How To Create Valentine’s Day Landing Page On Last Hour – 2022 [No Coding Required]

Do you want to make the most of this year’s Valentine’s Day? A high-converting Valentine’s Day landing page can help you increase your sales and drive more traffic instantly. Statistics say that around $23.9 billion will be spent by Valentine’s Day shoppers in 2022. If you want to utilize this opportunity without any delay, dive in and explore some of the best tips and tricks to increase your Valentine’s Day sale and create a successful landing page by following step by step guide.


Valentine's day landing page

Even if you have a WordPress website of your own, why not create a separate landing page dedicated to Valentine’s Day shoppers to make an amazing impression instantly? Creating Valentine’s Day landing page will help you to leverage the traffic easily and run multiple social media campaigns as well. 

Last-Minute Tips And Tricks For Valentine’s Day Sales

Valentine’s Day is the most lucrative event of the year for all marketers. People tend to spend more for their loved ones while buying gifts from multiple places. So offering huge sales or discounts on your products can bring a huge amount of traffic to your  Valentine’s day website as well. If you are already running late to create a thorough strategy for the day in such a short time, here are some of the last-minute tips to boost your sales on Valentine’s Day

🔔 Create A Store Relevant To Valentine’s Day Theme

During the Valentine’s Day season, people really enjoy purchasing cute and expensive gifts for their loved ones. They want to impress the special person by presenting them with colorful gifts that will make them feel special. If you can offer gifts or gift bundles to these Valentine’s Day customers, they will be more inclined to look at all of your products. You can use Valentine’s Day-themed lucrative gift packages to embellish your store.

Valentine's day landing page

🥳 Feature Valentine’s Day Special Offer 

The best thing you can do to increase Valentine’s Day sales is to offer discounts and special offers. Any Valentine’s Day landing page should have a featured area only dedicated to show the discounted amount. In this way, it will instantly grab the attention of your potential customers at once. Thus you can increase your sales on Valentine’s Day eve.

Valentine's day landing page

🥰 Display Animated Discount Countdown 

Just like any commercial landing page, Valentine’s Day landing page must have a discount countdown so that it can create urgency among all the potential customers. According to marketing experiments, when you show a countdown on your Valentine’s Day landing page, they will be compelled to check out the discounts within a limited time.

Valentine's day landing page

How To Create A Last Minute Valentine’s Day Landing Page In WordPress?

Need a quick and easy solution to create Valentine’s Day landing page? We’ve got you covered. Introducing Valentine’s Day landing page template ‘Honey Candy’ by Templately, an outstanding ready Elementor template for creating your own Valentine’s Day landing page on WordPress with just a few clicks. Take a deep dive below to implement ideas of creating a breathtaking landing page without any coding. 

Step 1: Install Essential Plugin To Use Elementor Template 

You’ll need to install a few plugins on WordPress before you can use Templately’s free Elementor template ‘Honey Candy’ to make your Valentine’s Day landing page. Take a look at these must-have plugins:

👉 Elementor: For creating Valentine’s day websites without coding, Elementor website builder is the most popular choice with over 5 million users. You must first install and activate the Elementor website builder before you can use this ready template.

👉 Essential Addons for Elementor: You must enable Essential Addons for Elementor, the best elements library with over 1 million satisfied customers and 70 interactive elements.

👉Templately: Since the ‘Honey Candy’ Valentine’s Day template is exclusively available on Templately, you must sign up for an account and install the ‘Templately’ plugin on WordPress. 

Step 2: Insert ‘Honey Candy’ Template From Templately 

To make a new page, go to the WordPress dashboard and click ‘Edit with Elementor’. It will take less than a minute to build a new page in the Elementor editor. After that, you must click on the blue ‘Templately’ icon in the middle of the page. It will then open a popup window with all of Templately’s ready-to-use collections.

valentine's day landing page

Now search for ‘Honey Candy,’ and the ready-made landing page will appear instantly. We’ll select the first, press the ‘Insert’ option, and begin tweaking the ready-made template design to meet our needs.

Valentine's day landing page

You can add a header and footer to Valentine’s Day landing page now that you’ve imported the main landing page template. You can easily alter the template’s appearance from the edit section.

Valentine's day landing page

We hope this blog has given you clear instructions on how to use the Elementor template to construct a highly converting Valentine’s Day landing page. This is what Valentine’s Day landing page will look like once it’s up.

Valentine's day landing page

🚀 Prepare Your Valentine’s Day Landing Page For The Big Event 

As previously said, the Valentine’s Day season has increased market competition as everything has gone online. As a result, you must adopt Valentine’s Day marketing strategies and be prepared for increased traffic, website loading times, and other challenges. People will be able to view your Valentine’s day website from all around the world using a variety of devices. As a result, your Valentine’s Day website must be prepared to provide the greatest possible service to them. Let’s take a look at where you should focus your attention before creating a landing page.

Lightweight And Device Friendly Landing Page Template 

‘Honey Candy’ is the most simple Valentine’s Day landing page template you’ll ever come across. It is fully responsive on any device, which is important as site visitors may access your page from any device. Just take a look below to see how fluidly the template adjusts to all screen sizes.

Valentine's day landing page

Website Engagement Rate Tracking For Better Understanding

It’s essential to keep track of your Valentine’s day website engagement rate during the Valentine’s Day season. People are more inclined to click on short and specialized links, according to a study. That’s why, you can use WordPress link shortener plugins like BetterLinks to create short, appealing, and shareable links to promote your sale page on social media. From evaluating the click-through rate to generating a detailed report of all links, the BetterLinks plugin can be useful for tracking Valentine’s Day landing page click rates.

valentine's day landing page

A Valentine’s day landing page can become an outstanding sales page if you know which features to add to it. If you find this blog useful, you can share your ideas by joining our Facebook community and staying up to date by subscribing to our blog.




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