Top 5 Best Forum Plugins For Building Community In WordPress

Are you looking for a forum plugin that can help you to build your own forum or community on your WordPress website? Then you are in the right place. In this article, we will highlight the top five best forum plugins for WordPress users. So without further ado, let’s dive in. 

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How A Forum Can Make Your WordPress Site Better? 

We all know that every product or service is built around a problem. The more people have this problem, the bigger the market is. If you want to learn more about your target audience, there is no better way than observing them. So a strong community is a must to grow your business

Why Create Forum On Site With WordPress Forum Plugins?

WordPress forum plugins enable you to build an interactive and functional community on your website. A forum or community can help you in many ways. Below are the reasons you need a WordPress forum plugin for your website.

👉 To increase audience engagement for feedback

👉 To generate more organic traffic on the website

👉 To build a strong community among members

👉 To give support to users without customer service

5 Best Forum Plugins for Building Community In 2022

Before you create a forum on your website with WordPress, you should determine which one will be best for you. No more worries we have picked the best 5 five in the business for you.

1. BuddyPress

Forum Plugin

BuddyPress is one of the most popular forum plugins for building community in WordPress. This simple plugin is developed by WordPress contributors and is very suitable for bloggers, business owners, etc who want to build a community on their website. In the WordPress plugin market, it got the highest ratings with 200,000+ active installations among all forum plugins.

With a very minimalistic and responsive interface, this plugin works very quickly. You can easily add this plugin to your site and can configure it without any complications. It comes with lots of amazing features. Community visitors can create their profiles, post activities, share photos, add friends, etc.

2. wpForo Forum

Forum Plugin

As a free WordPress forum plugin, wpForo Forum is very popular because of its modern and responsive design. The interface of this plugin is very organized and user-friendly. You can build small to extremely large forum communities on your website with this plugin. It has 30,000+ active installations currently. 

wpForo Forum offers many features. It has built-in SEO and caching functions. With it, you can easily reach the potential people for your forum. The interesting part is that this plugin sells add-on collections that offer various options to you. You can custom user fields, ad management, polls, private messaging, etc with these add-ons. 

3. bbPress

Forum Plugin

One of the most popular forum plugins for building community in WordPress is bbPress. The people behind WordPress created this helpful plugin and it got 20,000+ active installations. This powerful plugin builds with WordPress core and the same coding standards. This is one of the reasons behind its huge popularity. 

bbPress comes with a very familiar dashboard for WordPress users. It makes the functionality and dependability of this plugin very comfortable for its users. Also, this free plugin can integrate with any WordPress theme which makes it more suitable. You will find 200+ extensions and multi-site functionality to manage multiple forums from one dashboard. 

4. Asgaros Forum

Forum Plugin

A very simple and helpful WordPress forum plugin is Asgaros Forum. It is very suitable for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. This plugin is very lightweight so it never slows down your website. With its easy setup, you can easily start with this forum plugin. It is one of the reasons that it has 10,000+ active installations.

With many amazing features, Asgaros Forum provides customizable and responsive themes. Also, it displays important statistics like the number of views, posts, active users, user engagement, etc. Also, it allows ads management and poll options for the community. 

5. Discussion Board

Forum Plugin

If you are looking for a WordPress forum plugin with an elegant and modern interface, then Discussion Board is for you. It offers many useful features like seeing user profiles, following topics and boards, spam filters, etc. 

Best WordPress Forum Plugin You Should Pick

Now, you already know the 5 best forum plugins for building community in WordPress. Let’s have a look at the below table. It will help you to pick the best one for you at a glance. 

Forum Plugin


Active Installations


3 Noticeable Features






Social networking

Customizable user profiles

wpForo Forum

Free + PRO ($20)



Responsive & stylish  design 

Multi-layout options






Easy installation

Exclusive interface

Multisite forums

Asgaros Forum




Simple & Lightweight 

Customizable theme

Ads management

Discussion Board

Free + PRO ($49)



Easy installation & setup



Building Your Own WordPress Website Forum

So, get ready to build up a community on your website using a WordPress forum plugin. Surely, it will change your journey of running a great site. Your own community will help you to grow your business faster. 

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