How To Solve Elementor Form Not Sending Email Or Server Errors

Are you frequently facing problems with Elementor form? Maybe it’s not correctly sending emails or causing server errors more than usual. We have got you the perfect solution to this problem below. 

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The most common reason behind not sending emails from your WordPress is that your website’s emails are being marked as spam. While your Elementor form sends an email, it is most likely using the wp mail() function. This function ultimately sends emails without any authentication process through your hosting provider. As a result, when the email is forwarded from one server to another, it is rejected or stored in the junk mail or spam folder.

Almost all WordPress websites and web servers have this issue. No matter which contact form plugin you might be using in your WordPress, this problem can appear at any time. However, there’s a simple fix that usually simply necessitates setting up SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) on your website. 

Another reason can be the hosting server that you are using disables the PHP function which is being used to send emails. In other words, your hosting server is blocking your emails. To prevent you from sending spam emails by using your hosting. As mentioned above, the mail solution can set up an SMTP to solve this problem immediately.

SMTP Server: How It Can Help To Solve Elementor Form Issues?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is a protocol used by email servers to send emails and transmit, collect, and/or redirect outgoing mail between the sender and the recipient. The address (or addresses) of an SMTP email system can be set by the mail client or application you’re using and is usually structured as Your SMTP email server address is generally found in your mail client’s account or settings area. 

If you are wondering if the SMTP server is just like any other server or not, the answer is yes. Just like any different server, SMTP analyzes data, but its sole purpose is to handle data relating to email transmitting, collecting, and redirecting. SMTP is an application continually operating in the background, waiting to transmit new mail. 

How To Solve Elementor Form Email & Server Errors

First, you must check if your Elementor contact form is installed correctly. After that, you will go step by step to see if everything is alright with your server or not. Let’s dive in and see which things you need to check to fix this problem.

1. Troubleshooting Elementor Contact Form 

The first thing to check if your Elementor contact form isn’t delivering email is that it’s actually operating on your site. New plugins or themes can occasionally break your forms. New cache plugins, in particular, might cause issues with form submissions. The submit button may not work at all at times. Since the warning messages you get will vary depending on the form builder you’re using, we’ll go over the most typical ones.  

2. Troubleshooting Form Builder 

If you have Elementor PRO installed in your WordPress, you will see Server_error or Error occurred. These two errors indicate that the Elementor form builder you are using has the ‘Field ID’ missing in it. To solve this issue, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and open the form in Elementor Page builder. Next, go to the advanced tab section and check each field. Every other form must have a unique ID.

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Another issue that might happen to this point is that the form plugin you’re using might be clashing with the page builder. In that case, you need to opt for other form plugins that do not have any issue with the page builder. 

3. Check Form Notifications For Elementor 

If you used the Elementor form builder to construct your form, go to your page in Elementor and click on the form you just built. Click on the form’s notification options in the left-hand sidebar. To see the email notification delivered with each form submission, go to Actions After Submit → Email.

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Your notification should be switched on in this section. Your Send To Email Address is also crucial. If an admin email is selected, your form will send email alerts to the WordPress administrator’s default email address. If the administrator email is incorrect, you may either edit it in WordPress or manually write in an email address by deleting the admin email tag.

4. Install WP Mail SMTP Plugin

WP Mail SMTP is a WordPress plugin that alters how your WordPress site sends emails. WP Mail SMTP re-routes all of your emails through an independent email service instead of relying on your website to send emails. This will verify your emails, preventing them from being lost or classified as spam.

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The provider you choose will be determined by a number of criteria, including free email providers are ideal for tiny websites, whereas paid email providers provide higher capacity. If you have an online store, you should look for a service specializing in transactional emails.

Once you finish the Settings Menu, you’ll get an automatic test email to ensure everything is working properly. Finally, WP Mail SMTP adds an email error log to your WordPress site by default. When using WP Mail SMTP with your mailer service, you may utilize this log to diagnose any potential email difficulties. That’s all there is to it! You’ve now resolved the issue with your Elementor form not sending emails.

Bonus: Best Resources To Get Elementor Support 

When we think about the best website builders, Elementor is the finest one so far. It offers outstanding support to its users. However, you may also wish to seek assistance from the Elementor community. If you are interested you can explore different ways to get Elementor support from this detailed blog.

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