How To Create Your Own Lawyer Portfolio Website In 5 Minutes [No Coding Required]

If you want to take your legal service business online, then creating your own lawyer portfolio website is the only solution you have. It will help you represent your legal advising services interactively online and instantly grab potential customers’ attention. Wondering how to do that? Take a look at the detail below!

Lawyer Portfolio Website

You can design your lawyer portfolio website as lawyers, barristers, legal advisors, or anyone who is entitled to legal advice or legal consultation services. All you need to get is the right solution that can help you to make your website building process faster and effective. This blog’s purpose is to introduce you to the complete ready solution with proper explanation. Let’s get started!

Top Reasons For Owning An Interactive Lawyer Portfolio Website

Before creating any lawyer portfolio website, you must have to know the top reasons or benefits of having one. This will help you to accelerate your website designing process by getting proper reasons. Take a look below:  

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Create A Strong Brand Value & Add Credibility

When you are creating any lawyer portfolio website to make your online presence strong, it will help you to add credibility to your business and take you to the right clients. Because customers are now searching for their problem solutions online, and this is not deniable in the case of legal service.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Showcase Your High Profile Cases & Attract Customers 

If you can showcase your high-profile case briefs beautifully on your online lawyer portfolio website, you can then easily attract your customers with strong evidence. They can look at it and take the immediate decision of getting legal service from you.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Rank Top On Search Engines & Increase Your Site Traffic

As long as you create a website, and if it’s SEO-friendly, then Google, Bing, or other search engines will easily crawl your site and rank top your service. So whenever your customer wants to get any legal service and search, they will get your portfolio website. It’s the easiest, effective way to run any business and get the targeted traffic.

According to FinanceOnline “Online legal services in the United States have also grown with a market size of $9 billion, and 65% of law firms spend most of their marketing budget on online marketing.”

Things You Must Have To Assure On Designing Own Lawyer Portfolio Website

You have already known some top reasons why you should get a lawyer portfolio website, now this section is to enlighten you about what you should have added to your portfolio design. Get all the details below:

Get A Stunning Landing Page 

As the first look matters a lot for any type of website. Before going to any pages of the lawyer portfolio website, the potential customers will land on your landing page. This is why having a professional-looking, stunning lawyer portfolio website page can attract your customer at the first glance to scroll through your whole portfolio website. It can make them engage with your website and check all the details. It is beneficial for your business and increasing site engagements on an instance. 

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Visualize Real-Time Achievements Using A Interactive Counter 

A counter will help you to showcase your all achievements in short with animated effects beautifully. At a glance, your visitors get to know about your awards, specialties, or any special things in it. This is the smartest way to influence your customers and make them your permanent customers. Try to implement it on your lawyer portfolio landing page to make the impression on the first view.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Impressively Showcase Your Expertise 

Make sure to display your expertise areas beautifully and in detail on your lawyer portfolio website. That customer can easily know what you offer, what and how to get legal service from you. If you can create a separate page to showcase your expertise areas this can be more effective for your legal service business.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Ensure SEO-Friendly & Responsive Design 

There are several ready, SEO-friendly, and responsive templates are available to make your lawyer portfolio website easily get crawled on search engines. You must have to ensure this before designing your website.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Design A Fully Functional Contact Page 

A direct communication channel between you and your clients you have to ensure on your website design. And creating a fully functional contact page is all you can have. Your potential customers can easily communicate with you about your service and be your permanent service taker.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

How To Create Your Own Lawyer Portfolio Website Without Coding In 5 Minutes

Lawyer Portfolio Website
Grab templately Alex Law Templates Pack

Now to create a lawyer portfolio website quickly without coding, WordPress is the best solution to design any type of website. It can make your WordPress page building experience smooth if you can pick a popular Elementor page builder to build an interactive lawyer portfolio website using ready Templates.

That’s why Templately the ultimate template cloud for Elementor that comes with 800+ ready template collections. It offers a trendy lawyer portfolio website landing page, Alex Law – Personal lawyer portfolio with ready Elementor template designs included with six incredible blocks.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Check Lists:  What You Must Have To Get Before Using Alex Law

Elementor: Get Elementor one of the best page builders for WordPress to use this complete lawyer portfolio templates pack Alex Law. 

Essential Addons: Install & activate Essential Addons. This is considered as the best elements library for Elementor with 1 million+ happy clients and 70+ fully functional widgets.

Templately: Finally sign up for Templately an account first and then get installed with ‘Templately’ on your WordPress website to use this ready Elementor templates pack.

Step 1: Pick Your Template 

Let’s get started with Alex Law template by Templately and click on Edit with Elementor to create a new page on the WordPress dashboard. Just within a few minutes, it will provide you a new page in your Elementor editor. 

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Step 2: Click On Templately Blue Icon

Afterward, you have to click on the middle Templately blue icon of the page. It will provide a popup window. There you will see all the beautifully ready template designs of Templately.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Search for ‘Alex Law’ or ‘lawyer portfolio’ in the search panel. It will automatically then show all the ready landing page designs & blocks of this pack.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Step 3: Insert The Template 

Now hit the ‘Insert’ button to Alex Law landing page template design. It will take a bit to load the lawyer portfolio website landing page template on your Elementor Editor.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Step 4: Add Content & Customize The Design 

You can now add your content in ‘Alex Law’ ready template designs and can customize each creative section to make it look the way you want. Even you can drag & drop sections from one place to another, do a bit of modification, and it’s fully ready to become live.

By default this template content is SEO optimized, so if you want you can fit your text content according to it and make a bit change to visuals. That’s it.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Step 5: Save Your Design On MyCloud

Templately only provides this exclusive facility to save your ready template designs in the ‘MyCloud’ storage of Templately. Just right-click anywhere on the page and choose ‘Save Page to Templately’. This will save your lawyer portfolio website design on Templately’s cloud storage. You can later reuse this design or keep it saved as backup.

Lawyer Portfolio Website

Step 6: Make A Seamless Cloud Collaboration

If you want, you can use Templately WorkSpace to create a seamless collaboration anytime with your team sharing your ready designs. Even you can invite, and get access to people outside your workstation to collaborate on the cloud. 

So now make your website building plan by Signing up to Templately and get access to Templately’s stunning ready template collections. Let us know your experience by commenting below. Other than this, if you face any problem or need instant help, you can feel free to contact our support team anytime you want or join our friendly Facebook Community.



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