How To Create An Online Furniture Store Website Using WordPress Templates

Creating a stunning online furniture store website can help you to take your business from average to spectacular. It will help you to grow your customer list as well as skyrocket your sales conversions. Let’s find out how you can create a complete online furniture store instantly without using a single line of code.

online furniture store website

🚀 Here’s How An Online Furniture Store Can Accelerate Your Business

In today’s advanced digital world, websites open a new era for leveraging sales and upscaling your business. It’s high time to have a website whether you have a modern furniture store, home decor business, or old furniture selling business. As a guide to making your decision easier, here we have listed 3 top reasons why you should take your business online and have a furniture store website.

online furniture store websiteIn recent times people used to search for everything online. So whenever they will make their searches to get a furniture shop or home decor service, they can easily land on your furniture store website.

⚡ In your physical store, it’s not possible to keep samples of all of your furniture at once.  An online furniture shop website can help to display all your available items, pricing, services with detailed specifications.

⚡ You can create a bridge to reduce the gap between you and your customers and nurture your potential customers via online furniture store websites.

⚡ Moreover, your store can be available 24/7 hours for your customers if you manage a website online. No more hassle to maintain shop opening and closing times.

Need to mention that, you should not only just get a website, but your online furniture shop also has to be well SEO optimized. So that it stays top in the potential leads search results.

Creating A Furniture Shop Website Using WordPress Templates : Must-Have Checklist 

Creating any type of furniture shop is the easiest thing to do if you are using WordPress templates. You don’t need any coding knowledge nor amazing web design skills. But before you launch an online furniture shop website, you must have to ensure that you have all these essentials.

1️⃣ Include Essential Web Pages For Your Furniture Store

A website is completed when you add all the necessary pages for it. It makes it more competitive on search engines and helps to attract more visitors and customers. Let’s explore the pages you must have on your furniture shop website and are widely practiced by the best online furniture stores.

➡️ Home Page: Influence Visitors To Take An Action

The home page is the most crucial page for any online furniture shop as well as the best place to convert visitors into repeat customers. You can display your business goals, showcase your products, and most importantly, convince your visitors to take action. So you need to make your homepage so enchanting that it will influence any visitors instantly to scroll the whole.

online furniture store website

➡️ About Us Page: Give Your Audience A Personalized Taste

online furniture store website

About Us page template of an online furniture store website can help you to tell your companies mission and vision captivatingly. So that potential customers can easily get aligned with your business goals. If you can tell your story with vibrant images and use animations, that will help you to build credibility among your customers.

➡️ Products/Services Page: Point Out Primary Focus Of Your Website

This is the best place to showcase the products and services you are going to offer to your customers. You will be surprised to know that 56% of abandoners don’t complete an online purchase because of unforeseen costs. This barrier can easily be overcome by designing easy-to-use product pages with all the essential functionalities.

online furniture store website

➡️ Project Page: Featured Your Works With Excellence

online furniture store website

If you are the owner of a modern online furniture store or a passionate home decor artist, a project page is a must-have one. This page will help your potential customers gain credibility by giving them a clear idea of how to decorate their house with beautiful furniture.

➡️ Contact Page: Directly Communicate With Customers

As you plan to get potential customers through your online furniture shop website, it is important to build relationships with them and convert them into regular customers. And in this case, there is no alternative to creating a contact page. This page can help your customers to contact you instantly by using the contact page.

online furniture store website

2️⃣ Go For A Catchy Domain Name & Best Hosting Provider

Before jumping into creating an online furniture store website for your business, you have to buy a domain name and choose a hosting service provider. A domain name symbolizes the online identity of your website, and hosting is like acquiring space on the internet. You can get both domain name and host from FlywheelGoDaddyKinsta, etc. are user-friendly and best managed hosting recommendations for you.

3️⃣ Get The Best Website Building Platform: WordPress

You must select a suitable beginner-friendly website builder if you are creating your own online furniture store website which does not require coding knowledge. In this case, WordPress is the best option when it comes to creating your desired website.

Today, 41% of websites are running on WordPress, and the reason behind its popularity is its flexibility, unlimited customization options, and maximum accessibility. It is so easy to use that any beginner can design an online furniture store within 5 minutes. You can install WordPress directly from your hosting dashboard easily.

4️⃣ Select A Stunning Furniture Store WordPress Template

WordPress templates are the best option to go for to save you from coding hassle and ensure pixel-perfect design requirements. Another advantage is, since the WordPress template handles the design and layout, you can select any lightweight, smart theme and speed up your site as well.

Analyzing your requirements and business goals, you can go for the Woodie Furniture Shop WordPress Template from the Templately template cloud library. This is one of the best WooCommerce template packs for online furniture shop owners, home decor business owners, modern furniture online store owners, and so on. Its sleek and beautiful design will make your online furniture store stunning and skyrocket your sales. 

online furniture store website

Moreover, these templates pack has 7 interactive and eye-catching inner pages, including a Home page, an About page, a Collection page, a Service page, and a Contact page. So you don’t need to purchase another template to finish your furniture shop website.

This exclusive templates pack also featured Search Bar widgets that enable your customers to quickly browse through your store, plus beautiful and animated counters to highlight your store’s milestones, such as awards you have won, successful projects, etc.

5️⃣ Activate Furniture Store Website Template Required Plugins

When you go for WordPress templates, you must install and activate plugins that are dependent on your online furniture store website templates. As we are using Woodie Furniture Shop WordPress Template from Templately, you need to ensure the below plugins are installed and activated in your WordPress Dashboard.

🔵 WooCommerce: It’s the most essential plugin for creating any type of online furniture store with WordPress templates. Without it, you can’t set up an online store and sell products through your website. Install and activate WooCommerce.

🔵 Elementor:  It’s the most popular drag and drop page builder for creating any category website with 5Million+ active users. Install and activate Elementor page builder in your WordPress dashboard.

🔵 Essential Addons For Elementor: It’s the largest Elementor library with 70+ widgets and 1million+ happy users. Make sure you also install this plugin and activate it.

🔵 TemplatelyGet installed Templately Pro that has come with 1000+ ready Elementor templates designs in your WordPress site and complete the signup process to start creating your own online furniture store.

How To Create An Online Furniture Store Website Using WordPress Templates: Step-By-Step Guideline 

Before starting anything, you need to import all your product names, prices, images, and descriptions from the WooCommerce plugin. So that Woodie Furniture Shop WordPress Template can display all your WooCommerce products directly on your online furniture store website homepage.

Now that you have everything you need to build a stunning online furniture store website, the time has come to start creating one. By following this step-by-step guideline, even a novice web designer can easily build a website with a WordPress theme immediately. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Insert This Woodie Furniture Store Elementor Template From Templately

We will start by creating a landing page for your online furniture store. To do that, go to your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. There you will find ‘Edit with Elementor’. Click it and it will take you to the Elementor editing panel.

online furniture store website

There you will find the Elementor Widget panel on the left side and your web page on the other side. Click on the ‘Templately Blue’ icon to insert Woodie Furniture Shop WordPress Template from the Templately template library. This time, we are going to pick Woodie Home Page. Search for the template and insert it on your webpage.

online furniture store website

This template will take a little time for loading. After inserting the Woodie Furniture Shop Elementor Template homepage, your web page will look like this.

online furniture store website

Step 2: Customize Your Online Furniture Store Template Design

It’s time to give your website a stunning outlook and a personalized taste of your online furniture business. It will help you to get more customers and build credibility among them. To get the utmost benefit from your online furniture store website, you should follow best practices from the best online furniture stores.

The good news is, Woodie Furniture Shop Elementor Template is designed to maintain all the best practices. Only you have to add your online furniture store business logo, images, pricing, and related texts. Select any block elements or contents and the widget editing panel will open on the left side.

online furniture store website

Try all options of customization and make your online furniture store outstanding like the best online furniture stores.

Step 3: Save Your Designs In Personal Cloud Storage

If you are done with all your customizations, then hit the ‘Preview’ button from the bottom-left. You can back up and reuse all of your customized designs by using Templately’s exclusive feature, MyCloud.

Right after signing up in Templately, you will get access to your MyCloud. To save your designs, right-click on the specific block and select ‘Save Page In Templately’ or ‘Save Blocks In Templately’. Your designs will be saved in Mycloud instantly.

online furniture store website

Besides, you can share your newly saved customized designs with teammates by using Templately WorkSpace if you are working on an online furniture template collaboratively. This will save your team time and effort from having to design repetitive elements for an online furniture store website.

Time Make Your Furniture Store Website Live 🎉

Are you done following all steps above one by one? Then it’s the perfect time to publish your online furniture store website. After checking all changes and modifications, click the ‘Publish’ button in the bottom-left.

Congratulations! Your online furniture store website has been created. Now make your website live and share it with everyone. Have a look at your freshly baked online furniture store with Woodie Furniture Shop Elementor Template.

online furniture store website

Following these easy and simple steps, you can build your very own online furniture store website instantly with no code. If you require any assistance while creating an online furniture store using the Templately WordPress templates, do not hesitate to contact the Templately support team.  They are always there for you.

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