed to grab your site visitor’s attention. It is complete with stunning Call to Action buttons, and features bold colors to appeal to your visitors

Browse Page

You can also use the ready-made Browse Page from EleDeal where your site visitors can quickly sort through all your offers and choose the best deal for them. This page features an interactive Search Bar and also a Featured Offer section where you can display featured deals of the day.

Details Page

Give your visitors more detailed information about the deals and coupons on your WordPress website with EleDeal Details Page. You can give descriptions of the products and services, and the perks of choosing the deal or coupon for those products on your website.


Things You’ll Need To Create A Coupon or Deal Site On WordPress

Are you getting excited about creating your own coupons website on WordPress? Let’s see what things you’ll need to get started.

  • Elementor: For those who don’t want to code or hire professionals, Elementor is your solution to creating your own WordPress websites. This is the most popular page builder that comes with a ‘drag and drop’ to help you instantly create websites. Make sure to install and activate this plugin.
  • Essential Addons: This is the most popular best-selling elements library for Elementor with over 600,000 active users. Essential Addons gives you over 70+ cool elements to instantly style your web pages. Install and activate this plugin too.
  • Templately: EleDeal is available only Templately, which offers you tons of beautifully designed ready to use templates and cloud storage for WordPress.  To use EleDeal and other beautiful templates from Templately, you need to sign up for account on Templately and install the Templately plugin for WordPress

How To Create A WordPress Coupons Website In 5 Minutes

With these few plugins installed, you are ready to create your very own coupons website on WordPress. This is where the fun part begins.

Step 1: Load EleDeal Template Pack Into Your Website

From your WordPress dashboard, create a new page and click on ‘Edit with Elementor’. This will open up the Elementor Editor for you.

Online Education Website

Once the Elementor Editor is done loading, you can click on the blue Templately Icon. This will open up a popup window from where you can search for the EleDeal template pack and load any of the premade pages into your site. In this tutorial, we are going to load the EleDeal Home Page into our website.


See how easy that was? All it took was a few clicks to create the home page for your WordPress coupon site. Add as many pages as you need to complete your website.

Step 2: Customize The Template To Suit Your Style

Now that you’ve created your coupons website on WordPress, all that’s left to do is add your personal style to it. You can do this easily by clicking on any section that you want to customize and use the Elementor Editor on your left to style your website.


Add your own content, change the colors and typography, and even try out all the cool, 70+ widgets you get with Essential Addons if you are in the mood to be a bit more adventurous! Have fun experimenting with all the options until you find the right design for you.

Step 3: Save Your Design On MyCloud & Publish Your Coupon Site

Worried about losing your design? Or maybe you just want to reuse your edits for another site? With Templately you can save the design on MyCloud, and be able to reuse your design later on, at any time from anywhere.

Simply save your design and right-click anywhere on your page. Choose the option ‘Save Page in Templately’.

How To Instantly Create Your Own Deals or Coupons Website With WordPress 2

Final Outcome

Just like that, you’ve created your own daily deal website on WordPress in no time at all! No need to worry about complicated coding, no need to worry about hiring professional website builders. With the EleDeal template pack from Templately, you can make your WordPress coupons website all by yourself and start earning from home.


We would love to have your thoughts on this tutorial, so join our community and share your designs with us! If you face any problems at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for further assistance.

medical website in WordPress

How To Make A Medical Website In WordPress Without Any Coding [FREE]

Are you searching for a complete ready-made solution to build your medical website in WordPress just within a click? Or planning to spread information about your service in an innovative way to cover more patients on the virtual mediums as well to maintain your long queue on with ease? You don’t have to feel worried now we understand your need and in this blog, we will let you know the perfect solution that can help you to build your entire website without adding a single line of code.

Introducing EleHealth by Templately – the ultimate template cloud for WordPress. With this amazing premade solution, you can instantly create an informative website for your patient just within a click and yes, it’s absolutely free for everyone.

medical website in WordPress

Table of Contents

Why You Might Need A Medical Website?

Everyone has now become more research-oriented because of this online era! When it comes to medical industry, specially in this pandemic, people prefer to look online before before going out. They would first go through several options, their backgrounds, specialties, availabilities, and the services in depth. Besides, making a phone call to health care services or doctors directly is quite hassle. They might not receive the call or become busy with a long schedule.

That’s why now mostly people tries to find out the perfect online sources to take instant help form their desired doctors, pharmaceutical, or healthcare services through their 24/7 services and make an instant call for an appointment. So for that, medical professionals feel the necessity to spread their service information in detail online to serve as much as patients they can in a easy way. Patient can take help instantly and get a schedule without any hassle.

How to Create A Medical Website In WordPress Without Coding?

Building a website from scratch is time-consuming and web development is costly as well. So its always easy to go with a premade solution that would help you to make your online presence instantly without any coding sounds.

That’s why we are providing a complete website template ‘EleHealth’ for different medical professionals to build medical website in WordPress just with a few clicks and it made it’s completely free for all. You don’t have to add a single line of code nor to modify anything much. Just by editing the text content or others a bit, you will be ready to go live immediately with this amazing readymade solution. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Let’s check out the demo and see what you need to make the complete medical website in WordPress.

Watch Video Tutorial

What Can You Get With EleHealth Template From Templately?

Right now, the EleHealth template pack from Templately offers 5 stunning ready to go pages and amazing individual blocks to make your medical website in WordPress compelling and informative that would help you out to handle your huge online audience base on an instance.

Interactive Home Page

You will get a stunning landing page design with a professional look to drag your audience’s interest instantly to make them scroll the whole website. You will also get amazing animation effects, individual sections to showcase services, doctors or specialties designations, patients’ experience, and more with its amazing interactive template to inform the visitors properly about your medical services.

Appointment Page

You will get an organized section on this appointment page which will help your visitors to take an appointment by choosing from the doctors’ category and give an instant way to make an appointment.

medical website EleHealth

Specialties Page

You can showcase your specialties categories in detail to make your audience understand your offered services and get attracted to a very first view with the interactive sections of your webpage.

Doctors Page

On this page of EleHealth, you will be able to showcase your doctors’ list in their specialized category and help your visitors go through the whole to know which doctors they should pick for themselves and take instant help.

How To Make A Medical Website In WordPress Without Any Coding [FREE] 5

Single Blog Detail Page

You will able to display any important events, seminars, or posts in this separate blog details page to get involved with your visitors immediately with proper information about any special mediacal services or helps in a stunning way.

Things You Will Need To Create A Medical Website:

You need to get a few things done before building your medical website in WordPress using EleHealth template from TemplatelyLet’s have a look at the Plugins you will require and make sure you have installed and activated these plugins:

  • Elementor: Make sure that you already have activated Elementor on your WordPress website before gettings started.
  • Essential Addons: You also need to activate the free and pro version of Essential Addons for Elementor to use the EleHealth template.
  • Templately: Once you are done activating the above-mentioned plugins, simply just go ahead and install ‘Templately’ on your WordPress website.

Get Started With Templately To Build Your Medical Website In WordPress

By following the step by step guideline, you will able to publish your medical website in WordPress using EleHealth template from Templately just within a few clicks. Let’s check out the guide below:

Step 1. Choose EleHealth Template From Templately

Assuming you have installed all the three plugins mentioned above and ready to get explored. At first, let’s create a new page from your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Edit with Elementor’. 

medical website in WordPress

Once the new page has opened with Elementor, now click on the Templately icon from the center. It will open Templately panel and now simply just search for ‘EleHealth‘. You will find the full pack of all 5 pages and blocks under that category.

medical website EleHealth

To build a complete medical website in WordPress using this powerful template, let’s just click on ‘INSERT‘ icon to get started. Here, we will get started by inserting the ‘Home Page’.

medical website EleHealth

This will present the whole page just within a few moments and you are there to modify the entire site presence and make it live on an instance for sure.

Step 2. Customize The Template

After inserting the template, you will get full freedom to style the template any way you want. You can fill up the content with your own data, change the colors, typographies, and many more as per your requirements & leave your own personal touch.

medical website EleHealth

Final Outcome

By following all the above steps and modifying the content as per your needs, you can build your entire website as the ‘Home’ page considering other interactive pages and blocks for absolutely free with Templately premade stunning template designs.

medical website EleHealth

Final Thoughts

If you belong with a medical profession or a health service industry, it’s really important to cope up with the flow and become available both in online and offline mediums to reach out to the maximum number of people who might have any health issues and want to get helped immediately. To serve that purpose medical website in WordPress can be a blessing for both doctors and patients to build a strong relationship through online services to make an appointment and instant help. ‘EleHealth’ main focus is to help those healthcare services, hospitals, doctors, or other medical professionals to build their online presence to a greater extend just within a click without coding and costing.

How to Create a Donation Website in WordPress (Without Coding)

How to Create a Donation Website in WordPress (Without Coding)

If you are wondering how you can help out the people in your community, then you should consider creating a donation website in WordPress so you can raise funds for the underprivileged. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire web designers or even spend hours learning to code to do this. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how you can create a donation website in WordPress without coding.

EA Typeform

How to Use Typeform With Elementor To Create People-Friendly Form

Have you ever seen beautiful, interactive, people-friendly forms online and wondered how to create them for your own Elementor website? If the answer is yes, then we have some good news for you. You can display your Typeform surveys or forms using Elementor and get better responses from your website visitors.

EA Typeform

Table of Contents

What Makes Typeform So Popular?

Typeform is super popular SAAS solution that lets you create surveys, questionnaires, contact forms, quizzes and more without needing to touch a single line of code. It has got the popularity because the forms are made to be interactive so that they seem conversational

In other words, unlike other platforms, Typeform lets you create forms that emulate real conversations by asking one question at a time, and thus making your forms appear more engaging and interesting for site visitors.

Things You’ll Need To Use Typeform With Elementor

To design your own interactive forms for your Elementor website, you only need the following things:

Introducing EA Typeform with Essential Addons for Elementor

With Essential Addons for Elementor, you can get access to more than 65+ cool, useful elements to power up your website and enhance your page building experience. This includes other form customizers such as Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms, MailChimp and more. Since we use a simple drag & drop feature, integrating these forms to your site is very easy and requires no coding knowledge at all.

With more than 500,000 active users who are delighted with Essential Addons for Elementor and the team is always trying to make page building experience even better for the users. Introducing EA Typeform widget which helps you to insert the forms that’ve been created on Typeform and display it in WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Configure Typeform With Elementor

If you’re not using Typeform yet, you need to sign up for an account on Typeform websiteand, otherwise you can follow the next step. Now make sure you have both Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor installed & then you are ready to you can show stunning, interactive forms in your website in less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is follow these simple steps described below.

Create Your Form With Typeform

First, you need to get started with Typeform and create the form you want to share on your website. 


Connect Typeform To Your Website

Once you have created your form, you need to get your Typeform personal token, and connect it to your website with Essential Addons. 

This is a very important step, and it is very easy to do. Just head over to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to wp-admin -> Essential Addons -> Elements. 

Find the ‘Form Styler Elements’ and click on ‘Typeform’ settings. SImply paste your token and click ‘Save Changes’.


Once this step is complete, all you have to do is edit your page with Elementor. Find the ‘Typeform’ element from the Search option under the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab. Simply drag and drop the EA Typeform element anywhere on your page. You can now choose which form you want to display from the drop down menu under the ‘Content’ tab.


Style Your Typeform To Amaze Your Site Visitors

Just like that, you have added an interactive, people-friendly form to your website using Elementor. Now all that’s left to do is to customize your form and style it however you want.


Go to the ‘Style’ tab and play around with the Form Background Color, Form Alignment, and adjust the width, height and opacity to make your form truly stand out. For more details, you can go through our detailed, step-by-step documentation.

Final Outcome

Once you are done styling your form, make sure to save your changes. You can preview the final outcome before publishing your form.


That’s it! With the help of the element EA Typeform from Essential Addons for Elementor, it takes no more than five minutes to set it all up and style your form however you like. For more cool features, try out the pro version of Essential Addons to take your website to the next level.

Watch the tutorial video

Let us know what you think in the comments; we’d love to hear from you.

Digital marketing agency website wordpress

How to Create A Digital Marketing Agency Website With WordPress [2020]

If you are running a digital marketing agency, then you probably already know how important it is to have your own official website for your agency to reach potential clients. What you might not know however, is that you don’t need to hire additional people to create website for you. In fact, with the help of Templately, you can create your own digital marketing agency website on WordPress.


Table of Contents

Why Would You Need A Website For Your Digital Marketing Agency?

In the digitally connected world we live in today, building your online presence is essential for the growth of any business. This is especially true for digital marketing agencies. Having your own official website will help you reach potential clients, display more information about your organization and showcase your work beautifully to convince visitors to choose you. 

To help you achieve this while also minimizing the costs of setting up and running a fully functioning website, we are introducing Digency, a stunning, premium template pack from Templately

What You’ll Get With The Digency Template Pack

The Digency template pack is a fully responsive and 100% customizable template pack for creating digital marketing agency website. It features a modern, stylish but professional look, and comes with 5 premade, ready-to-use pages.

Home Page 

From the very first page, your audience will be captivated by the beautiful design of the premade Home Page in the Digency template pack. This page features interactive counters so you can proudly display your company’s achievements, an embedded video section where you can insert videos about your agency, stunning Call To Action buttons and an interactive Testimonials slider widget to show happy reviews from your previous clients.


About Us Page 

Most potential clients will want to know who you are and how your digital marketing agency works before they choose to get in touch with you. For this reason, Digency provides a stunning, professional and informative About Us page. 

With this page, you have the chance to convince your potential clients that you are the right pick for them. Tell your visitors what your agency stands for and proudly display all of your achievements and important milestones with beautiful, animated counters.

You can also boost your credibility by displaying testimonials from satisfied clients using an interactive Testimonial slider widget.


The best part? The page is premade and is ready to use as soon as you load it into your website–all you have to do is add your content for a personal touch.

Contact Us Page 

The ready-to-use Contact Us page from Digency is beautifully designed and comes with a built-in, easy to customize Contact Form so your site visitors can quickly get in touch with you. You can display attractive social media buttons to compel your site visitors to connect with you on your social media accounts.


Project Page 

To convince your visitors to choose your digital marketing agency, you need a separate page where you can display your best works. With this in mind, Digency gives you a stunning Project Page which you can use to showcase your work to your site visitors.


Services Page 

No two agencies are the same, and so to let your clients know what makes your digital marketing agency stand out, tell them what services you offer and how your clients can benefit from choosing your agency with an attractive, ready-to-use Services Page.


Things You’ll Need To Create A Digital Marketing Website Without Coding

Before you can get started with your digital marketing website on WordPress, you will need to install and activate a few plugins. Let’s take a look at what these plugins are and why you will need them.

  • Elementor: This is the popular page builder solution that lets you create webpages with a drag & drop feature. If you don’t have experience with coding, Elementor is your solution to creating websites without coding.
  • Essential Addons: The most popular elements library for Elementor with over 600,000 users. You will need to install and activate Essential Addons to use the Digency template.
  • Templately Pro: after installing the plugins mentioned above, get a premium account on Templately and install the Templately plugin for WordPress

Once you have installed and activated these three plugins, you are ready to start creating your own digital marketing agency website.

How To Create Your Digital Marketing Agency Website In 5 Minutes?

Creating a digital marketing website on WordPress is very easy once you have installed the three plugins above and use the Digency template. Read on below to find out how you can create your digital marketing website in 5 minutes using Templately and without touching a single line of code.

Step 1: Choose Digency Template From Templately

Create a new page from your WordPress Dashboard and click on ‘Edit With Elementor.


This will open up the Elementor Editor. Simply click on the Templately icon. You will see a popup window showing you different template designs. Search for ‘Digency’ and you should be able to see the template pack. 

Click on the ‘INSERT’ icon on any page you like to load it into your site.


You should now be able to see the page you loaded on your site. In this case, we are using the Home Page from Digency.


That’s it! You’ve successfully added a premade page from Digency into your WordPress site. Isn’t that amazing?

Step 2: Customize the Template

Now that you have inserted your desired pages, it’s time to style your pages using the simple, drag and drop feature. Simply click on the section you want to customize and use the Elementor Editor on your left to style your page in any way you like.


Add your own content, and play around with the colors and typography to give your unique style to the template.

Step 3: Save the Template on Cloud

If you want to reuse your design or keep it somewhere safe, Templately offers cloud storage for all of your designs. You can easily save your template to Cloud by right clicking on your page and choosing the ‘Save Page to Templately’ option.

How to Create A Digital Marketing Agency Website With WordPress [2020] 6

Final Outcome

Just like that, you’ve now created your own digital marketing agency website in 5 minutes and without touching a single line of code.


Wrapping Up

As you can see, you don’t need to spend money on hiring people to design your digital marketing agency website. With the Digency template pack, you can create your website from scratch all by yourself. Sign up for Templately Pro now and create one instantly.

Enjoyed this post? Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you face any problems while creating your very own digital marketing agency website, you can contact our support team for further assistance.

Templately WorkSpace

Introducing Templately WorkSpace: Seamless Cloud Collaboration for Elementor

Have you ever wished that there’s a way to share your Elementor templates or page designs with your team & collaborate from a place to save time? Introducing Templately WorkSpace, a cloud collaboration process to save your Elementor templates on cloud and share with your team to reuse it on multiple WordPress websites.

Templately WorkSpace

What Is Templately WorkSpace?

You have probably already heard about what Templately is–it’s a cloud solution for WordPress users to save, manage, and use favorite templates from one place & reuse on multiple websites. Templately WorkSpace is a new feature of Templately which lets you share and manage all of your favorite templates with your team members in one shared space & increase productivity like never before.

Make Team Collaboration Easier With Templately WorkSpace

Any template or a page design that you share on your WorkSpace will be available for use to all of your team members. If they want, they can also share their page designs and templates with you. This way, it is now super easier to collaborate with your team & complete any project way faster than ever.

Templately Workspace

How To Create a Templately WorkSpace For Your Team

Setting up a WorkSpace for your team is easier than you think and can be done in less than five minutes. You only need two things to set it up:

The first and most obvious step is to install the Templately plugin from WordPress repository. If you need help, you can check out our guide on how to install Templately WordPress plugin.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you have to sign up to an account on Templately

Next, it’s time to add a WorkSpace for your team members. You can easily do this from your WordPress Dashboard. Head over to MyCloud >> My WorkSpace and click on ‘Add New WorkSpace’

Templately WorkSpace

With the Templately PRO, you can have an unlimited number of WorkSpace, as well as other cool features such as access to unlimited Pro Templates for Elementor & Gutenberg, saving unlimited MyCloud items and more. However, with Templately FREE account, you get to create only 1 WorkSpace for your team.

Easily Add Your Team Members To Your Templately WorkSpace

Adding members to your Templately WorkSpace is super easy. When you click on Add New WorkSpace’, you should be able to see a pop-up window where you can name your WorkSpace and invite your team members as well. 

Simply type your team members’ email addresses and click Add. Once you have invited your team members, just click on ‘Create WorkSpace’ to get started.

Templately WorkSpace

That’s it! You have successfully created your very own Templately WorkSpace for you and your team with just a few clicks.

Templately WorkSpace

Save Your Favorite Elementor & Gutenberg Templates To MyCloud

Now that you have created a WorkSpace, you and your team members can start sharing your favorite Elementor & Gutenberg templates and reuse them anytime, anywhere you like. To do this though, you need to first save your favorite templates to MyCloud.

Once again, this is very easy to do. Templately provides cloud storage for both Elementor and Gutenberg templates to make it even more convenient and organized for you. 

For now, we will be using the Elementor editor. Simply save your templates to Templately Cloud.

Templately WorkSpace

The saved page will now be visible when you go to MyCloud.

Templately Workspace

Alternatively, you can also push your templates to Cloud from the Templately dashboard itself. When you head over to Templately from your WordPress Dashboard and click on the ‘Templates’ tab, you will see all the designs which you saved as templates. All you have to do is click on ‘Push to Cloud’ and your designs would be saved to MyCloud instantly. Isn’t that amazing?

Templately WorkSpace

You can later reuse these designs from MyCloud into different sites. Not only does saving to cloud storage allow you to save up your precious time, but it also makes it easier to manage and organize your designs as you will have them all in one place.

Share Any Templates With Team Members From MyCloud

With your favorite templates and designs saved in MyCloud, you can now easily share them with your team members by using Templately WorkSpace

Move Any Template From MyCloud To Templately WorkSpace

To share any template from MyCloud to Templately WorkSpace, simply click on the three dots next to the saved template in MyCloud

Templately WorkSpace

You should see a few options from the drop-down menu. Select either ‘Copy to WorkSpace’ or ‘Move to WorkSpace’ from the list of options to share your template with your team members.

Alternatively, you can also add any saved template in MyCloud from within your WorkSpace. Click on ‘My WorkSpace’ and enter the Templately WorkSpace you’ve created. Once inside, click on the ‘+’ icon shown below. 

Templately WorkSpace

Choose the template you want to share with your team from the drop-down menu to add your saved template to your WorkSpace.

Templately WorkSpace

Final Thoughts

That’s how you can use Templately WorkSpace to easily collaborate with your team members by sharing your saved templates from cloud storage. Templately also has hundreds of Elementor Templates and more coming soon.

Don’t forget to check out the premium version of Templately to unlock an unlimited number of WorkSpace and other bonus perks too! 

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support team or you can watch this quick video tutorial below.

If you are already using Essential Addons for Elementor, install Templately right away to get access to stunning ready templates. Once you try it out, don’t forget to share your experience with us on the comments below.

documentation page Elementor

How To Create WordPress Documentation Page With Elementor?

If you are trying to create a documentation page using Elementor, then you have come to the right place. WPDeveloper team has integrated BetterDocs – the most advanced knowledge base plugin for WordPress with Essential Addons for Elementor.

You will not truly increase the productivity of your team and satisfy your user base without maintaining a well-organized documentation page. If you want to cope up with the latest trend, then you should have to encourage self-servicing to grow your business. So without any further discussion, let’s see how you can explore your experience using these three BetterDocs elements in Essential Addons and use the power of Knowledge Base within Eleementor.

Continue reading “How To Create WordPress Documentation Page With Elementor?”

How To Create WordPress Documentation Page With Elementor?
How To Create WordPress Documentation Page With Elementor? 7

Now for the first time you can showcase your BetterDocs documetation landing page on Elementor website through Essential Addons BetterDocs elements. You can visualize search bar to your entire docuement page to drag your customer attention and satify them instantly by self-servicing.

Essential Addons for Elementor Reaching Another Milestone: 500K+ Happy Users 9

Essential Addons for Elementor Reaching Another Milestone: 500K+ Happy Users

We are incredibly excited to announce that Essential Addons for Elementor has reached 500K active installations in WordPress repository. Ever since its initial release back in 2017, it has been growing exponentially and new features have been constantly being introduced to boost up the Elementor page building experience.

The depth of what we have achieved in this short time has been nothing short of remarkable. After hitting 400K active users in January, we are absolutely overwhelmed to achieve the feat of reaching 500K happy customers in less than 80 days. It would have never been possible without the faith and support shown by each and every single one of our fantastic users. To celebrate this special occasion, we are giving away 25% discount on all our products.

Essential Addons

Essential Addons- Powered By Over 500K Websites

For over the years, Essential Addons has been regarded as the most popular and best Elementor Addon. Our explosive growth rate speaks volumes for itself as Essential Addons is now powered by over 500K websites. It’s quite unbelievable that over half a million users are currently running their websites with the help of EA. With over 4 Million Downloads & 70 plus amazing elements, we are absolutely proud of what we have achieved so far and keep on growing.

Advanced Elements
Five Star Rating
Happy Customers

Endorsement From Our Amazing Clients

Ever wondered how Essential Addons for Elementor has managed to be on top all these years? The 1100+ Five star reviews would vouch for itself. Let’s take a glimpse of what our 500K+ happy users think about Essential Addons for Elementor:

Want to share your feedback? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Essential Addons and how it has benefited you over the years. Don’t miss your chance to get featured on our website in the future.

What’s With the Latest Release of Essential Addons?

Constant development is one of the major reasons why Essential Addons has been the most popular Elementor out there. We always hear what our customers have to say and come up with new features to keep things moving. Major changes have been made recently in terms of UI/UX and exciting new feature implementations. With the release of Essential Addons 3.9.0, a new & revamped user interface has been introduced to make the Elementor panel stand out with EA. You can now find documentations under each element and get assistance instantly.

Essential Addons

After getting massive feedback from our amazing user-base, we have brought ‘EA Table of Contents’ as an extension which you can use anywhere on your website. You will no longer have to rely on additional plugins to display TOC on your WordPress site anymore as a result. Ain’t that amazing? To make life easier for everyone, EA Event Calendar has been introduced which lets you showcase your upcoming events with Elementor.

Moreover, new third-party integrations have been introduced with both ‘EA Event Calendar’ and ‘EA Advanced Data Table’. As a result, you can now easily showcase data from popular platforms such as Google Sheets, Ninja Tables & TablePress and style them any way you want with EA Advanced Data Table. Besides, new integrations have been added for EA Event Calendar with renowned plugins such as The Events Calendar and EventOn. To get all the updates on our development process, you can keep an eye out on our blog. We can promise you that something even more amazing is coming on your way in the future.

Essential Addons

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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we are not able to celebrate this amazing milestone with you guys all in a way we were hoping for, unfortunately. We want you all to stay safe and stay home and that’s why, we are giving away whooping 25% discount on our WPDeveloper Products- Essential Addons, NotificationX, BetterDocs, Flexia, WP Scheduled Posts and anything available on WPDeveloper website. Apply coupon code ‘StayHome during checkout and grab this exciting offer right away. Take care and stay safe.

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Display Amazing Instagram Feed with Elementor

You may have different aspects to showcase Instagram feed on your website but most marketers get attracted to this platform because of its storytelling concept and proper visualization of content. It’s an undeniable medium for product promotion to boost sales conversion instantly. Research says, 80% of users follow one business on Instagram. Also, 72% agreed that they make their purchase decision after seeing it on the insta feed. So without any doubt, you can take it as one of the most effective social media platforms that you can constantly use to attract your audiences.

It’s very great news for Elementor users, now you will have the latest update of Essential Addons Instagram Feed element with a lot of exclusive features to make it more visible for your site visitors. Nothing you just have to follow some simple steps to explore your experience!

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Display Amazing Instagram Feed with Elementor
Display Amazing Instagram Feed with Elementor 10

Do you want to display your Instagram feed amazingly to your website? Then you must have to try the Essential Addons Instagram Feed element for Elementor to cope up with the latest marketing trend to boost user engagement and increase sales.

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