How to Create Online Clothing Store Using Fashion Website Template In 5 Minutes [FREE]

Want to create Online clothing stores & start your own business? Well, fashion industry is blooming online, so it’s high time to start your one without any second thought. If you don’t cope up with the latest trend of digitalization and don’t start your fashion clothing business in eCommerce, you will not be able to step ahead with your competitors. 


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Another research on Hosting Tutorials has mentioned that 60% of Millennials’ purchases come from eCommerce, with 81.3% of consumers shopping online monthly. This is why by having an online clothing store website, you can sell your products, manage your customer queries & orders, organize your business more efficiently than anything else.

So to kickstart your online clothing store business you have to get a complete solution to create a stunning fashion website. But to start from scratch is costly and time consuming for startups or anyone who wants to revamp their online presence. 

You don’t have to feel worried! In this blog, you will get a perfect free solution to build your online clothing store using a fashion website template right away without coding. Let’s take a deep dive into this blog to know all facts, stats, every single detail about creating an online clothing store. 


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Should You Create Online Clothing Store?

As we have got an idea about the effectiveness of the eCommerce industry above. And especially in this Covid-19 pandemic situation, we have seen its most effects. Customers now feel comfortable, and also have their dependency on buying all the luxury to all the necessary things from online clothing stores. So it’s a well-timed decision to start your online clothing store

Statistics from Shopify stated that the fashion industry worldwide revenue has risen from $481.2 billion to $712.9 billion on 2022.

online clothing store

The online clothing store business is already a multi-billion-a-year industry. So if you make your fashion clothing business online, you can easily reach your target margin quickly and efficiently without any doubt. Let’s find out more reasons to take your fashion clothing store online below:

👉 The privilege to do global business without having any physical store or to maintain one regularly. 

👉 As customers are now mostly on their mobile phones all day, or digitally connected, so to reach your targeted customers online can boost up your profit margin faster than any physical store.

👉 You can run your online clothing store 24/7 hours, as there is no shop closing time and opening time. Your customers can place orders anytime they want, and so on. 

Wisely Select Your Online Clothing Store Niche 

Before starting your online clothing store business, you have to select your niche wisely. You can’t set your business to serve all kinds of customers. When you are starting from scratch, you need to set your niche

online clothing store

It’s important to create a fashion website for your online clothing store whether you already have a physical store or planning to have one. 61% of all eCommerce sales comes directly from fashion clothes.

Suppose, you want to sell men’s clothing in your online clothing store. To set a niche target, you have to pick a certain region, age-range, and most importantly what your potential customer base is looking for. From Google Trends, we have searched for teeshirt vs formal shirt in the USA for the last 12 months. 

You can see that people are more interested in searching for  T-shirts in recent times. You can check the state’s statistics also, and set your niche market wisely. So, in the long run, you won’t need to change categories for your online clothing store frequently. 

online clothing store

If you have done selecting a niche, read more to know everything about creating your own online clothing store. There are many tools available to help you in setting a niche market for your online fashion store.

3️⃣ Things To Consider Before Creating Your Online Clothing Store 

After setting your niche, the next step is to select products for your online clothing store. You have to decide what you have to sell. There are infinite options to choose from, but it’s wise to choose products depending on your niche market. Here we are mentioning 3 things to consider jumpstarting your business. 

💡 Start Small And Slowly Expand Your Business 

When you are analyzing other online clothing stores around you, you will find that they are selling multi-category products from a single place. If you are wondering, how they have the ability to sell on a large scale, then let me tell you a secret! They all have started from small. 

It helps them to manage and maintain inventory properly, build strong and transparent communication among all departments, and so on. Starting from small you will be able to manage all appropriately. When you will be stable on a small scale, then you can keep upgrading your limits. 

Plan Ahead And Prepare Accordingly  

Starting from a small scale doesn’t mean that you have to keep your business small for a lifetime. You have to think ahead when you are running an online clothing store. Weather changing effects, geographical regions, economical status, etc will create an impact on your online clothing store business directly. So, you have to think ahead, pre-plan all procedures and campaigns, do A/B testing for each decision, and so on. All these will help you to sustain your business and scale up it gradually.

The statistics of Statista say that the USA earned about 102 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 from sales of online fashion apparel, footwear, and accessories.

🎯 Set Realistic, Achievable Goals

It’s the most important thing to consider when starting your online clothing store. You have to set realistic, achievable  goals. It will help you to achieve your ultimate milestones and reach out to your target. You just have to keep focused

If you have taken all necessary actions and precautions to start your online clothing store, now is the time to go online and earn revenue. Read till the next section to know the A-to-Z of creating an online presence for your fashion website. 

Create Your Online Clothing Store With A Ready Fashion Website From Templately

If you have done with planning for your online fashion store, set goals and business funnels, now it’s the time to create a website for your fashion store. Follow the below steps one by one to create a website for your online clothing store using a ready fashion website template as shown below: 

Choose The Best Domain & Hosting Service Provider 

The first step of setting up your eCommerce business is to select a unique domain name and the best hosting provider who will manage your online presence securely without any interruption. 

The domain is the online identity of your online clothing store and hosting is the virtual space where you will set your online store. When you are going for a hosting provider there are few things to keep in mind. You should always pick the best managed hosting service provider for your website.

Get WordPress As Your Ultimate Website Building Solution 

Getting online with fashion websites, makes most people frightened. Especially when you want to do just business, not spend time developing a fashion website or do coding. When you want to build your online clothing store website instantly without coding, you can go for WordPress.

WordPress gives you the full freedom to build your fashion website in 5 minutes and start selling your product through the online clothing store  instantly.


How to Create Online Clothing Store Using Fashion Website Template In 5 Minutes [FREE] 1

Get Essential Plugins Before Creating A Fashion Website In WordPress 

After getting a domain & hosting service provider, and creating an account in WordPress for your website, you will need to get all the essential plugins to create your fashion website and run it successfully. Let’s get to know all the required plugins below: 

Elementor: If you want to build your fashion website swiftly without coding, you must go for the most popular Elementor website builder for WordPress. It comes with an amazing drag and drop feature that will help you to manage your online clothing store swiftly. 

Essential Addons For Elementor: Get the best element library Essential Addons For Elementor for Elementor, it has more than 70+ widgets and 1 Million+ happy users. Install and activate this plugin to use advanced, useful widgets specially built for WooCommerce. 

WooCommerce: Make sure to install & activate WooCommerce on your WordPress site. It is a mandatory plugin to run your eCommerce business online for online fashion clothing stores. This plugin helps you to create online stores, manage, and maintain them. 

Templately: If you want pixel-perfect design and layouts for your online clothing store and build the fashion website with Elementor page builder, then you can go for Templately. It has 1000+ ready templates for creating websites without coding and design knowledge.


Presenting Fluid Fashion – Ready WooCommerce Fashion Website Template For Elementor

It’s time to choose the right fashion website template for your online clothing store if you are done with the essential setup for your website. Templately has a wide collection of templates that are being introduced to create your eCommerce website. 

Among them, Fluid Fashion ready Elementor template by Templately is an amazing fashion website template to build your WooCommerce online clothing store. You can showcase your fashion clothing, accessories, and more to interact with your eCommerce customers right away.

Using Fluid Fashion, you will get all essential and must-present sections, pages that you will need to beautifully run your online clothing store. All you have to do is to insert this fashion website template, customize it as per your preferences and your fashion website is ready to be live. 

This template has 6 stunning ready pages, interactive CTA buttons, 100% responsive, cross-browser compatibility, and more. Let’s check out what are you going to get below: Home Page, About Page, Shop Page, Shop Single Page, News Page &Contact Page.

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Step 1: Select Fluid Fashion Ready Template Designs From Templately

After choosing and selecting your online store builder and the best suitable template- Fluid Fashion, now is the time to start creating your online clothing store right away. First, open your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. Now select ‘Edit with Elementor’ and within a moment the editor will be opened. 

online business

You will find the ‘blue Templately’ icon on your editor panel. Click on it and it will take you to the Templately template library. You can pick a suitable fashion website template for your online clothing store. For the tutorial purpose, we’ll go with Fluid Fashion homepage design.

How to Create Online Clothing Store Using Fashion Website Template In 5 Minutes [FREE] 2

Step 2: Customize Your Online Fashion Store Homepage Design

Now the most important part, design your fashion website according to your brand colors, targeted audience’s taste, and so on. To customize your fashion website layouts, texts, and images;  click on the section and start customizing. Explore all the options available with the widgets to customize your online clothing store and grab visitors’ attention. 

online clothing store

Step 3: Save Your Design To Templately

If you are done with editing and customizing your online clothing store, then hit the ‘Preview’ button from the left below. You can see all your changes there. You can save the total page or a single page template design with Templately for your future use and backup. It’s another cool feature of Templately, you can save all your pages and blocks to MyCloud. To do this right-click on the particular block or anywhere on the page and select ‘Save page in Templately’

How to Create Online Clothing Store Using Fashion Website Template In 5 Minutes [FREE] 3

You can even reuse your ready designs for unlimited time for any other websites. Otherwise, if you want, you can make a cloud collaboration using Templately WorkSpace which gives you the facility to share your ready designs with your team anytime directly from the cloud.   

Time To Launch Your Fashion Website

If you have completed all the above steps, then hit the ‘Publish’ button from below left. Congratulations! Your online clothing store website has been published. Now make your website live and share it with everyone. 

online clothing store

⭐⭐⭐ Bonus: Scale Up Your Online Fashion Clothing Store 

It’s the last step for your newly-launched online clothing store. You need to drive traffic to your fashion website so that you get customers and sustain your business online. There are many tips and tricks to bring visitors to your site. Here are two popular tactics to follow: 

💬 Manage Your WooCommerce Customers Reviews More Efficiently

When you are done with setting your WooCommerce dependent online clothing store, you should take essential steps to attract more potential customers to your site. You can influence your present customers to give in-depth reviews about your products and rate the product in multiple categories wise. That will be more helpful to the want-to-be customers for deciding on purchasing.

As nearly 84% of people trust previous customers’ online reviews as much as they trust their friends. 

You can manage all your customers’ reviews fluently by activating ReviewX – Multicriteria rating plugin for WooCommerce to accelerate your WooCommerce sales. It will help you to collect multi-criteria reviews & ratings of your customers’ to build credibility and increase your revenue.

🔔 Increase Your Sales With Social Share & FOMO

As a business owner, you have to follow and cope with all the latest digital trends to run your online business successfully. You can showcase your social proof directly from your website, then that will convince more people to buy your products from your online fashion clothing store. 

FOMO stands out for ‘Fear Of Missing Out’; this tactic is used to create urgency of buying your products. You can showcase your social proofs in many ways to your new site visitors. Among them showing in pop-up format trigger site visitors and engage them in purchasing. 

To build credibility and create urgency about your products, you can install NotificationXthe best marketing plugin for WordPress with your fashion clothing store’s website. This plugin will help you to get more traffic on your site and convert them into your customers by showcasing your latest sales, reviews, comments, and live notification alerts on the website. 

One of the most important factors of any online fashion clothing store is to bring more traffic to your site. Above mentioned tools and tactics will help you to get a kickstart, increase traffic, get more customers, and most importantly, scale up your business. 

⚡ More  Fashion Website Templates To Check out 

As we have already mentioned, Templately has 1000+ ready templates that can serve your multipurpose needs for each category. You will find WooCommerce templates, online store templates, fashion website templates, and so on. Here we have mentioned some of our other attractive and suitable templates for you that are especially being introduced to serve your eCommerce business needs. Let; have a look!

online clothing store

EleShoply Ecommerce Template

This is a multipurpose eCommerce template. You can use it for online clothing, fashion or accessories shops, and so on.

online clothing store

EleCommerce Homepage

This template is suitable for creating any type of eCommerce website. You can use it to sell cloths, bags, shoes, fashion apparels, etc.

When you are using ready, fashion website templates from Templately, it’s not mandatory to be tech-savvy, you can create an entire website without touching a single line of code. Don’t wait! Sign up for Templately to get access to the Fluid Fashion template and explore other similar templates to start designing your online fashion store beautifully without coding. If you face any problems contact our support team for further assistance.

Hope you have got all the basic ideas for starting your online fashion store. We would love to hear from you about your experience by commenting below. If you want to check out more blogs go to our blog page and join our WordPress enthusiasts Facebook community.

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