Top 15+ Best Elementor Templates From 2021

Over the past year, the ultimate templates library Templately has been busy creating the best Elementor templates to help web creators all around the world design WordPress sites. From portfolios to business websites, to NFT marketplaces – we have introduced the best Elementor templates for all your web designing needs. And so, it’s the perfect time to reflect back on how far we have come in the past year; come, take a look!

Best Elementor templates

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The Best Elementor Templates From 2021 In A Quick Glance

When we introduced Templately, our goal was to make web designing on WordPress fun, easy, and super fast for all of our users. And so, we began our journey with a few hundred ready Elementor templates.

But growing quickly, Templately started the year 2021 with only 800 templates. And to our biggest delight and outstanding achievement, the ultimate templates library for Elementor has managed to continuously bring out stunning new templates and ended the year with more than 1800 of the best Elementor templates you will find.

That’s over 1000 new templates with a thousand new designs, content, and functionalities. You will surely find something – maybe a template pack, or landing page, or even a webpage block – that perfectly matches your needs. And so, without further ado, let’s quickly give a rundown of the top 15 best Elementor templates and packs released in 2021 by Templately.

SEO Tab: Engaging Webite Template For Digital Marketing Agencies

Let’s start off our list with one of the most popular templates. If you are running a digital marketing agency, Templately offers several templates to help create an engaging website for your company.  And each of these templates or packs is very demanding among our 200K active users with countless downloads and high ratings.

Among them all, one of our first and best Elementor templates is SEO Tab – an engaging and highly interactive pack featuring 9 attractive, ready-to-use landing pages and stunning designs. It is currently one of the most popular ones from our extensive Elementor templates library with more than 17K download counts.

Unigency: A Multipurpose Template For All Types Of Agencies

best Elementor templates

Following closely, we have Unigency – the best Elementor templates pack for all types of agencies on WordPress. It’s a generic template that can be used to launch and run successful agencies and is super popular among our beloved users with 15.5K downloads.

This gorgeous ready Elementor template pack comes in two different flavors: a light mode version and a dark mode version. And each of these versions comes with 7 ready pages and blocks to help you create your WordPress agency website instantly.

SEO Xpert: The Best Elementor Templates For SEO Specialists

best Elementor templates

Next up, we have SEO Xpert on our list with 8,400+ downloads on Templately. While SEO Tab is the best Elementor template pack for a digital marketing or SEO agency, this ready template pack is specially developed as a portfolio for SEO specialists, consultants, or marketers to create their own personal website on WordPress. It features 8 ready pages and a fully responsive and interactive layout.

Holistic Wellness: Soothing Templates For Mental Healthcare Centers

best Elementor templates

Then we have Holistic Wellness, one of the best Elementor templates pack with a unique website concept. While website templates for businesses and online stores are common, you will rarely see any for mental healthcare centers. This template pack with soothing colors and many interactive features lets you instantly create a website for online counseling, mental healthcare service, psychiatrist, or psychologist websites. 

Not only that, but this extremely versatile template pack also makes it suitable to create websites for therapists, group counseling, or for any hospital or medical website. And this makes it another one of our most popular templates on Templately with 7.5K downloads.

NFTGallery: Unique Elementor Templates For An NFT Marketplace

And if you want to kickstart your own one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace on Elementor, we bring you NFTGallery. It’s colorful and dynamic, and brings you interactive call-to-action buttons, and much more, to help you get started with a buzzing marketplace that converts in great numbers. It is highly loved by website designers everywhere and has been downloaded an astounding 9.5 thousand times.

Technophile: A Vibrant Portfolio Template For Tech Freelancer

Top 15+ Best Elementor Templates From 2021 1

Another template pack with almost 8,000 download counts, we have the best Elementor template ‘Technophile’. This outstanding template pack has been developed to create personal websites and portfolios for tech freelancers, who have much talent and work to showcase to their clients, website visitors, and business partners. The best part is that this colorful and vibrant template is fully customizable and brings many features and widgets for all your needs.

Upsole: A Gorgeous WooCommerce Template For Shoe Stores

best Elementor templates

Templately also introduced us to Upsole is a gorgeous, WooCommerce-compatible Elementor template pack for an engaging and high-converting online shoe store. With its 10 predesigned, ready-to-use pages that includes a Woo Checkout, Cart, and Login page, these outstanding templates have received massive recognition garnering almost 8 thousand downloads.

Smith Consulting: Templates For A Personal Business Consultancy

best Elementor templates

This time on our list, we have another personal website template with Smith Consulting. And as you can already tell from the name of this best Elementor template, it is developed and designed for professional business consultant’s personal portfolio. 

Highlighting Templately’s great feature, this template is your easiest solution to create a website for your business consultancy service with no coding and just a few clicks. Anyone from consultants to business coaches to advisors, financial planners to accountants, and anyone involved in the consultancy industry can customize this template to their liking. And so, this massively popular template pack has gathered 6.85K downloads.

TourDaily: An Stunning & Colorful Travel Agency Website

best Elementor templates

Up next, we bring you TourDaily, an aesthetically pleasing, eye-catching, and colorful website template to create a travel agency on Elementor. It comes with 6 ready pages and can be used by anyone in the travel or tourism service industry, travel bloggers, and travel enthusiasts. And it has won the heart of our growing community with 6.8K downloads.

BusinessCube : A Business Consultancy Site Template For A Team

best Elementor templates

Again, the business consultancy website templates come back up on our list of the best Elementor templates released in 2021. But this time, it’s not a personal portfolio or website template. 

Introducing BusinessCube, a website template for your rising company for your team. With this vibrant and sleek template, you will be able to display your services, showcase your experiences, and present your ever-growing team to the world.

Michiel: A Professional Template For Personal Web Developers

best Elementor templates

Sticking to the professional styles of websites, next up on our list we have Michiel, a very Elementor template that you can use to kickstart your personal web developer portfolio. It has soothing colors, many helpful and versatile widgets, eye-catching testimonial section, interactive call-to-buttons, and more, to grab attention from every website visitor. 

It is sure to get you opportunities from renowned brands and companies in no time, and is popular in the community with 6.7K active downloads from our ultimate library.

Dance Studio: Fun & Dynamic Portfolio Templates For Professional Dancers

best Elementor templates

For those of you who have a passion for dance, we have brought you Dance Studio – a creative, beautiful Elementor template pack to help you showcase your talent to the world. Regardless of whether you dance as a profession or simply out of a hobby, this stunning website template will help you kickstart a website that instantly brings you followers, offers, and worldwide recognition.

EleShoply: A Versatile & Customizable eCommerce Website Template

best Elementor templates

Another immensely popular and one of our best Elementor templates pack is  EleShoply, with 8 ready pages and 4 prebuilt blocks to help you create any part of your new WooCommerce website. It is not only fully compatible with Elementor but also works perfectly well with WooCommerce to make this an excellent online store on WordPress. 

It has been built to be versatile so that anyone like you can install and implement it on your website and create whichever type of eCommerce store you need – a shoe store like UpSole, a generic clothing store, or an electronics shop – the decision is yours. And this versatility of this website template is what got it almost 3 thousand downloads on Templately.

Naturous : A WooCommerce Compatible Template For Organic Stores

Following suit, we have another template pack that’s perfectly compatible with WooCommerce. But this time, this template pack focuses its design on online grocery or organic food stores.

This best Elementor template, with 7K downloads on Templately, is called Naturous, and keeping to its natural theme this template pack has been developed with a soothing, fresh, and almost earthy feel that will draw all website visitors to the products you sell. This WooCommerce template pack from Templately is perfect for anyone who wants to start an eCommerce business for organic food or farm produce on WordPress.

Cleano: A Polished Elementor Template For Online Cleaning Services

best Elementor templates

While definitely not the last template from our ultimate library of the best Elementor templates, last on this list, we have a service-based website template pack from Templately

And so, we must talk about Cleano, a ready Elementor template pack designed to build websites for home or office cleaning service businesses. It is another rare and unique type of business website template that you will not usually find anywhere else. 

But that’s what we have tried to make our ever-growing collection of Elementor templates and packs. It library where you will be able to find any and all types of templates for your WordPress website; do check them out and start this new year with the best Elementor website in your industry.

Top 3 New Templates From Elementor To Check Out In 2022

Now that we have seen the best of the Elementor templates released the past year from Templately, we want to show you some of the latest templates brought to you by Elementor itself. Take a look below! 

A Service Page Template That Attracts Customers Immediately

best Elementor templates

This new year, Elementor has introduced a brand new service page for your WordPress insurance company website where you can seamlessly display detailed information about all the services you offer at your business and convince clients on why they should choose you over everyone else in the market. It’s fun, colorful, and definitely one of our top picks for the best Elementor templates for you.

An Eyecatching Gallery Template Page To Showcase Stunning Images

Elementor has also introduced some new gallery templates that help you add images to your website and allow you to boost engagement and SEO scores in minutes. And for us, the most eyecatching one is Exhibition, a template to display iconic items from an exhibition in a unique and highly attractive way.

A ‘Coming Soon’ Blog Page Named ‘beppp’ By Elementor

best Elementor templates

Look no further if you’re seeking for a coming soon page that will pique your visitors’ interest. This vibrant and colorful website template will definitely get your users engaged and intrigued in knowing what you have coming up next on your store, or business, or personal blog.

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