How To Create A Musician Online Portfolio Using FREE WordPress Template [No Coding]


If you are passionate about singing, creating music then why not go for a musician online portfolio? This will help you make your footsteps strong at the beginning of your music career by building an interactive musician online portfolio. 

You can showcase your own music collections beautifully there to take part in this latest era of digital music. It will work as a jackpot for you for sure.


musician online portfolio

Musician online portfolio will open a new door for you to reach out to the music industry leads. You can easily catch them virtually by creating hype online, get new performance calls, staying in touch with all fans, music lovers, and so on in a continuous process. If you see the current statistics of the digital music industry, you can get this with ease.

At present digital music industries are blooming, Spotify has earned 6764M the last year, by the statistics of Statista.

Music lovers enjoy following their favorite musicians’ websites as well as their all other online presence. So by creating your own musician online portfolio website by yourself can be like playing a distuned orchestra if you can’t code. That’s where the free WordPress template comes in. Let’s explore how you can create a musician portfolio website using WordPress templates without coding. 

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Why Should You Create A Musician Portfolio Website?

Musician online portfolio works like an online identity for anyone who wants to start their career as a musician or even have. There are so many benefits of maintaining a musician’s online portfolio website. Here are the top ones.

musician online portfolio

🎶 Create A Rocking Musical Resume

You may have so many original songs, cover songs, jamming videos, concert sneak peeks, and so on. If you go for a musician online portfolio, you can store and represent all your music more professionally in one organized place. 

🎼 Get More Musical Involvements

Like all other musicians, if you enjoy performing on requests, collaborating with other musicians, then you should create a musician portfolio website. Thus all people can find you virtually on search engines and communicate with you directly without facing any difficulties. 

🎸 Have A Centralized Hub For Social Media Activity 

Some of your fans may follow you on YouTube, some may on Instagram. If you want to make a strong social media collaboration displaying all your music shows, launch updates, and more by creating a musician portfolio website. 

Thus your fans, listeners can keep track of your latest activities from one place without following you on every social media. This can satisfy you and your audiences from all aspects.


How Can You Make Your Online Portfolio Stands Out? 

Wondering, what does it take to make your musician online portfolio outstanding than others? Then this section is for you. Keep reading to find out all tips and tricks to make your musician portfolio website captivating for your visitors. 

Give Your Website A Vibrant Outlook 😍

If you are a musician of a certain genre, don’t forget to represent that through your musician online portfolio. Use interactive, bold, and rhythmic fonts matching with your visual brand. You can use an energetic vibrant background color for your website. 

musician online portfolio

Treat Your Musician Online Portfolio As A Homebase 🏚️

Like all other musicians, you can upload your songs on YouTube, SoundCloud,  Vimeo, etc. But these platforms can’t express your whole stories. You have to get a medium from where you can sell your tickets, allow them to contact you directly, or share all your recent updates. 

You can use your online musician portfolio for all these. To manage and maintain everything from one place. So when you are selecting a WordPress template for your musician portfolio website, make sure it has all these features.

musician online portfolio

Go For A Easy-To-Update Website 🪄

As a starter, you may only need to upload your musical journey stories, experiences, little achievements. Shortly, you may need to add multiple platforms, introducing merchandise, and so on. If you go for WordPress templates, then you can customize and modify swiftly with any page builder you are comfortable with. 

Make Your Portfolio Website Mobile Responsive 📲

More than 70% of listeners listen to YouTube music from mobile, according to the statistics of Oberlo. You can assume that now listers feel comfortable listening to music on mobile devices. So when you are creating a musician online portfolio website, check out whether your WordPress template is mobile responsive or not. 

Create  A Direct Way To Communicate With Fans & Listeners 📣

You can build a way of direct communication so that you can receive invitations to live performances, getting collaboration invitations, communicating with fans directly, and so on. Adding contact pages and forms can make your communication easier and fluent. When you are choosing ready WordPress templates, check if it has contact forms in it or not. 

The Smoothest Way To Create Musician Online Portfolio

If you are not comfortable creating your online portfolio website using coding, then WordPress templates are there for you. But if you want to make your website design journey smoother and more interactive, Elementor page builder is the best page builder solution to go for. 

With its drag and drop feature and popular widget library Essential Addons For Elementor, you can include every widget on your website, and you can also preview your live customization from the same page. Essential Addons has 70+ widgets with 1Million+ active users.

How To Create A Musician Online Portfolio Using FREE WordPress Template [No Coding] 1

There are so many free and premium sources of Elementor templates. If you want to make your musician portfolio attractive, then you can go for Templately– the ultimate template cloud for Elementor templates. It has so many varieties of ready templates and all of them so alluring. 

You can build any type of website just with a few clicks. And for creating a musician’s online portfolio Templately has bought a specially designed template to make your musician portfolio website more user-engaging. This will help you to make your template choosing easier, and faster to build a compelling musician online portfolio without coding.

musician online portfolio

Introducing EleMusic – Musician Online Portfolio Free WordPress Template 

When you are creating your musician online portfolio, you have to make it vibrant, highly expressive with a soothing appearance. So that it represents your musical persona enthusiastically and attracts your audience before even hearing your music. 

If you are looking for all these characteristics in a single WordPress Elementor template, then go for EleMusic- Musician Personal Website. This template is specially created for musicians, singers, music producers, music bands, DJs, or anyone in the music industry. Its versatile, vibrant look will add flavor to your musician’s online portfolio website.

musician online portfolio

EleMusic WordPress template is a one-page landing page template. Where you can express your musical background story, display your other band members, showcase all your published and upcoming songs, and so on. There are three different blocks to represent your musical journey interestingly. 

Besides all these exclusive features, this template is mobile responsive and has cross-browser compatibility. Your audience can explore your musician’s online portfolio website from anywhere.

Also, this Elementor template comes with SEO optimized and lightweight design that you can customize the content according to your need to make it search engines friendly easily adding your own content in each creative section, and be on top of the search results on Google or others just with a short period of time. 

Get These Essential Plugins Before Starting Rock n Roll

When you are creating your musician online portfolio website with WordPress Templates, you will need to install and activate all these essential plugins. Without them, Templately WordPress templates will not function. The essential plugins are:

Elementor: Install & activate the most popular WordPress website builder Elementor. It will help you to build an entire website without coding using its amazing drag and drop feature. 

Essential Addons For Elementor: To design your musician online portfolio website, get Essential Addons For Elementor – the best and most resourceful Elementor library with 70+ amazing widgets and 1M+ happy users.

Templately: Get installed Templately that has come with 1000+ ready Elementor template designs in your WordPress site and complete the signup process to start creating your own musician portfolio website.

Step-By-Step Guideline: Create A Rocking Musician Online Portfolio Using FREE WordPress Templates [No Coding]

If you are all set, it’s time to start creating your rocking musician portfolio website. Follow this step-by-step guideline to create your musician online portfolio without coding. 

Step 1: Select EleMusic Template From Templately

First, create a new page from your WordPress dashboard. Now, navigate to the  ‘Edit with Elementor’ button from the top of the page. After clicking, it will take you to the Elementor editing panel. There without using a single line of code, you can complete creating a musician online portfolio instantly. 

online business

On your Elementor Editorial, you will find the ‘Templately Blue’ icon. Click the icon and will see Templately’s unlimited template collections there. Search for musician portfolio templates and select a suitable one.

musician online portfolio

For the tutorial purpose, we have chosen EleMusic Elementor free template. Search for that template and insert it. It will take a while to get inserted. After inserting this magnificent template on your Elementor Editor, it will look like this on your web page.

How To Create A Musician Online Portfolio Using FREE WordPress Template [No Coding] 2

Step 2: Make It Personal By Customizing This Musician Online Portfolio

Now it’s the time to add your personal touches, give your musician portfolio website a stunning look, upload all your work and information, and so on. As mentioned earlier, in this phase, you don’t have to add any code.

To customize any of the blocks of the EleMusic template, just click on that element. Your widget panel box will be open on the left side. Tweak and turn all the options given to adjust with your brand value, logo color, and so on. The fun part of using Templately Elementor templates is that you can see a live preview of all your changes. Upload all your videos, images, etc, and make it outstanding. 


musician online portfolio

Step 3: Save Your Designs In Templately Cloud Storage 

You can store your creative customized ready designs that you have made right now and reuse for further by saving this on Templately cloud storage. This cool feature is called Templately MyCloud, it’s your personal cloud storage, and you will get it just by signing up for Templately. You can save and secure an entire page or specific block from your website and can reuse them in the future. 

To save a single block, right-click on the block and select ‘Save Block In Templately’ from the drop-down menu. It will take you directly to your cloud storage. You can insert this block in other pages or websites directly from your cloud storage. In the same process, select ‘Save Page In Templately’ and save your newly customized page.

How To Create A Musician Online Portfolio Using FREE WordPress Template [No Coding] 3

Another cool feature of Templately is WorkSpace. If you are interested in helping your other band members create a rocking musician online portfolio like yours, you can share your ready template designs with them. Exactly this cool facility is provided by Templately WorkSpace that you can share your ready designs, pages with your team easily using one organized place. They can access your designs directly from their Templately account.

musician online portfolio

Launch Your Beautifully Organized Musician Portfolio In WordPress

After finishing all changes and customizations click on the ‘Preview’ button from the bottom left. It will take you to another tab and you can see how your musician online portfolio website is looking. 

If you are done, hit the ‘Publish’ button then. Congratulations! You have created your very own musician online portfolio website without coding. Now make your site live and share it with others anytime you want. Your portfolio will look like the same that has shown in the visual below.

musician online portfolio

Bonus Tips: Improve Your Storytelling By Including All Sources To One Place 

Let your online musician portfolio website tell your stories, experiences more vibrantly by adding your all other online accounts. YouTube and SoundCloud are now one of the most used platforms for musicians. There are so many live streaming websites, you can open an account and share your jamming, live performances there. 

To express your lifestyle thoughts, you can maintain Instagram and Twitter accounts also. Are you thinking about how to beautifully represent these platforms on your online musician portfolio website? EmbedPressThe Ultimate Embedding plugin of WordPress is here for you.


Using EmbedPress, you can embed any musical platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, Reverbnation, or more instantly without using a single line of code. It will help your visitors to take a glance at your recently released music, previously uploaded songs, videos, live streaming updates, etc, from your musician portfolio.

Try Other Cool Musician Portfolio Templates From Templately

In Templately, you can easily get your ready template solutions for any category website you may choose. Check out these other stunning Elementor template collections from Templately to give your musician portfolio website a different touch. Not only a one-page musician online portfolio, but you can create an entire website with some of the templates also. 

🎉 Zares – Music Band Elementor Template


musician online portfolio

This complete Elementor template pack is specially designed for music bands, DJs, musicians, music producers, or anyone in the music industry. You can create a complete website for your band with it. There is a home page, biography page, news page, contact page, and so on. You can create a gorgeous website with it instantly. 

🎉 EleCast Podcast Elementor Template for WordPress

musician online portfolio

You can use this template for bloggers, musicians online portfolios, videographers, or anyone who wants to create a website where they can upload their shows, videos, audios, or any kind of creative, multimedia content. You can display your tour details, upcoming song releases with this template.

🎉 PodcastPress Podcasting Templates

musician online portfolio

This template pack is perfect for any content creators, especially podcasters, bloggers, musicians online portfolios, videographers. It is made with Elementor and can be used by anyone who wants to share their shows, videos, audios, or any kind of creative, multimedia content on WordPress. You can upload every episode, song, tour detail with this template beautifully.

It’s not essential to be tech-savvy when creating a musician online portfolio. You just have to find the right solution and way of doing it.

So Sign up for Templately now and get access to the EleMusic template pack with others and start designing your online portfolio website beautifully without coding. If you face any problems contact our support team for further assistance.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog. Stay subscribed to our blog so that you won’t miss any of our fun tutorials, news, insights like this one. You can join our Facebook community and share your amazing musician online portfolio website with other Templately users and WordPress experts. 

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