How To Start Your Own Business Consultancy Service With A Ready Website

With your super analyzing skills and decision making abilities, starting your own business consultancy service can be the next step if you love taking on challenges. By starting your own business consultancy firm, you can help other organizations improve performance and make necessary changes to achieve success.

business consultancy service

To start your own business consultancy service, you need to first come up with a solid plan like you would do for helping any other organization. Let’s find out everything you need to know for starting your consultancy business.

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Based on statistics from the previous year, the global business consulting market was valued at around $132 billion. So a well established consultancy sector is an ideal place for you to grow your business consultancy service if you are confident about your experience and expertise.

To-Do List For Launching A Business Consultancy Service

Here we have created a complete checklist that you should take a look at before jumping into creating a consultancy business.

Research Your Industry & Find Your Target Market

When you are determined to establish your own business consultancy service, the first thing you have to find out is who will be your customer. It’s called selecting your target marekt.

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Before narrowing down your target market, the first thing you have to do is research the industry into which you wish to start your business consultancy service.

Gather knowledge and insight about the industry, who your competitors are, and what your customers want. After that, choose the niche customers. As a consultant, you can offer services to entrepreneurs, large businesses, or even both. Attending online and offline fairs, seminars, conferences, and so on is the best way to start.

Choose Specific Services & Plan The Pricing Model

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Now you have to come up with specific services you want to offer your clients. You need to find out which areas are your expertise and what kind of consultancy service you want to provide.

Once you know what kind of business consultancy service you want to provide, you have to come up with a pricing model. 

Most common pricing models involve charging customers depending on your working hours. Alternatively, you can also provide a monthly service or a project-based service.

Here are some basic ideas of services you can offer to your clients:

  • Be an expert in a specific market.
  • Identify clients business growth related problems.
  • Analyze client business status and provide innovative solutions.
  • Offer training and teaching to your client’s employees.
  • Help to revamp organization’s business strategy.
  • Create a scope for new business opportunities.

If you can plan these before starting your business, you can easily skyrocket your consultancy business service.

Establish A Legal Entity For Your Consultancy Business

A legal entity includes companies or organizations that have legal rights and responsibilities, such as having to file taxes. This lets your business be treated as a separate individual entity.

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It’s important to create a legal entity for your business, so that your own personal assets can be protected in case your business faces financial problems, goes bankrupt or is sued against. If you don’t create a legal entity for your business consultancy service, your personal assets may be held as collateral if you face legal or financial issues in the long run. 

Collect All Necessary Permits & Licenses

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This is another important task on your checklist. You should research which licenses are mandatory to run your consultancy business and how to collect them. If your business needs certificates and licenses from other organizations, then find a way to manage them.

Build Your Brand Identity

Your brand will express your service and specialty. So building your brand identity is essential. It takes a long time to build brand values.  

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To create your brand value, you have to provide services aligning with your brand, have logos, banners, and attend social events, and keep looking for more opportunities. These will help you to create brand value.

Create Your Online Presence

Online visibility is one of the primary factors of any business. You can easily find your niche, nurture them and build relationships with them easily with online channels.  

How To Start Your Own Business Consultancy Service With A Ready Website 6

There are so many ways to create and promote your online presence.  You have to research which social media platforms are suitable for your business consultancy service and start with those platforms right away. Also, you can go for a website for your consultancy business; it is one of your consulting firm’s most important ambassadors. If your business model is to provide services remotely, then websites can help you to grow your business.

Ensure that your consulting agency is truly represented by your website. Visitors should be able to understand who you are and what your brand is about as soon as they arrive at your site. Finally, a well-designed website imparts credibility and legitimacy to your business.

Get Ready With Domain & Hosting

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If you are planning to build your business consultancy service website, you will need to buy a domain name and select a hosting provider. From the best managed hosting providers, you can get both domain name and hosting service.

Also, if you build your website with WordPress, you will need to install and activate WordPress on your computer. a reputed hosting provider will give you this facility also. 

These are the essential requirements to start your own business consultancy service. Without these, no business can survive. If you already understand these vital things, then let’s learn why you will need a website and how to get one. 

How Can A Website Boost Your Consultancy Business?

Most of the time people want to avoid creating websites all by themselves because of the conventional idea to know coding and design before creating a website. But with Elementor website builder, you won’t need to create a website from scratch using coding. Moreover, a website will help your business consultancy firm to grow. Wondering how? Let’s find out. 

Represent Yourself & Your business From One Place

A website helps clients to have a complete idea about your business consultancy firm, services you offer, and much more. It’s easier to visit a website rather than going to your physical office and get brief about your consultancy business. 

Manage Your Appointments with Ease

When you have a website for your business consultancy service, you can manage appointments easily with your website. So that your clients can take a look at a glance when your appointment slots are free. Moreover, you can arrange your service payment in a more organized manner.

How To Start Your Own Business Consultancy Service With A Ready Website 8

Build Direct Communication with Customers

When you are running your consultancy business with a website, you can be open 24/7. Both you and your customers won’t need to wait for the full day to get a reply back from you. As mentioned above, to grow your business you must build communication with your customers. With your website’s Contacts Us page, you can easily do that without any hassle.

Measure & Analyze Your Business Growth

WordPress CRM Plugin

Measuring your consultancy business performance is another mandatory thing. When you are doing that manually, that is the most unproductive way as that will kill your time. 

With an analytics plugin integrated into your WordPress website, you can measure your website traffic, daily performance, site ranking, and so on. At the same time, you can track down your total consultancy business growth by integrating plugins like HubSpot. These will help you to grow your business in the future.

Create Your Website Instantly With Ready Elementor Templates

If you have already sketched out your plans to go for an online business consultancy service, then come up with the question, which platform to go for. If you are not a coding expert, then go with a flexible and easy-to-manage website platform like WordPress. We have outlined the benefits of using WordPress and Elementor. 

WordPress and its most popular website builder Elementor have made creating websites like a piece of cake. You won’t need others’ help to create one. 

How To Create A Business Consultancy Service Website

If you are looking for an easy solution to create a website for your business consultancy service, BizMentor  from Templately is the perfect option for you. This ready Elementor template pack is specially designed for business consultants, business coaches, advisors, financial planners, accountants, and anyone involved in the consulting business industry.

How To Start Your Own Business Consultancy Service With A Ready Website 9

Bizmentor Elementor template comes with a stunning design layout to attract your site visitors visually. Also, it has a captivating call to action button and is 100% responsive. All you have to do is, insert the template on your WordPress website, customize it and make your site live.

Before starting, you must first install & activate a few mandatory plugins to use  Bizmentor business consultant website template. 

Things You Need To Create A Business Consultancy Website

☑️ Elementor: As mentioned above, if you want to create your business consultancy service website without coding, you need to install and activate Elementor website builder. 

☑️ Essential Addons For Elementor: Most of the amazing sections of Bizmentor business consultant website template is created using Essential Addons For Elementor, which is the largest Elementor library with 70+ elements and 1 million+ active users. 

☑️ Templately: As the Bizmentor template is from Templately, you must have this plugin on your dashboard, otherwise can’t access the stunning business consultancy servite website template. Sign up in Templately and install the plugin as well. 

Are you done installing and activating these plugins? It’s time to start creating websites for your own business consultancy service. Follow these step by step guidelines to create your business consultancy website.

Step 1: Insert Business Consultant Website Template 

We’ll begin by creating a landing page for your business consultancy service. For that, go to your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. There you will find ‘Edit with Elementor’. Click it and it will take you to the Elementor editing panel.

online business

On the middle of your page, you will find the ‘Template blue’ icon. Click the icon and a popup will appear, search Bizmentor from there and insert it. For tutorial purposes, we are going for BizMentor Landing Page.

How To Start Your Own Business Consultancy Service With A Ready Website 10

It will take a few times to load the template. After loading this is how it will look on your Elementor pane.

How To Start Your Own Business Consultancy Service With A Ready Website 11

Step 2: Personalize Your Website Content  

You can customize each section of the template to add your personalized touch. Add your clients images, reviews to build credibility and logo, banners to build brand identity. 

To customize any section, just click on that and that element editing option will be open. Explore all available options till you are happy with the outlook.

business consultancy service

Step 3: Time To Launch Your Business Consultancy Website

If you are done with customizations, then hit the ‘Preview’ button to find out how it will look on the live website. You can also store your customized designs for security and reuse with Templately’s exclusive feature, MyCloud. Right click on the section you want to store and select the ‘Save Block In Templately’. Your designs will be saved in Mycloud.

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You can also collaborate your stored templates with others via Templately’s another amazing feature, WorkSpace. This feature will save you from creating repetitive items in your website from scratch. 

Are you done following all the steps above one by one? Then click the ‘Publish’ button in the bottom-left corner. Congratulations! Your website for business consulting service has been created. Now make your website live and share it with everyone. Have a look at your freshly baked business consultancy service website with Bizmentor.

business consultancy service

Bonus Tips: Skyrocket Your Business Consultancy Service

After launching your beautiful website for business consultancy service, the next work is to increase your site engagement and boost your sales. Here we are mentioning some easy-to-implement tips so that you can skyrocket your consultancy business. 

Use Social Proof To Boost Engagement

The greatest challenge for new websites is building credibility and converting visitors into long-term customers. But with WordPress-built business consultancy service website you can install and activate amazing plugins to boost your engagement. 

NotificationXthe best FOMO & Social marketing solution is the most popular plugin to build trust and convert visitors. You can create stunning notification popups to display your happy customers, customers review, monthly sales performance, ongoing exclusive sales, and much more. This social proof strategy will help you to grab your visitors’ attention and boost your engagement. 

Increase Online Visibility With Social Platforms

One of the popular methods of increasing site engagement is promoting your website, skills, and services on social platforms. Besides giving regular posts about your business consultancy service, you can easily auto publish your website posts, case studies on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other social platforms. 

To manage all your scheduled posts from one place you can go for  SchedulePress plugin. It will help you to schedule your blog posts, publish them automatically on social media platforms, and many more. This plugin will help you to engage your audience on your site as well as increase your online visibility on multiple social platforms. 

business consultancy service

By implementing these simple tips and tricks, you can go a long way to help grow your business consultancy service.

Kickstart Your Business Consulting Service Today

Hopefully, you have got a clear idea on starting your business consultancy service from scratch. Are you ready for innovation with your business consultancy website? Start creating your own website with Bizmentor Elementor template, and contact our support team for any assistance. 

Stay subscribed to our blog to get more of these fun tutorials, insights, blogs, and don’t forget to share how your business consultancy service website looks like with other Templately users in our Facebook community.

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