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Top 5 Best RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress

Want to keep yourself updated with your favorite websites’ new contents and share them with your site visitors? You can easily do this by using WordPress RSS Feed plugins.

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When you want to autofill your website with content from multiple sources, RSS feeds will help you out. RSS feed plugins display all the aggregated content in a readable format, and it can be a great way to boost your website engagement rates. If you have planned to go for RSS feed plugins for your website, then you have come to the right place. Read till the end to know about the best RSS feed plugins for your website.

What Is A RSS Feed & How Do They Boost Engagement?

The full form of RSS is Really Simple Syndication. Using a RSS feed helps your subscribers to get updates about new posts, and also lets you curate multiple articles from different websites.

Before the golden era of social media, RSS feed was the only way to keep subscribers updated about latest posts and website content. Visitors would subscribe to your website’s RSS feeds and all new content would come directly to their email inbox. 

rss feed

Even now RSS feeds are still being used for multiple reasons, such as auto-fill your website with the latest content, let subscribers get your sie contents immedietly , help you with SEO and so on.  Let’s find out how to manage the RSS feed. 

WordPress RSS feed plugins can fetch featured images, links, and metadata from any website. When you enable RSS feed plugins on your website, this is what it looks like in websites.

How To Figure Out Whether RSS Feeds Are Enabled Or Not 

Every WordPress built website has a default RSS feed enabled. So you can easily navigate to websites’ RSS feeds. By using the ‘/feed/’ slug with a website’s main URL you can redirect to that website’s RSS feed. Other slugs are mentioned below.

Slug Use Example

When you will redirect to any website’s RSS feed using above slugs, it will look something like this. Your site subscribers can also check out the RSS feed appearance directly. 

rss feed

This is your RSS feed in raw format. When you use RSS plugins, the content will be displayed in a more readable way. 

Why RSS Feed Is Important For Your Website? 

RSS feed works like subscribing to any Youtube channel. When you subscribe to a channel it will automatically keep notifying you about new content. Same goes for RSS feeds. Before going for a RSS feed plugin, let’s find out why it is important for you. 

💡 If you want to automate email campaigns, then RSS feeds are an efficient way to do this. 

💡 You can automate RSS feeds with your social media profiles so that any new publication will be auto shared on your social media accounts. 

💡 Also, use it to display content from different websites and showcase them on your site. This can be useful for affiliate marketers.  

💡 If you are a content marketer, your RSS feed will give you insightful ideas about content generating and marketing. 

💡 It will aggregate the latest coupons and discounts from different websites’ deals.

If you are feeling interested to include this feature in your website then you can go for the RSS plugins available in the WordPress repository. 

Top 5 Best RSS Feed Plugins For WordPress

Though WordPress comes with an RSS widget built-in, you cannot customize the display to add thumbnails, social buttons, etc. This is why most people use WordPress RSS feed plugins for more flexibility and customization. Let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress RSS feed plugins that you can use.

⭐ WP RSS Aggregator 

When you are planning to make your WordPress website into a content aggregator, WP RSS Aggregator can help you out. It is one of the popular RSS feed plugins for WordPress. With this plugin, you can import, merge, and display content from various sources within minutes.

rss feed

Here, some amazing features of WP RSS Aggregator are mentioned below. 

👉 Curate Unlimited Resources From Unlimited Sites

With WP RSS Aggregator, you can curate unlimited content from unlimited sites. This WordPress RSS Feed plugin allows you to fetch content from different sites, third parties, others blogs, news articles, and so on. It also fetches images of the articles, so that you can create a complete news portal with this plugin and provide subscribers with latest contents.  

👉 Able To Select Images To Set As Post Featured Images

If you are using the pro version, then you can select images from a curated post to set as featured images. It allows you to select any images from the post also. So, you won’t have to add additional images to the post. 

👉 Filter Out Your Content-Based Keywords, Phrases & Tags

If you are thinking of fetching the latest contents with specific keywords, then you can do that with WP RSS Aggregator. It will allow you to import, control and store only feed items or posts that contain specific keywords in either the title or their content, or specific categories and/or tags.

rss feed

WP RSS Aggregator can help you to run sites that will automatically fill up with other sites contents, but scraping full content from third-party websites may lead to copyright violation and legal trouble.

⭐ RSS Aggregator By Feedzy

RSS Aggregator by Feedzy allows you to import the latest contents from all sites within a few minutes. If you enable this plugin, it will keep fetching articles, images, and videos automatically. It will organize items into pages, posts, or custom post types.

rss feed

This plugin is a product of Themeisle.  Let’s explore the key features that Feedzy RSS Feeds has to offer. 

👉 Aggregate Unlimited Contents On Your Site

With Feedzy RSS Feed you can import unlimited contents from unlimited websites. It has no limit on curation. You can fetch contents in bulk or a single format. You can customize them as well. 

👉 Improve Your Site’s SEO Ranking

Feedzy RSS Feeds helps you to include site links from different sources. This plugin also adds affiliate IDs. As it will import content regularly, that will help your website to do better in SEO ranking. It will engage your visitor with fresh new content every day. 

👉 Able To Set Own Caching Time

Most of the time if you have subscribed to any site’s RSS Feed, then it will pull all the contents. But with Feedzy RSS Feeds, you can set the caching time. You can set how often you want to pull RSS feeds to ensure the best performance for your site.

rss feed

⭐Featured Image In RSS

This WordPress RSS Feed plugin, Featured Image In RSS will help you to pull images instantly from different sources. It can also import from running MailChimp campaigns, Infusionsoft, Hubspot, Zoho, WooCommerce products, Feedburner, Bloglovin’, Feedly, and other services that use RSS feed data. It is mainly built for marketers. You can install this plugin on your website with only a few steps.

rss feed

You can use this plugin for multipurpose. Let’s find out what Featured Image In RSS has to offer to its users. 

👉 Able To Import Tags From Feeds

If you are planning to run email campaigns with your curated site links, then you can do it easily with this plugin. It allows you to set tags, so it will automatically filter contents by tags and display them on your website. 

👉 Disable Unresponsive Images From Your Campaigns

If any imported links have unresponsive images, you can avoid them by using Featured Images In RSS. So that your campaigns will get more engagements and the bounce rate will be lower. 

👉 Collect Internal Images To Display As Feature Image

Featured images attract your site visitors to click on the link and find out what’s inside. If your aggregated links don’t contain images, then they will not be able to create a good impression. When your aggregated links don’t have images, the plugin Featured Image In RSS will fetch images from body content and display them as the featured image.

This plugin works as the missing link between your blog photos and outside tools. It sends featured images from blogs or other custom post types from your WordPress website to third party automation tools.

⭐Super RSS Reader

One of the popular WordPress RSS Feed plugin Super RSS Reader helps you to import unlimited content from multiple sites and display them on your website. You can display the curated contents in any customized format like in grids, lists, or thumbnails. It will help you to get more visitors to your website.

rss feed

It is a popular plugin for fetching images and links from other websites. Here Some major features of Super RSS Reader are mentioned. 

👉 Introducing News Ticker To Fetch News

Super RSS Reader has News Ticker to help you get full control over your imported links. You can set how many contents should fetch and when to should fetch. It will help you to prevent displaying unrelated content on your site. 

👉 Able To Create Custom Templates Imported Content

Super RSS Reader allows you to set custom templates for your site. If you are good with HTML tags, then you can even create custom templates all by yourself. This amazing feature is available in the pro version of Super RSS Reader.

Top 5 Best RSS Feed Plugins for WordPress 1

⭐ Category-Specific RSS Feed Subscription

Category Specific RSS Feed SubsCription helps you to display multiple RSS Feeds, and gives your visitor options to subscribe to any feeds they want. When your website has multi category contents, that means you will have a different reader base for different categories. 

If you send your all categories latest news to all subscribers, they might not like that. It also effects the bounce rate. With this plugin, you can create a menu and your readers can subscribe to their interested categories only.

rss feed

Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription has many amazing features to help you in controlling your RSS Feeds. Let’s explore some key features of this plugin. 

👉 Able To Create Tag For RSS Feeds

When you have so much content on your site, your visitors can’t find their interesting articles. With this plugin, you can easily create multiple tags for multiple category articles. That will increase the readability of your site’s content and engage more visitors to your site. 

👉 Improve Your SEO Performance

This plugin allows you to import versatile content on your site. When you include recently published websites, that will help your site’s SEO ranking on search engines. Category Specific RSS Feed Subscription helps you keep a clean website full of visitor engaging content.

Which RSS Plugin Should You Go For?

Hope you have got a clear idea about all the WordPress RSS feed plugins. The main purpose of these plugins is to aggregate multiple contents from multiple sites and make your website readable to your visitors. When you are looking for the best WordPress RSS Feed plugin, you must consider its present usability, pricing, growth rate, and so on. To get a clear idea about these, there’s a chart included for you.

WP RSS Aggregator

$ $59
  • 60k+

RSS Aggregator

$ $59
  • 40k+

Featured Image In RSS

$ $58
  • 30k+

Super RSS Reader

$ $19
  • 10k+

Category Specific RSS

$ $79
  • 8k+

Depending on what purpose your website is serving, go can go for any one of these plugins. They will help you in SEO ranking, promotional campaigns and engage more visitors on your website. 

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How To Create Your Own Makeup Blog Using FREE WordPress Template [No Coding Required]

Whether you are a beauty expert, makeup artist, or salon owner, you can easily grab customers by creating your own makeup blog. A personal makeup website is a great way to showcase your passion to the world.

makeup blog

If you choose the right medium to build your makeup blog, it will ease your time and effort. You can build an outstanding blogging website using WordPress within the shortest possible time. Currently, the world’s 41% blogging websites are running by WordPress.

As you can assume the popularity of this content management system WordPress which gives full freedom to its users to design stunning blog websites or any type of websites instantly without any coding.

makeup blog

Let’s find out more in-depth about why you should create a makeup blog website and promote your makeup artist service there beautifully using free WordPress templates without coding.

Top Benefits Of Having Your Own Makeup Blog

If you are passionate about writing makeup tutorials, suggestions, experiences, you should create your own makeup blog and start blogging. A complete blog website can be a strong medium of sharing your knowledge and can promote your makeup artist business simultaneously.

Stats also say, 86% of content marketers use blogs as their marketing strategy.

Most importantly one should always follow their passion. If you enjoy doing makeup, have vast experience in using makeup products, or have your own products to sell online, a makeup blog can help you in reaching your target audiences more effectively than anything. 

Adding a blog to your existing website can increase traffic by as much as 434%.

makeup blog

To know all benefits that you can have from your own makeup blog, take a look at the key points below:

🚀 Share Your Expertize With Right Medium

 Blog is the most expressive medium where you can organize your thoughts in text with amazing visual content. And for a makeup artist, each of your words will carry a precious value to your audiences, readers or customers, if you can illustrate your blog website beautifully in the right place.       

💜 Build Credibility Among Potential Audience

As blogs will convince your audience about your specialty and experience, they will help you to create trust in your business to your customers. 

If you want to keep bringing new customers to your business, then blogging is the best way. You can get so many potential customers through blogs without any paid promotions.

🎉 Rank Your Website Higher In Search Engines

Blogging will help your site to rank top in search engines so that when people are looking for makeup solutions can reach you easily.

📣 Easily Build An Efficient Network

Blog will help a makeup artist also in building a huge network. When you are writing makeup related contents, more makeup lovers and makeup experts will get attracted, thus the network will be stronger and expandable over time. 

makeup blog

As 77% of internet users read blogs every day that is mentioned in one of the researches of Hubspot. If you are want to start a career as a makeup artist and passionate about writing, or can hire one who will maintain your blog website for you.

Why Should You Use WordPress Templates For Makeup Blog?

If you choose  WordPress to build your makeup website, you can make it the way you want with full freedom and flexibility.  

Not only that, you can use WordPress’s most famous drag and drop page builder Elementor. It has made creating websites fun and easy without coding. You can build any type of website and especially for your makeup blog, you can choose Elementor for WordPress without any second thoughts.

makeup blog

Ready Elementor templates will take your website creating experience to the next level. It comes with ready design, that will save your valuable time in creatingmakeup blog. 

You can pick the most suitable WordPress template from many resources for your makeup blog. Among them, Templately is the famous template resource. If you want to use free and attractive templates, then you can go for Templately

This library has 1000+ stunning, responsive, and user-friendly templates to make your blog website breathtaking. It is available in the WordPress repository as a plugin. By activating it on your dashboard, you can get access to all of its templates.

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A Complete Guideline To Create Your Own Makeup Blog Using FREE WordPress Template

If you are done with setting up your goals on how to create and maintain your makeup blog, now it’s time to start building a complete makeup artist website to reach your target audience through your writing. Follow these easy-to-implement steps one by one for creating a dazzling makeup blog website. 

Select A Creative Domain Name & Best Hosting Service Provider 

The first and foremost thing in creating a makeup blog is to pick a domain name and hosting provider. Your domain name will represent your brand value and make your targeted audience more interested in your website.

You can pick any impressive domain name related to makeup. Taking a hosting provider means acquiring virtual space for your website on the internet. You should always pick the best managed hosting for your website. 

Mandatory Plugins To Activate While Creating Makeup Blog Website

After setting up your website builder, it’s time to design and create your blog website. To build a makeup blog in WordPress, you will need to install and activate some mandatory plugins that you must need before using Templately ready templates. The list of essential plugins is given below. 

👉 Elementor: Install & activate the most popular WordPress page builder Elementor. It will help you to build an entire website without coding using its amazing drag and drop feature. 

👉 Essential Addons For Elementor: To design your makeup blog, Get Essential Addons For Elementor – the best and most resourceful Elementor library with 70+ amazing widgets and 1Million+ happy users.

👉 Templately: Get installed Templately that has come with 1000+ ready Elementor template designs in your WordPress site and complete the Signup process to start creating your own makeup blog. 

Presenting Mellafex – Makeup Artist Template Pack For Elementor

Mellafex is a free Elementor template From Templately. It is designed attractively to serve as a makeup blog, website for makeup artists, makeover studio, hair salon,  makeup studio, fashion stylists, beauty influencers, or anyone in the beauty industry. 

This template has an eye-catching layout, a beautiful gallery, and much more to increase your makeup blog website visitors. Mellafex template by Templately has a captivating ready Blog page and Blog Single page that will help you to provide a stunning radiant look to your makeup blog website.

Versatile Uses of Mellafex Complete Elementor Ready Template Pack

You can create a fascinating makeup artist’s complete website with Mellafex ready Elementor template pack. This template has 7 stunning prebuilt pages that will help you to build not only a makeup blog website but also other types of websites related to makeup. 

Mellafex ready templates consist of compelling CTA, cross-browser compatibility, fast loading speed, and so on. Each of its page designs is so highly developed that you can make your blog complete a makeup artist website just with a few clicks.

makeup blog

⚡ Mellafex Homepage

You can use its Homepage to display all your makeup services, makeup products briefly, share customer success stories, and many more

⚡ This template also has a separate Service page, Gallery page, and Shop page.  To sell makeup products, you can build a static business website for your beauty parlor, or be a fashion blogger; you can use this complete template pack to build your total website attractively.

makeup blog

⚡ Mellafex Contact Page

This page can work as a communication bridge among you & your readers. People can contact you anytime.

In one word, Mellafex Elementor ready template pack can be used for making all types of websites related to makeup artists and the beauty industry. You can instantly create a gorgeous makeup blog website with this template pack in Elementor. Now let’s start building your makeup blog.

Step 1: Select Mellafex Template From Templately 

First, open your WordPress dashboard and create a new page. On the top of the page, you will find the button ‘Edit with Elementor’, and the editor will be opened just within a few moments.

online business

You will find the ‘Templately’ icon in the middle of the page. Click the icon and the Templately template library will appear. Search for a suitable makeup blog template, and insert the template. 

makeup blog

For tutorial purposes, we have selected Mellafex template’s homepage. It will take a while to insert it. After inserting the template, your page will look like this. 

makeup blog

Step 2: Customize Your Own Makeup Blog Ready Page Designs

Now it’s time to customize your ready page designs. You have to design your website based on your logo color, brand value, and make sure it attracts your potential customers. To change the style and design, click on any of the sections, and that particular widget panel will open on the left sidebar. 

Now, change color one by one, change the style of a logo, add additional pictures, and so on. Explore all the present options of styling and pick the suitable one. You can even delete any of the sections if you don’t need them.

makeup blog

Step 3: Save Your Template Designs To Templately Cloud Storage

If you are done with styling and customizing, it’s time to see what your page is looking like. Click the ‘Preview’ button from the left corner. All your changes and customizations will be previewed. Now you can save your pages or specific blocks for future reuse With Templately.

There is a cool feature in Templately named as MyCloud to help you in saving pages and blocks for later use. To save on your cloud right-click on any place on the page and click on the ‘Save Block To Templately’ option. Your selected block will be saved in your cloud. It will help you to secure your customized design also. 

makeup blog

Not only specific blocks, but you can also save and secure your newly customized website pages with Templately. To save an entire page with Templately, right-click on the page, select ‘Save Page To Templately’ and follow the same instructions as did for blocks. 

Launch  Your Own MakeUp Blog That Has Created by Mellafex

After completing all the above steps, hit ‘Publish’ from the left corner. Congratulations! Your own makeup blog’s homepage has been published. Create the complete website using the same procedure and get a rise in the makeup artist ranks.

makeup blog

You can share your designs with your other teammates on the cloud, simply go to yourMy WorkSpace from Templately and create a seamless collaboration. So that your landing page will be secure, reusable, and you can share it with your other teammates directly from the cloud. 

musician online portfolio

⭐⭐⭐ Bonus: How To Increase Traffic On Your MakeUp Blog Website

Start writing blogs after making your makeup blog website live. The work is not done by only publishing blogs, you will need to increase traffic on your makeup blog, rank your blogs on the search engine, and reach all of your targeted blog readers out there. By installing some plugins you can achieve your desired traffic on the blog website. Let’s find out how you can improve your blog engagement instantly. 

⏰ Manage Your Social Sharing & Blog Scheduling 

To increase traffic as a makeup artist need to publish your blogs in your readers’ preferable time, share them on multiple social platforms, and so on. 49% of consumers depend on influencers’ recommendations, as stated by Oberlo. It will help you maintain consistent readers on your website and improve SEO performance.

makeup blog

97%of bloggers use social media to promote their blogs. This is why to make this blog schedule, and multi social sharing work smooth and automatic, you need to get a perfect solution for WordPress. That will manage your overall content scheduling, publishing, and sharing in advance using in one solution. 

So for that,  SchedulePress is that exclusive plugin that can serve all these purposes beautifully without any hassle. It will help you in scheduling, publishing blogs on the website, and sharing them automatically on multiple social media sites.

🔔 Increase Makeup Blog Engagement With Social Proofs

When any new visitors landed on your makeup blog, it’s your work to make them interested in your blogs and make them your regular readers. There are many tactics to convince visitors into becoming regular readers. One of the famous methods is social proof, 87% of buying decisions are made depending on it. To implement social proof tactics, you can activate NotificationX the best marketing plugin for WordPress to your website.

makeup blog

NotificationX will fetch data from your blogs and will display all data as a pop up on your website. You can display how many people are reading your blogs at the moment, who is commenting on your blog, and more. These will trigger your new site visitors and eventually make them your regular readers.

💡 More Templates To Check Out For Your Makeup Blog

Templately has a wide collection of templates in every category. You can find other compelling templates for your makeup blog website and full website here. Here we have mentioned some templates you can go to build a gorgeous makeup blog for makeup artists. 

makeup blog

ModeMag Elementor Template

This can be used to showcase your latest celebrity lifestyle & fashion blog, personal fashion, or beauty blog on the website in a stunning way.

makeup blog

BeautyBuy Elementor Template

It is designed for creating websites for beauty stores, cosmetic stores, beauty shops, beauty salons, and skincare or makeup artists.

It’s super smooth to create makeup blog website with Templately templates. Get started with the Mellafex template pack and start designing your makeup blog beautifully without coding. If you face any problems contact our support team for further assistance.

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