How To Create Your Personal Travel Website In 5 Minutes [No Coding required]

Do you know, having a personal travel website will help you gain more exposure online? Yes, it will give you a place to share your experiences and expertise with your target audiences. So as a travel enthusiast or you are working in a related field, a travel blog or website is a must-have nowadays. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a stunning personal travel website in less than 5 minutes and guess what without coding.

travel website

Why Should You Create Your Travel Blog Or Website? 

Having a travel website is often considered a hassle. Especially if you don’t have any technical skills to build or maintain one. However, there are unparalleled advantages of having a travel blog or website all by yourself. Let us share the top benefits of having a personal travel website so that you can get a clear idea about its importance. 

Travel website

💡 If you love to travel and want to share your travel experiences with the rest of the world, you should then have your own travel website to highlight your travel stories beautifully there. You do not need to depend on a third-party blogging platform or anyone if you are owning a complete travel blog or website.

💡 In this digital world, we try to find out everything via search engines. If you don’t have a travel blog website, you can’t globally reach your potential audience. Local tour guides are usually only known by a few people but personal travel websites can make you accessible to people all over the world.

💡 With a personal travel website, you can make money and travel at the same time. You can run multiple ads, be part of travel affiliate programs, or open your own merchandise via your website. The website will also help you to get sponsorship and partnership offers easily.

Best Practices For Creating Your Own Travel Website Landing Page

When you are determined to create your personal travel website, you have to make it outstanding and user-friendly. So that more site visitors follow your website and eventually become your regular audience. Get to know all best practices that are followed on any popular travel blog or website. Keep reading. 

🎯 Establish Your Travel Website Purpose

Obviously, a travel website must have a purpose and should be created for niche customers. So, before creating a website, find out why you want to create the website. You can use your personal travel website as a travel blog, travel portfolio, tour guide, travel affiliate programs, and so on. This will help you to set the call-to-action of your website in the perfect places. 

🤩 Make Your Headline Attractive

Visitors read your headline copy before becoming your regular audience and decide whether to engage or not. You have to make your website headline to the point and attractive. So that by reading once, your visitors will get an idea of what you are offering. 

travel website

🔥 Reflect Your Persona Captivatingly On Website

When you are creating your personal travel website, you must give your audience that true taste and flavor of yours. If you are a trip advisor, tour guide, or travel blogger, this will work as a tonic to get more visitors to your site. Instead of using images from image sources, try to add your own travel images, share fun moments, display your upcoming tour plans, and so on. This amazing Elementor template is a good example of how to give your design a personal touch.

travel website

📣 Create A Way To Communicate With Visitors Directly

A travel blog or website works as your online identity. No matter what purpose your personal travel website is serving, building a direct communication way is a must-needed. To accomplish this you can include a contact form, all social media integrations, and so on. It will help you to take your niche customer, increase site engagement as well. 

Step-by-Step Guide For You to Create Your Personal Travel Website [No Coding required]

Your personal travel website will increase your online visibility with your niche audience, sponsors, advertisers, and so on. If you don’t have coding knowledge and are ready to create your personal travel blog or website all by yourself, then this section is only for you. Before getting a kickstart let’s preview what you are going to need for creating a travel website. 

  • A suitable website building platform with domain & Hosting.
  • A travel template that reflects your goals and persona.
  • Undivided attention for the next 5 minutes.

It’s time to start with a detailed step-by-step no-coding guide. 

Step 1: Choose An Easy-To-Manage Platform:- WordPress

If you’re not an expert in coding, your website needs to be built using a platform that allows full flexibility, monetization, and customization options. Keeping all these points in mind, you can go for  WordPress– The best platform for creating websites. 

WordPress allows you 100% control and ownership of your travel blog website. You can add every type of travel blog website-related functionalities here without using a single line of code. If you have planned to create a self-hosting website, you will need the best managed hosting and a Cathay domain name. From your hosting dashboard, you can install and activate WordPress instantly with one click and start creating your personal travel website. 

Step 2: Pick An Interactive WordPress Travel Template 

If you are not a design expert, then getting a web designer for your personal travel website may cost you a fortune. To help you out, here comes Templately– The ultimate template cloud for WordPress templates. Templately is the perfect choice because it has 1000+ free & premium WordPress templates for all categories. All you have to do is sign up in Templately, and insert your desired travel template. 

The benefits of using WordPress templates from Templately are: you can choose any lightweight, simple theme for your website and design your total website with interactive ready travel blog related elements without coding. Templately templates perfectly work on any type of theme. All templates have visitor-attracting content that will make your personal travel website outstanding. 

Among all travel blog website templates, you can go for Wanderly – Traveler Personal Website Template from Templately. This template is specially built to create personal websites for travelers, travel bloggers, tourists, tourism blogs, and other similar websites. It can also be used to create personal websites for tour guides, tour groups or agencies, and even for travel affiliates. Wanderly is completely customizable, comes with a modern and slick design, interactive call-to-action buttons, mobile responsiveness, and 100% cross-browser compatibility. Let’s have a look at the beautiful travel website template. 

travel websiteBefore selecting a travel template from templately you must check out the plugin dependencies. For instance, Wanderly – Traveler Personal Website Template has dependencies with Elementor page builder and the largest Elementor Library- Essential Addons For Elementor. Make sure you have installed and activated these plugins from your dashboard.  

Step 3: Insert Wanderly- Travel Website Template Instantly

First, open your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. There, add the name of your landing page. Now click on the ‘Built with Elementor’ from the top and your Elementor editing panel will open right away. 

online businessIn the middle of the page, you will find this ‘Templately blue icon’. If you click on that will take you directly to the Templately template library. Search for  Wanderly – Traveler Personal Website Template and click to insert the template. 

travel website

It will take a little time to load. After loading, the template will look like this on your dashboard. At the same time don’t forget to insert header and footer blocks in Elementor Theme Builder of Wanderly templates pack.

travel website

Step 4: Make An Eye-Catching Copy & Customization

It’s time to display your creativity on your personal travel website. Add your personal touches, give your website a stunning look, and more without using a single line of code. To edit blocks of Wanderly template, select any block and the widget customization panel will open right beside your web page. Twerk and turn all the options given to adjust with your brand value, logo color, and so on. The fun part of using Templately Elementor templates is that you can see a live preview of all your changes. Upload all your videos, images, etc, and make it outstanding.

travel websiteStep 5: Save Your Designs To Templately MyCloud

While you are using Templately templates for your personal travel website, you can save all your customizations on your personal cloud storage given with your Templately account. It’s called MyCloud. Select any particular block and right-click on it. From the drop-down select ‘Save Block In Templately’ and save your template block with a suitable name. MyCloud helps you to backup your customization and you can reuse them on other websites or web pages. 

travel website

Another cool feature of Templately is WorkSpace. You can share your saved designs and directly collaborate with your other teammates easily. This way you won’t have to create repeated pages or blocks and save your total team’s time. 

Final Outlook Of Your Personal Travel Website

If you are done with all the above steps, click the ‘Preview’ button to see your changes and how your travel blog website looks. If you are satisfied with the outlook, then hit the ‘Publish’ button. Congratulations! Your very personal travel website has been created. Now make it live and share it with everyone. 

travel website✨ Bonus: Time To Boost Your Travel Website Engagement

Travel blogging while being a digital nomad is a challenging task. It’s even harder to monetize your travel website performance. You will need a visitor engaging website to get sponsorship from a different affiliate program. Further, if you’re a tour guide, you need to build credibility through your website.

In such cases, you are fortunate, because your travel blog website is built with WordPress. You will find amazing and powerful plugins to get more visitors on-site, increasing engagement, and so on. Let’s check out how to boost engagements and involve travel affiliates effortlessly. 

⭐ Make Utmost Usages Of Social Proofs

The most practiced and popular trick to increase website traffic is using social proof tactics. In this way, new visitors get influenced and may become your regular audience as well. Best practices of social proof are displaying customer review teasers, readers’ comments, visitor statistics on particular blogs, which areas of people are following you most, and so on. 

travel website

You can implement all these tactics on your website with just a single plugin, NotificationX The best social proof & FOMO marketing solution. NotificationX will display all statistics in an interactive clickable pop-up and can display them anywhere on your website. You can create unlimited marketing campaigns with this plugin to boost conversion, site engagements, email subscribers, and many more. 

⭐ Get Involved With Travel Affiliate Programs

You have to cover all tourist places when you make traveling your profession. But it’s not an easy job to travel and earn money at the same time. To help travelers like you there are so many travel affiliate program sites, where you can easily manage your tour business and also earn money. Here are some popular travel affiliate program sites for you. 

☑️ Travel Affiliate Program is a popular name in the travel industry. Anyone can be a part of their travel affiliate program whether you are a travel blogger, travel agency, or app owner. Its signup process is easy and free and provides all resources that you need. You can integrate’s search box on a WordPress travel blog by using this official plugin.

travel website

☑️ Travel Affiliate Program

The most popular site to look for travel plans and accommodation is Tripadvisor. This company has its own travel affiliate program as well. Getting on this travel affiliate program will be valuable as you can source content from their website and link your readers back to the original content through your tracking link. 

travel website

It’s the end of this blog. You won’t need to be tech-savvy to create your own travel website or travel affiliate program site and monetize it. Templately’s exclusive templates will help you to create a complete travel website without using a single line of code within 5 minutes. If you get stuck at any point in creating a website, then don’t hesitate to communicate with Templately support team

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