How To Get Dance Website Template For FREE & Create Without Any Coding

If your goal is to take your passion for dancing to an entirely new level, creating a dance website then can be the most effective way for you. This can also help you get more recognition online quickly as a newcomer. As now websites have become one of the popular platforms for showcasing your talents, skyrocket your career by communicating spontaneously with your audience, and more.

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It’s not a piece of cake for dancers to make a website for dancers without knowing how to code Or where to get resources, and so on. So as a dancer if you would like to create your own dance website without adding any single line of codes, then this post is for you. Continue reading this article to find out how to create a dance website for free and without any coding experience. Let’s get started!

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🤔 How A Dance Website Can Thrive Your Career?

If you are passionate about dancing and thinking about taking dancing as a career or freelance job, then a dance website would greatly aid your dance career. A website is the best way to create an online identity as a newcomer opens new doors for collaborations, dance classes, and so forth by reaching out to your target audience base soon. Get to know more below:

Help To Build Your Online Dance Career Portfolio

Any creative professional will tell you the importance of building a portfolio to expand their clientele and introduce their skills. The acceptance of online portfolios is growing rapidly in today’s advanced digital world. When you will get a website for dancers, it will also work as your online portfolio. As you can beautifully display all your works, shows, collaborations, and so on there in one organized place.

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Showcase Your Dance Choreographies & Techniques

A dance website helps you keep all your resources in one place securely. If you have any signature choreography technique or have practiced amazing stunts, you can easily include all those in your WordPress website for dancers. All your social media accounts updates can be previewed through your website easily. By doing this, your ability will expand beyond what you know. And you will be able to recognize more with accomplishments online as a dancer.

Choose Ready Templates & Build Your Dance Website  

To add the features and functionalities to your WordPress site, you need to choose a theme. But, choosing multi-purpose themes will slow down your website performance and increase the bounce rate. In this case, ready WordPress templates are the best thing you can go for. They are all lightweight and won’t affect your site performance. 

There are tons of websites for dancer templates available out there. For those contemplating the best practices for a dance website, take a look at this section. 

Able To Display Your Dance Performances Beautifully 

Your dance website is the best place to highlight all your dance performances, shows, rehearsals beautifully. A website for dancers can help you visualize the details of your upcoming and daily dance performances in broad strokes. You need to check whether you have the capability of embedding your dances from different platforms or not.

How To Get Dance Website Template For FREE & Create Without Any Coding 2

Display Your Dance Team Members Interactively

There are ballet classes, dance organizations, and independent dance groups that you can join as a dancer. Go for dance website templates that allow you to preview your dance team members interactively. It will also help your dance team get appointed more easily.

How To Get Dance Website Template For FREE & Create Without Any Coding 3

Opportunity to Run Your Dance Classes

You can use your dance website not only as your online dance portfolio but also you can use the platform to run classes, training, workshops, and so on. Therefore, before choosing a website for a dancer template, check if it includes direct registration for classes, the ability to pay for online courses, the capability to upload daily dance class materials, etc. 

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Making Website Responsive & Cross-Browser Compatible

To rank higher in search engines, responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility are one of the primary markers. These two features will help your dance website load faster and run on any device. So, before choosing a WordPress website for dancer template, there are important points to consider. 

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How To Get Dance Website Template For Free

It’s time to check from where you can get ready templates for your dance website. As you already have full knowledge about what kind of templates you need to create your dance website. And if you are a WordPress user, you can pick your desired templates from the best Elementor ready template libraries Templately.

So if you are planning to pick a stunning free WordPress dance website template and modify it without using a single line of code, then Templately is the best resource for you. Here you will get stunning Elementor templates which you can insert into your website with one click. All of these templates of Templately are 100% responsive, lightweight, and cross-browser compatible.

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Templately ready Elementor templates also have the benefit of being theme independent. You can use these templates with any theme. Only you will need an Elementor website builder installed to your website and all Templately templates will run smoothly. 

In Templately, the most popular WordPress template for dance website is Dance Studio – Personal Dancer Website. This stunning Elementor templates is suitable for personal websites for dancers, dance teachers, dance instructors, dance classes, dance clubs, dance studios, and many more. Moreover, all the templates of this pack is 100% responsive and have cross-browser compatibility.

In this dance studio template, most of the elements are created using Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor. So, you won’t need to add other additional plugins into your WordPress website dashboard. There are interactive layouts, stunning Call-To-Action buttons, and many more exciting features.

Guideline To Create Website For Dancers Without Coding

Creating a dance website compatibility piece of cake if you can choose the right dance template. Here we are sharing a detailed step-by-step guideline so that you can create a stunning WordPress website for dancers instantly and without coding. 

Step 1: Get A Hosting Provider With Catchy Domain Name

To grab visitors’ attention, you will need to pick an eye-catching domain name that is SEO-friendly as well. Also, you will need to get a good hosting provider so that your website remains secure and loads fast. If you are creating your dance website with WordPress and Elementor, then the best managed hosting providers are FlyWheel, GoDaddy, BlueHost, and so on.

The benefit of choosing these hosting providers is that you can set up WordPress within one click and get your domain name. These powerful hosting providers provide all the features necessary to set up your WordPress website. Therefore, you do not need coding knowledge to set up WordPress and start creating your stunning website for dancers. 

Step 2: Insert A Free WordPress Dance Website Template

The next step is to insert a dance website template from Templately libraries. Before jumpstart, below-mentioned plugins need to be installed and activated. Because these templates’ functionality relies upon the solutions below:

☑️ Elementor: while you want to create your dance website without coding, Elementor is the best Website building platform for creating websites without coding. Install and activate this huge plugin with 5 Million+ active users.
☑️ Essential Addons For Elementor: This popular Elementor library has 1Million+ active users and 70+ free and premium plugins which will help you add stunning functionalities. So install and activate this plugin also. 

☑️ Templately: If you want to get free dance website templates, then Templately is the best template library with 100K+ active users with 1000+ ready templates. Install and activate the plugin so that you can insert amazing Templately templates directly from your web page.

Now open your WordPress website dashboard and create a new page there. From the page, you will find the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button, click it to get started with Elementor editor. 

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In the middle of your page, you will find the ‘Templately’ blue icon. This icon will take you directly to the Templately template library. Click on the icon and search for a dance website template and insert that. 

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For the tutorial purpose, we’ve chosen Dance Studio – Personal Dancer Website.  After inserting the template from Templately library, this is how the template will look on your website.

How To Get Dance Website Template For FREE & Create Without Any Coding 4

Step 3: Customize The  Elementor Template To Give Creative Touch 

The best part of the Dance Studio template is that it comes with amazing images and stunning content that you can directly use for your live WordPress website. Furthermore, if you want to give your dance website a personal touch of yours, then click on any element, and its editing panel will be open on the left side. You can customize the contents, styles, and layouts of each element.

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Time To Launch Your Website For Dance Studio

After making all changes, click on the ‘Preview’ button to see how your site is looking. If you want to save your customized designs, then right-click on the section or page and select ‘Save blocks in Templately’. It will save your customized section directly to your personal cloud storage of Templately MyCloud.

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You can also collaborate your customized designs with team members using the Templately WorkSpace feature. Now click on the ‘Publish’ button and your dance website will be successfully created. 

This is how easily you can create your complete website for dancers without using a single line of code with Templately templates. If you still get stuck while creating the dance website, feel free to communicate with the Templately Support team anytime. Sign up for Templately to create these kinds of striking websites of any category without coding. 

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