What's New in Essential Addons for Elementor Version 3.0? 2

What’s New in Essential Addons for Elementor Version 3.0?

After reaching 1 Million downloads in WordPress.org, our team decided to go all in on a single idea and commit to something bigger and better than we had ever built before. We decided to release Essential Addons 3.0 to reinventing how addons for Elementor works, reinventing ourselves in a way that would change the page building experiences for our customers.

Today, we are incredibly delighted to announce the release of Essential Addons 3.0. We firmly believe this new release is going to be an absolute game changer by providing incredible site-wide performance improvements.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Recommendation for Elementor 4

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Recommendation for Elementor

With over 2 Million active installs, Elementor offers the most unbelievable page building experience for WordPress websites. Thanks to its user-friendly and drag & drop approach, even a newbie can design a stunning landing for their website under a few minutes. However, to get the best out of Elementor, you need to make sure that your pages load in a lightning fast pace. Besides, you are likely to get server side errors as well if you are using a cheap & low-quality host.  To achieve this feat, you will need a top-performance hosting provider that can deliver the highly speed-optimized & secured website.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Recommendation for Elementor 5

According to Amazon, a one second page delay could potentially cost them over $1.6 Billion sales per year. That just explains how severe the page loading is. This is exactly why you need a fast and reliable Hosting Provider. We have already given you an idea of how a poor-quality host can lead to a horrendous Elementor page building experience. Well, the same can be applied for our Essential Addons too. So, you really must concentrate on getting an excellent host service before getting started.

Essential Addons for Elementor Reached 1 Million Downloads: Thank You 7

Essential Addons for Elementor Reached 1 Million Downloads: Thank You

“Always Aim for the Moon”- a famous quote we have firmly believed in & lived by. When we first introduced Essential Addons, we always had the ambition to enhance the Elementor page building experience. Today, one of our long-lived dreams has come into a reality. We are very proud and excited to announce that Essential Addons for Elementor has reached 1 Million Downloads. It would have been impossible to achieve this amazing milestone without our users who choose us. On behalf of the  team, we would like to say ‘Thank You’ from the bottom of our hearts for your constant support.

Essential Addons for Elementor Reached 1 Million Downloads: Thank You 8

What Can You Expect Next?

From the very first day, our goal has always been satisfying the needs of our customers. With that mindset, we are constantly working on to improve the core features of Essential Addons and make it ever better. So that, our customers can get the best of our plugin and improve their Elementor Page building experiences.

Currently, we are working really hard to transform Essential Addons to a whole different degree. Our primary objective is to optimize the loading the time of the plugin. So that, it can load faster than ever before. We really believe it’s going to be a totally fantastic experience for our users.

Oh, wait! There’s more. Of course. After getting massive requests from you guys, we have recently released a few stunning widgets such as Feature List, Woo Product Collections, Image Scroller and many more. We don’t want to give you any spoilers right now but we got something big coming your way. So, Keep an eye out on our website to check out for the truly remarkable future release.

Thank You For 1 Million Downloads

Finally, this extraordinary accomplishment has made us all very proud of the diverse community we got.  Thank you for all the love and support you have shown us!

So, what’s next?  We are bringing lots of exciting new features in the near future to carry on this wonderful journey to beyond infinity together. 

Essence of life 13

Essence of life

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