Dynamic gallery

Dynamic gallery 1

Dynamic Gallery

Display all of your content in beautiful and interactive layouts with EA Dynamic Gallery. Choose between a stunning grid layout or an attractive masonry layout. Amaze your readers with hover animations and even add popup to make your posts truly dynamic.
Dynamic gallery 2

Attractive Grid Layout To Showcase All Of Your Posts

Choose the Grid Layout option to showcase your blog content amazingly in an attractive grid style. Add filter controls for easier navigation & hover animation to make your posts stand out

Display Your Content With Amazing Mansory Layout

Select the Masonry Layout option to instantly catch your visitor’s eye. Display your blog posts beautifully with hover animations for a dynamic look and filter controls for ease of navigation

Make Content More Interactive With Popup Animation

Add popup buttons on hover to stunningly display featured images on your blog posts, or redirect your readers to different pages and increase your click-through-rates

Create Stunning Content Gallery For Visitors

Make it available for any type of posts, besides individually can configure it only for all posts or pages type.