5 Best URL Shortener SAAS & WordPress Plugins To Make Pretty Links

Do you wish to use a URL shortener to replace long and cluttered website URLs with simple and pretty links? Because short URLs are easy to keep track of and convenient to organize. Short URLs can be a significant benefit for large businesses and website owners for managing your marketing campaigns, sharing your content on social media and much more. It is also needed by affiliate marketers.


Best URL Shortener

Short URLs can simplify the link management process. That is why we will provide the top best URL shortener tools for creating and managing pretty links.

Whether you’re a blogger or a website designer, you understand the value of sharing content links with other website visitors. To increase website engagement, everyone should share clickable links. Continue reading to discover the best URL shortener for your website.

What Is A URL Shortener & Why Do You Need It?

A URL shortener is a tool that allows you to quickly make a shorter version of any large URL. There are a variety of URL shorteners available online. However, selecting the finest one to organize all of your website URLs for you can be difficult. 

A pretty link can rapidly boost the credibility of your business or website. You can utilize URL shortener solutions to avoid keyword stuffing and the use of characters and numbers in your links. Let’s explore why URL shorteners may be useful for anyone. 

👉 Broken links can have an impact on your SEO ranking and domain authority. For example, you may have written a fantastic blog that is frequently referenced by other people. You have changed or adjusted the URL of your blog for some reason. Because the internal links that were coming to it from external sites are ignorant that your content has been transferred, your domain authority becomes a 404 error. That is when you need a URL shortener for your website.

👉 Short URLs are easier to maintain since they clearly communicate the type of content a visitor might find in a specific link.

For example, https://example.com/djisisdhdekUndj This link does not display what you might get if you click on it. But http://wordpress/blog/how-to-shorten-links in this URL you know exactly what content you might get. 

👉 Some social networking platforms impose character limits from time to time. That is why pretty links are more likely to be shared via social media or email than long links. Additionally, long links appear unprofessional, which may deter users from clicking on them. In this instance, the only option is to use the best URL shortener.

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5 Best URL Shortener SAAS & WordPress Plugins

With link shortener solutions, you can easily generate manageable links and URLs for your website. You can use a SAAS URL shortener solution or a WordPress plugin whether or not you have a WordPress website. If you are a WordPress user, you will get many free WordPress link shortener plugins that can help you take full control over website links. 

Don’t know where to begin? Then check out the top 5 best URL shortener SAAS & WordPress plugins listed below. We’ll go through the features of each of these social proof plugins in detail to help you decide which one is right for you. Let’s get started.

1. BetterLinks: Advanced WordPress URL Shortener

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BetterLinks is one of the best URL shortener WordPress plugins that comes with lots of amazing features to shorten and manage your website links. BetterLinks is a multi-purpose link shortener plugin that lets you create clean, pretty URLs that can be simply redirected and used for marketing campaigns. This link shortener plugin is the best way to add and manage your links in WordPress, whether you’re a blogger or an affiliate marketer.

Create Short, Branded, Pretty Links With A Few Clicks

This WordPress link shortener plugin has provided you with the best URL shortener function so that you can share and manage your URLs with ease. If you want to quickly shorten your website’s URL, all you have to do is copy the target URL and paste it into the appropriate box. BetterLinks will create a shortened URL for you automatically.

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Moreover, customers prefer to click on shortened links rather than long and clumsy links. If your URL is long and contains a lot of numbers and needless characters, it’s time to shorten it to attract more visitors.

Easily Organize Pretty Links In Categories

Link management is a valuable asset for any organization, regardless of how big or small your workforce is. You must know the finest method to handle all of your links if you want to preserve your brand and maximize your marketing plan. 

BetterLinks is a WordPress link shortener plugin that lets you create a streamlined dashboard where you can simply create categories based on the types of links you have. You may access the success rate of each pretty link separately using a centralized dashboard. You can also assist in the development of your marketing strategy. It allows you to organize your pretty links using a drag-and-drop builder.

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BetterLinks has a user-friendly interface with a list view. The list view is a useful feature for viewing the number of clicks, redirect type, date, and action done for each of the pretty links. As a result, you may get a detailed report on all of the links at once. 

If you wish to avoid bright light and prevent eye strain, BetterLinks provides a dark mode interface that you can use. Bloggers and marketers spend a lot of time in front of the computer, which is harmful to their eyes. Toggle the dark mode option at the top of the page to change the theme.

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Track & Monitor Pretty Link Performance

Assume that you have already shortened your WordPress website’s URLs. Wouldn’t it be fascinating to see if these URLs are working or not? BetterLinks allows you to track the performance of each of your links separately. The performance can be viewed in a simple statistics style. 

BetterLinks, the WordPress link shortener plugin, presents link performance in an interactive graphical format in the “Analytics” section. You can even select the performance report from a calendar of dates. It will save you time and allow you to keep a close eye on the results.

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To help you to find links easily, BetterLinks includes a keyword search option. You can search for any keyword related to your pretty links in the analytics tab. You may have used BetterLinks to build a big number of links. If you type a keyword into the search box, it will return results that are relevant to it. Aside from that, you can see link details such as the link name, IP address, timestamp, shortened URL, and more.

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Secured URL Redirection For 301, 302 and 307

You’ll need a secure method to redirect your website URLs for whatever reason. If you don’t redirect your website correctly, you risk losing all you have built-in in an instant. BetterLinks provides you with the opportunity to have a safe redirecting process without any hassle. It offers three different forms of redirections: 301, 302, and 307.

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BetterLinks is unique in that it allows you to redirect a URL while also shortening it. You can also add characteristics to each of your pretty links if they are required. Adding a title to the link will save you time when you need to find the link. You’ll discover step-by-step instructions on how to use BetterLinks to simply redirect URLs

Easy Migration From Third-Party Plugin

BetterLinks is a multi-functional WordPress link shortener plugin that allows you to shorten URLs, save data, track link performance, and organize links all in one location. So it’s not unusual for you to switch from another WordPress link shortener plugin. You can always go back to BetterLinks if you’re using a similar type of link shortener plugin.

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If you’re using a similar plugin, this migration option will appear at the top of your dashboard. When your other WordPress link shortener plugin is active, it will be shown. If you want to migrate away from it, you must first select the data you want to import. See how to import data from a similar plugin in this documentation.

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2. Pretty Links: Most Popular Link Shortener Tool

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Pretty Links is another URL shortener WordPress plugin that can help you to create custom URL slugs and redirect them with several types of redirect processes. The paid version of this link shortener plugin has more features than the free version, however, if you choose the premium version, you will get the whole package. This plugin is ideal for managing affiliate pretty links. With the premium plugin, you’ll be able to replace the URL keyword. There is a 14-day trial period with a money-back guarantee.

3. Rebrandly: Industry-leading Link Management Tool

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Rebrandly is a free link management platform where you can easily create custom slugs for links, analyze a thorough pretty link performance report, and share with colleagues. This SAAS link shortener solution can help you to keep track of social media, search engines, or even emails. If you are eager to learn about URL shortening, this SAAS URL shortener might be a good choice for you.

4. Bit.ly: World-Class Link Management Tool

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Bit.ly is a recognizable trusted SAAS URL shortener platform to shorten your long links instantly. You can easily perform simple link shortening activities with the free version. However, if you want a more detailed performance report, you can upgrade to the premium version. Bit.ly is great for building custom short URLs, but it might not be the greatest option for redirecting links. According to its pricing structure, its premium edition is best for anyone who manages marketing or communication agencies.

5. Sniply: A Game Changer Tool For Your Links

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Sniply will help you to create shortened links with a call to action button that is sharable on different platforms. Using Sniply, you can use lead generating overlay to collect email addresses. The free version does fine but the paid version comes with several advanced features to improve your link management process. Sniply is undoubtedly one of the best solutions to manage and shorten your website URLs.

Create Pretty Links With The Best WordPress URL Shorteners

As you can see, there are multiple best URL shortener solutions available online. However, the top 5 tools we mentioned above have each of their own set of features and benefits. Considering the advanced modern features, fastest link redirections, availability on free version and premium features at affordable prices, BetterLinks is a great solution and definitely worth a try. 

Once you choose your link shortener tool, don’t forget to share the experience with up or if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.



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