Enhanced Securities & Patched Vulnerabilities: Update To Essential Addons Latest Version

At Essential Addons, protecting and safeguarding the security and privacy of our valued users is always our top priority. Our team is always tirelessly working to give you the best user experience, and in response to the recent Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerability that was discovered on 8th May 2023, we took immediate action to patch this vulnerability on 11th May 2023. The latest versions, with enhanced securities, are Essential Addons v5.7.3 and Essential Addons PRO v5.4.10

Enhanced Securities

As soon as this update was released, we sent emails to all of our valued users asking them to update to the latest version of Essential Addons immediately. In case you have missed the email, this is a reminder to immediately update to the latest version of Essential Addons for Elementor to benefit from enhanced security and safeguard your websites.

Quick Recap: Why The Enhanced Securities Have Been Introduced With Essential Addons

On 8th May 2023, Patchstack notified the Essential Addons for Elementor team about vulnerabilities that were discovered. The Essential Addons team immediately launched a response plan and took action. On 11th May 2023, Essential Addons v5.7.2 and Essential Addons PRO v5.4.9 was released with tons of security enhancements and a patch to address the vulnerabilities. Patchstack also published an article with this detailed timeline on the same day. 

In addition to releasing this update with enhanced securities for Essential Addons, our team also reached out to the WordPress Plugin Review team so that anyone using the 5.7.x versions of Essential Addons would have their plugin automatically updated to the latest version.  

We also immediately sent emails to all of our users asking them to update their plugins to the latest version of Essential Addons that same week.

Maintaining transparency about these situations is extremely important to our team as we prioritize our users’ security and privacy with the utmost urgency. This is why we are sending out this reminder to all our users to immediately update to the latest version of Essential Addons. If you require any further assistance, our support team is always available to help you out. 

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