How To Create An Online Education Website On WordPress During COVID19

Online Education Website

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, the need for an online education website on WordPress has been realized by educational institutions all over the world. With schools and universities being closed down to prevent the spread of coronavirus, education has seemingly come to a halt. Students are unable to continue their degrees, and many teachers are finding themselves without a job during this coronavirus pandemic.

All hope is not lost however. During this time when social distancing is imperative for the safety of our people, remote learning through online education websites is the only solution for the education sector. That’s why, in this tutorial, we will show you how to create an online education website on WordPress with EduBee, a Elementor template pack from Templately. You won’t need to learn any coding or hire professional website designers; with EduBee, you can create your education website all by yourself.

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Impact of COVID-19 on Educational Institutions

The outbreak of coronavirus has impacted every industry, and the education sector is no exception. The consequences of these impacts on global education can eventually become devastating if we do not act now. Below are some of the ways in which the outbreak of COVID-19 has negatively impacted educational institutions all over the world.

Disruptions in Student’s Education: With schools and universities being closed down to prevent the spread of coronavirus, students are unable to continue their degrees. Children in primary or secondary schools are unable to continue their learning, students in universities are unable to graduate. 

Increase in Dropout Rates: As students continue to face challenges in pursuing their education, schools and universities all over  the world are seeing a spike in dropout rates. If remote learning doesn’t become the ‘new normal’ soon, the dropout rate will only continue to rise.

Very Low Rates of Enrollment During COVID-19 Outbreak: Naturally, with all the uncertainty in the education sector during the COVID-19 outbreak, schools and universities are seeing very low rates of enrollment for their programs. 

Increased Unemployment Of Teachers Due to COVID-19: Low rates of enrollment, combined with increased dropout rates in educational programs are leading to a loss of employment for many teachers and other education providers. To protect our teachers from unemployment during an already difficult time, remote learning has become a necessity all over the world.

EduBee: The Best WordPress Template For An Online Education Website

With these problems in mind, today we’re going to show you how you can take advantage of remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, by creating an online education website on WordPress. 

You won’t even need to hire professional web designers. All you need is the EduBee education template, the best Elementor template pack for an online education website.

What You’ll Get With EduBee Template Pack From Templately

The EduBee template pack for WordPress gives you everything you need to create an online education website. With this template pack, you get 7 stunning, ready-to-use pages and 5 premade blocks. Let’s take a quick look at what EduBee has to offer.

A Neat, Attractive Home Page: EduBee gives you a clean, modern looking and attractive Home Page complete with beautiful Call To Action buttons, animated countdown. and more.

A Detailed, Informative Courses Page: You can display a full list of courses that are available on your online education website using EduBee’s ready-to-use Courses Page

An Eye-Catching Events Page: You can showcase all of your upcoming online events such as the dates for each of your course enrollments, new courses that are coming soon and much more with EduBee’s premade, eye-catching Events Page.

Watch The Video Tutorial Here

Things Needed To Create An Online Education Website On WordPress

To create a WordPress online education website, there are a few things you will need. Obviously, your first step should be to sign up for an account on WordPress and get your own domain. This is because you will need a platform on which you can quickly set up your website, and WordPress is the best place to start.

Once you have your own WordPress domain, you will need to install and activate the following plugins:

  • Elementor: if you don’t want to code or hire professionals, you need to get Elementor, the most popular ‘drag and drop’ page builder that comes to help you instantly create websites. Install and activate this plugin to create your website yourself without coding.
  • Essential Addons: this is the most popular, best-selling elements library for Elementor with over 600,000 active users. Essential Addons comes with over 65+ cool widgets, some of which have been used to design the EduBee template pack. Make sure to install and activate it on your site.
  • LearnDash: this is a learning management system (LMS) created specifically for WordPress websites. If you want to create your own online education website, LearnDash is an essential tool for you. Install and activate this plugin.

How to Create An Online Education Website On WordPress

You are now ready to create your own online education website on WordPress. It will only take a few minutes to set everything up; just follow our step-by-step instructions that we have given below.

Step 1:  Insert EduBee Template From Templately Into Your WordPress Site

We’re going to start by creating a homepage for our WordPress education website. You can do this navigating to Pages -> Add New from your WordPress dashboard and then clicking on ‘Edit with Elementor’.

Online Education Website

This will open up the Elementor Editor for you. All you have to do now is click on the blue Templately icon and search for the EduBee template. In this tutorial, we will be using EduBee Home Page template.

Once you have found the page you want, simply insert it into your WordPress website.

Online Education Website

If you’ve successfully completed this step, you should be able to see the page you’ve inserted on your site.

Online Education Website

Just like that, you have created a page for your educational website. Keep adding as many pages as you need to in the same way, and you will have created your own online education website on WordPress in no time at all.

Step 2: Customize Your WordPress Education Website

Once you have all the pages you want for your online education website on WordPress, all you have to do is add your own content and customize your pages to suit your style. You can do this easily by clicking on any section that you want to customize and use the Elementor Editor on your left to style your website. 

Online Education Website

Play around with all the different options available. Change the background colors, typography, and images until you have your own unique WordPress education website.

Step 3: Save Your Education Website Design On MyCloud In Templately

With Templately you have the option to save your design on MyCloud, and be able to reuse your design later on, at any time from anywhere. All you have to do is right-click anywhere on your page and choose the option ‘Save Page in Templately’.

Online Education Website

Final Outcome

Congratulations! With the EduBee template pack from Templately, you have created your own online education website on WordPress without needing to touch a line of code, or hire professional web designers.

Online Education Website

We hope you have found this tutorial very helpful, especially during these difficult times. If you have any problems, feel free to contact our support team for further assistance.

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