How To Create A 1-Click Website & Showcase Your Own Crafts

To showcase your own crafts with the whole world, there is no alternative to creating a craft store website. You can even jumpstart your online craft business with an eCommerce website. But when you are in shortage of time and have no experience in creating websites, what solution comes to your mind? To help you out, today we are sharing the complete guideline to create a 1-click website for your online craft store. 

showcase your own crafts craft store website5+ Things To Consider While Kickstarting Your Online Craft Business

Taking your craft business online opens so many new doors for you. It makes it easier to reach more potential customers, easy to showcase your crafted products, keep an eye on sales analytics, and so much more. Starting an online craft business is a completely win-win game. Before starting your online craft business, these are the top 5 things you must do to make it successful. 

Create An Outstanding Craft Store Website

You can take your craft business online through third-party platforms, Instagram business, F-commerce, or other ways. But why encourage getting a craft store website to showcase your own crafts? The top benefits are here: 

⚜️ It’s easier to showcase your own crafts based on categories, pricing, and all. This facility you won’t get on social media or other platforms.

⚜️ While you are in the online craft business, managing inventory is crucial. WordPress websites make it easier, as you can get inventory management plugins and manage your craft store easily. 

⚜️ By writing blogs and crafted product usability, you can self-market your products totally free of cost. Moreover, content on your website will help you to rank on search engines, and eventually bring more traffic to your craft store website.

⚜️ Also, while you have your craft store website to showcase your own crafts, you can be available for your customers 24/7 and from anywhere. It saves you both time and money. showcase your own crafts

Bring Uniqueness To Your Crafted Products

In the absence of unique value, your crafts will not be appreciated by craft lovers as something special. Furthermore, people move to a new craft store only when they can find their favorite item in a unique presentation. Therefore, make sure you have researched enough about your competitors and have brought your own unique touch to your products. 

Maintain Consistency In Product Creation

Being in an online craft business means you have to create unique products, provide superior customer service, and maintain all these altogether. Being consistent in the craft business will help you to develop your own brand. So it will be easier to reach more audiences easily. 

Display Crafted Product Photos Creatively

Another important thing in the online craft business is images and videos. Without these, you can’t attract the audience to your craft store easily. So you should invest in taking good quality pictures. Take time to get good photos and showcase your own crafts more interactively. 

Continually Build Customer Relationships

Without customers, there is no growth in your business. So you need to start building customer relationships, nourish them, and at the end of the day make them lifelong customers. To create continuous communication, you can create a separate contact page into your craft store website, instant chatbots, get involved in social media, etc. 

crafts store website showcase your own crafts

Embrace New Changes With Ferocity

If you do not believe in yourself, you will not be able to attract an audience to your online craft business. In creative fields, it takes time to bloom business. Especially when you are handling it all by yourself. Being flexible is also an important aspect. Pay attention to negative comments. Doing these things will help your business succeed in the long run. 

What Makes WordPress A Best Platform To Create A 1-Click Website?

Hope that we have convinced you that a craft website is essential for business, especially when you intend to showcase your own crafts. But creating a website isn’t an easy job when you are managing your website all by yourself and have less experience in coding. 

When you are planning to create a 1-click website, WordPress is the best platform. Wondering why? Let’s check out these awesome facts: 

craft store website showcase your own crafts☄️ WordPress platform is created in such a way that from setting to creating a website, you can do all these without coding. 

☄️ There are plugins for almost every functionality related to craft business management. So you won’t have to depend on 3rd parties or break your bank. 

☄️ Using the most popular page builder, Elementor; you can create a fully-functioning website with drag and drop. 

☄️ The most stunning Elementor template library, Templately provides all amazing templates that with ready content and design that you can create 1-click websites instantly. 

Must-Have Elements Of Your Website To Showcase Your Own Crafts

Having chosen WordPress for creating a 1-click website, the next question is what pages or elements should your craft store website have? We’ve put together the essential features you should add to your craft store website.

A Stunning Landing Page

A landing page is the most essential part of a craft store website. To engage audiences and convert them into regular customers, a landing page plays an important role. On the landing page, you can display the motive and vision of your online craft business, display popular products, showcase customer reviews, and many more. elecraft craft store website elementor

Display Crafted Products Creatively With Shop Page 

Having a craft store website means you want to sell your crafted products. That’s why you need a Shop page so that you can display all the crafted products. The shop page makes it easier for customers to check out all your available crafted products and send them to the checkout page. 

A Dedicated Blog Page

Nowadays, blogs are considered one of the most effective organic marketing tools to showcase your own crafts. So, while creating a blog page, make sure you have a blog page. In blogs, you can promote customer stories, product reviews, comparisons, etc.craft store website showcase your own crafts

Contact Page For Continuous Communication

To take your online craft business to the next level, you need to increase sales, create a strong customer base, widen customer niche, etc. A well-designed contact page will help you to manage all these easily. Besides, you can be available for your customers 24/7 with the contact page. 

3 Prerequisite Steps To Follow For Creating Online Craft Store

Let’s move on to the pre-steps that need to be taken to create every category website. These steps are the only steps that will cost you money, at the same time provide security, ready design, and unicity.  

Get A Stunning & Unique Domain Name With Hosting

To create a craft store website, the first thing you will need to do is get a unique domain name. Always it has to be unique, otherwise, you can’t register your website. At the same time, you will need a hosting provider to keep all your data, resources stored and secured. GoDaddy, Bluehost, etc. are the popular site to get your domain name & hosting provider. 

craft store website showcase your own crafts

Set Up WordPress For 1-Click Website

Since you are creating your craft store website from scratch, you’ll need to set up the WordPress environment. With the popular hosting providers, you can set up WordPress on your PC in 1-click. And then start creating home pages, choosing a lightweight theme, setting up essential plugins, and so on.  

Choose A Beautiful Craft Store Website Template

As you are planning to create your own craft store website in 1-click, WordPress templates are the best option to go for. Among template libraries, popular ones are Templately, ThemeForest, Template Monster, etc. To create an aesthetically pleasing craft store website, you can go for the below WordPress templates. 

🔥 EleCrafts – Craft Store Website Template

craft store website showcase your own craftsThis WordPress template comes with all the necessary sections and pages that are needed to create a stunning craft store WordPress website as well as showcase your own crafts. All the sections, contents are added in such a way that without any massive customization, you can create a 1-click website instantly. 

🔥 Renovate – Home Decor Website

craft store website showcase your own craftsIf you are planning to start your craft store for home decorating, then this Stunning WordPress template is the good choice. You can customize the Renovate template pack easily and create an impressive home decor website. This template pack loads quickly on mobile devices and is responsive across all browsers.

List Of Plugins To Install & Activate

To create beautiful craft store websites in 1-click, you need to get all the plugins that these templates have dependency on. If you choose website templates from mentioned template packers, then the below-mentioned plugins are needed. 

➡️ Elementor: Elementor is the most popular WordPress website builder with 5M+ active users. As EleCraft, Renovates are Elementor template packs, you have to install and activate Elementor. 

➡️ WooCommerce: As you want to showcase your own crafts and sell them, you will need to set up WooCommerce on your website to manage your online craft store.

➡️ Templately PRO: Templately is the ultimate template cloud with 100,000+ active users. EleCraft is from Templately, so to access the template you have to install and activate Templately PRO. 

➡️ Essential Addons For Elementor: For Templately templates, most of the function-related dependency is with Essential Addons. So to get all the sections of the template altogether, you have to get this plugin in your WordPress dashboard. 

Complete Guideline: How To Create Website In 1-Click For Online Craft Business

Now time to start creating your own craft store website to showcase your own crafts. Just open your WordPress dashboard, and start following this step-by-step guide. 

Step 1: Insert A Template For Your Online Craft Store

First, create a new page on your WordPress dashboard. Then click on the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button from the top. It will directly take you to the Elementor editing panel. 

craft store website showcase your own craftsIn the middle of the page, you will find the ‘Templately’ blue icon. Click on it to get access to the template library. From there search for craft store websites and insert your one. craft store website showcase your own crafts

For the tutorial purpose, we have chosen ‘EleCraft’ craft store website template pack. Insert the template by clicking on the ‘Insert’ icon. In 1-click the craft store website template will instantly be inserted. This is how the template will appear on your website. craft store website showcase your own crafts

Step 2: Customize The Template To Showcase Your Own Crafts

As your prime goal is to showcase your own crafts, you have to create your own crafted products images, descriptions, pricing, videos, and all one by one. All the Templately templates are so flexible that you can customize them as you want. Click on the section you want to customize, and the editing panel will be open instantly. Now make all the necessary changes and give your website a vibrant look. 

craft store website showcase your own crafts

Step 3: Save Your Designs In Templately MyCloud

If you want to re-use your customized section for other purposes, then you can save them easily. This amazing thing you can do only with Templately templates, this feature is called MyCloud. Right-click on the section you want to save and then click on the ‘Save Block To Templately’ from the drop-down. 

craft store website showcase your own crafts

Moreover, if you want to share your saved items with others then you can use Templately’s other exclusive widget ‘WorkSpace’. You can directly collaborate with others with this feature and save a lot of time. 

Time To Launch Your 1-Click Website To Showcase Your Own Crafts

If you are done with all the customizations, then time to make your website live. Now click on the ‘Publish’ button. Congratulations! Your own created craft store website is published. Now create other essential pages and share them with everyone. 

craft store website showcase your own crafts

This is how easily you can create a 1-click website and showcase your own crafts. The most amazing thing is you won’t have to be tech-savvy to create websites with Templately WordPress templates. If you need assistance while creating your craft store website, then communicate with Templately dedicated support team.

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