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Testimonial Slider

Testimonial Slider

Remember why testimonials are important? Because it lets you connect with your readers. How about adding some action to it? With Testomonial Slider you can create an interactive testimonials board. Furthermore, place multiple testimonials on the same page. This way visitors do not need to jump between pages to read multiple testimonials.

The starting point for the customization process can be as random as you want it to be. 


First, you want to select how many testimonials you want to have the slider. And you can edit these testimonials separately. The primary options you will find are- selecting an avatar, User Name, Company Name, Testimonials Description, and Ratings. Then from the Testimonials Slider Settings, you can select the maximum number of testimonials you want to display, slide speed. Turn on the Infinite loop if you want the slider to continue changing without your readers having to click on it.   

Essential Addons Elementor Testimonial Slider


Pick a background color for the element. Then, adjust the alignment of the content, margin, padding, and radius of the border. Additionally, You can adjust the Avatar style and layout from the Testimonial Image Style. On the other hand, from the Color and Typography option, you can separately customize the User Name, Company Name, Testimonial Text and Quotation Mark.

You can edit the small details of your pagination for the slider from the Navigation/Pagination Style. Moreover, from here you can separately edit the Active and General Bullet Size.

See how beautiful Testimonial Sliders you can build with Essential Addons.


Click to see live Demos.

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