How To Make A Medical Website In WordPress Without Any Coding [FREE]

Are you searching for a complete ready-made solution to build your medical website in WordPress just within a click? Or planning to spread information about your service in an innovative way to cover more patients on the virtual mediums as well to maintain your long queue on with ease? You don’t have to feel worried now we understand your need and in this blog, we will let you know the perfect solution that can help you to build your entire website without adding a single line of code.

medical website in WordPress

Introducing EleHealth by Templately – the ultimate template cloud for WordPress. With this amazing premade solution, you can instantly create an informative website for your patient just within a click and yes, it’s absolutely free for everyone.

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Why You Might Need A Medical Website?

Everyone has now become more research-oriented because of this online era! When it comes to medical industry, specially in this pandemic, people prefer to look online before before going out. They would first go through several options, their backgrounds, specialties, availabilities, and the services in depth. Besides, making a phone call to health care services or doctors directly is quite hassle. They might not receive the call or become busy with a long schedule.

That’s why now mostly people tries to find out the perfect online sources to take instant help form their desired doctors, pharmaceutical, or healthcare services through their 24/7 services and make an instant call for an appointment. So for that, medical professionals feel the necessity to spread their service information in detail online to serve as much as patients they can in a easy way. Patient can take help instantly and get a schedule without any hassle.


Medical Website Template Pack for Elementor

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How to Create A Medical Website In WordPress Without Coding?

Building a website from scratch is time-consuming and web development is costly as well. So it’s always easy to go with a premade solution that would help you to make your online presence instantly without any coding sounds.

That’s why we are providing a complete website template ‘EleHealth’ for different medical professionals to build a medical website in WordPress just with a few clicks and it made it’s completely free for all. You don’t have to add a single line of code nor to modify anything much. Just by editing the text content or others a bit, you will be ready to go live immediately with this amazing readymade solution. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Let’s check out the demo and see what you need to make the complete medical website in WordPress.

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What Can You Get With EleHealth Template From Templately?

Right now, the EleHealth template pack from Templately offers 5 stunning ready to go pages and amazing individual blocks to make your medical website in WordPress compelling and informative that would help you out to handle your huge online audience base on an instance.

Interactive Home Page

You will get a stunning landing page design with a professional look to drag your audience’s interest instantly to make them scroll the whole website. You will also get amazing animation effects, individual sections to showcase services, doctors or specialties designations, patients’ experience, and more with its amazing interactive template to inform the visitors properly about your medical services.

Appointment Page

You will get an organized section on this appointment page which will help your visitors to take an appointment by choosing from the doctors’ category and give an instant way to make an appointment.

medical website EleHealth

Specialties Page

You can showcase your specialties categories in detail to make your audience understand your offered services and get attracted to a very first view with the interactive sections of your webpage.

Doctors Page

On this page of EleHealth, you will be able to showcase your doctors’ list in their specialized category and help your visitors go through the whole to know which doctors they should pick for themselves and take instant help.

How To Make A Medical Website In WordPress Without Any Coding [FREE] 1

Single Blog Detail Page

You will able to display any important events, seminars, or posts in this separate blog details page to get involved with your visitors immediately with proper information about any special mediacal services or helps in a stunning way.

Things You Will Need To Create A Medical Website:

You need to get a few things done before building your medical website in WordPress using EleHealth template from TemplatelyLet’s have a look at the Plugins you will require and make sure you have installed and activated these plugins:

  • Elementor: Make sure that you already have activated Elementor on your WordPress website before gettings started.
  • Essential Addons: You also need to activate the free and pro version of Essential Addons for Elementor to use the EleHealth template.
  • Templately: Once you are done activating the above-mentioned plugins, simply just go ahead and install ‘Templately’ on your WordPress website.

Get Started With Templately To Build Your Medical Website In WordPress

By following the step-by-step guideline, you will able to publish your medical website in WordPress using EleHealth template from Templately just within a few clicks. Let’s check out the guide below:

Step 1. Choose EleHealth Template From Templately

Assuming you have installed all the three plugins mentioned above and ready to get explored. At first, let’s create a new page from your WordPress dashboard and click ‘Edit with Elementor’. 

medical website in WordPress

Once the new page has opened with Elementor, now click on the Templately icon from the center. It will open Templately panel and now simply just search for ‘EleHealth‘. You will find the full pack of all 5 pages and blocks under that category.

medical website EleHealth

To build a complete medical website in WordPress using this powerful template, let’s just click on ‘INSERT‘ icon to get started. Here, we will get started by inserting the ‘Home Page’.

medical website EleHealth

This will present the whole page just within a few moments and you are there to modify the entire site presence and make it live on an instance for sure.

Step 2. Customize The Template

After inserting the template, you will get full freedom to style the template any way you want. You can fill up the content with your own data, change the colors, typographies, and many more as per your requirements & leave your own personal touch.

medical website EleHealth

Final Outcome

By following all the above steps and modifying the content as per your needs, you can build your entire website as the ‘Home’ page considering other interactive pages and blocks for absolutely free with Templately premade stunning template designs.

medical website EleHealth

If you belong to a medical profession or a health service industry, it’s really important to cope up with the flow and become available both in online and offline mediums to reach out to the maximum number of people who might have any health issues and want to get helped immediately. To serve that purpose medical website in WordPress can be a blessing for both doctors and patients to build a strong relationship through online services to make an appointment and instant help. ‘EleHealth’ main focus is to help those healthcare services, hospitals, doctors, or other medical professionals to build their online presence to a greater extend just within a click without coding and costing.

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