12+ Interesting & Funny Examples Of 404 Pages

Do you want to design a funny 404 page that promotes your visitors to stay on your site rather than leave? With a little imagination, you can easily create an engaging custom 404 page for your website. We’ve compiled the funniest examples of 404 pages in this blog for you to use as inspiration. So, let’s dive in and explore the interesting ideas for 40 error pages and come up with more interesting 404 page ideas.

Examples of 404 Pages

💡 Why Create A Custom 404 Page For Your Website?

When a user finds a 404 error on the internet, most likely they would close the browser tab and go to another website. This action can increase the bounce rate of your website, resulting in low performance on search engine rankings. However, with a custom 404 page, you can keep your visitors motivated and improve the user experience.

Examples of 404 Pages

As the 404 error is almost inevitable, taking some interesting approaches can make your users engaged with your website. Instead of showing a boring 404 error page, you can display an interesting 404 page and make a positive impact on your visitors. With a custom 404 page, users can understand what actually happened and you can guide them to where they should go next on your website easily. Therefore, you can keep them on your site for a longer period of time. 

⚠️ Funniest Examples Of 404 Pages

We have done independent research and gathered some of the most interesting and funny examples of 404 pages. You can have a close look at these 404 page examples and take inspiration for creating your own custom 404 error page.

1. Mailchimp

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Mailchimp

The popular email marketing solution, Mailchimp, has the most hilarious 404 pages that you can find on the internet. Their 404 error page has a donkey on it trying to find the lost page. Also, they added a call to action for visiting their home page. 

2. Pixar

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Pixar

Pixar is one of the most successful animated film studios, and their 404 error page is quite interesting. On their funny 404 page, the character Sadness from the film Inside Out tells you not to cry. They are showcasing their individuality while also engaging their visitors on this website.

3. Bruno 

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Bruno

Bruno is a digital communication agency based in California that creates innovative web products. They also left their creative mark on this funny 404 page. If you come across a broken page on their website, it will remind you of the comedy classic ‘Dude, Where’s My Car?’ which is undoubtedly one of the most hilarious 404 pages ever.

4. GitHub

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: GitHub

The well-known software hosting provider GitHub comes with a similar approach to Bruno. They took inspiration from the Star Wars quote “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. Being a Star Wars fan, it could be hilarious to you. 

5. Comedy Central 

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Comedy Central

Comedy Central, a basic cable station in the United States, has come up with a clever way to make a funny 404 page. In a comical way, they showed that their 404 page with the massage page could not be found. They have also showcased their popular shows to guide the visitors into the working pages. You can take inspiration from this 404 message example and come up with your own idea.

6. Dan Woodger

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Dan Woodger

Dan Woodger, a well-known illustrator, developed an amusing custom 404 page. A hamburger waving a sorry sign appears on his 404 pages. In addition, he cleverly incorporated a call to action into his art pieces to make this 404 example even more effective.

7. Bluegg

Examples of 404 Pages
Source  Bluegg

Bluegg is a design agency that comes up with simple yet funny ideas for its 404 error page. You will find a general 404 massage with a funny copy and a call to action button on their home page. Their funny 404 message is a straightforward yet effective one. 

8. Flywheel

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Flywheel

Flywheel is a WordPress agency hosting platform that comes up with an interactive 404 page. They made the 0 from 404 a spinning wheel and inside of the wheel, you can see a web page. Also, you find a lot of moving objects like a spaceship, planets, etc. on their 404 page. This 404 page example means the web page is lost in the black hole. Besides, Flywheel added a simple yet effective copy and call to action button to their home page as well. 

9. Netflix

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: Netflix

Netflix, the ultimate online streaming platform, comes with one of the most interesting examples of 404 pages. They have used an image from the movie Lost in Space asking “Lost your way?“. Additionally, they have a CTA button redirecting to their homepage where one can find all their content.

10. The New Yorker

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: The New Yorker

The New Yorker comes with one of the most hilarious examples of 404 pages that shows a mouse in the maze wearing a GPS. This cartoon is already a symbol of getting lost and they did the right thing by adding it to their 404 page. Besides, they provided a link to their home page and told the users what to do next.

11. Blizzard

Examples of 404 Pages
Source  Blizzard

Blizzard has taken a creative approach to build its 404 page. When you find a broken page on their website, they will showcase one of their game characters, ‘Rescue Murloc’, to guide you to their home page in a hilarious way. This is one of the cleverest examples of 404 pages for creating a custom 404 page with a brand identity.

12. AMC Theatres

Examples of 404 Pages
Source  AMC Theatres

The famous movie theater, AMC Theatres, showed a funny approach on its 404 page. Any movie lover would chuckle seeing ‘You’ve gone off script’ written on 404 pages. Also, they added a guideline for the visitors on what to do next. 

13. CloudSigma

Examples of 404 Pages
Source: CloudSigma

CloudSigma has one of the most hilarious custom 404 pages you can find on the internet. They are calling their 404 page their ‘junior developer’s homepage’, which happens to be a cat. Besides, they have a CTA button to come back to the homepage as well.

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Examples of 404 Pages

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💡 Come Up With Your Own Creative 404 Page Idea

With interesting 404-page ideas, you can keep your visitors engaged with your website even if they visit through a broken link. Now, take inspiration from the examples of 404 pages that we have shared, and come up with something even more enjoyable. Good luck.

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