Best Ready Elementor Template Packs #12: August 2021 Edition

With more than 1400+ ready Elementor templates and more being added to our growing collection, Templately is empowering over 100,000 websites all over the world. This August, we added several more website template packs for you to fuel up your web building skills without needing to touch a line of code.

ready Elementor templates

From online learning websites, car rental services, and personal travel blog websites, we have tons of new ready Elementor templates for you to choose from. Check them out below!

TechPort: Elementor Template Pack For Digital Startups

ready Elementor templates

If you are about to launch your own digital startup business, or simply want to create a website for one, then you will be delighted to know we have plenty of ready Elementor templates for startup businesses at Templately. And one of the latest that we added in our collection this month is TechPort

This attractive ready Elementor template pack comes with 5 ready pages and a clean, minimalistic, modern design. It is perfect for anyone who wants to create a website for any digital agency, IT agency, tech startup or similar businesses. 

CoLearning: Attractive Online Learning Website Template

ready Elementor templates

Online learning websites or education websites have become much more popular in recent years. If you are thinking of starting your own eLearning website, Templately has several website template packs for you to choose from, the latest one in our collection being CoLearning

Featuring a soothing color palette, CoLearning is an aesthetically pleasing landing page for Elementor. You can insert this ready Elementor template into your WordPress website and customize it to your liking.

CleanSwipe: Elementor Template For Cleaning Service 

ready Elementor templates

Another new website template pack we have added to our collection of ready Elementor templates is CleanSwipe. This WordPress template pack comes with 6 beautifully designed ready pages and is designed for cleaning services or housekeeping services. It is fully responsive on all devices, and features attractive Call To Action buttons, animated dynamic counters and much more.

eCactus: WooCommerce Template Pack For Plant Store

ready Elementor templates

For those who want to create an online plant store, we have good news! Introducing eCactus, a stunning WooCommerce template pack for Elementor. eCactus comes with 8 beautifully designed ready pages including an attractive Gallery Page, Blog Page and much more. This WordPress template pack is designed specifically for indoor plant stores, but you can also use this template pack for flower shop or florist websites, gardening websites or online nursery websites. 

eNomad: Personal Travel Blog Template For Elementor

ready Elementor templates

Travel bloggers will be delighted to know that we have introduced yet another beautiful, personal website for those of you with wanderlust. With eNomad landing page template, you get to create a beautiful, minimalist personal travel blog to share your travel stories with others. This stunning template features a lovely color palette, interactive design, and beautiful typography to help you amaze your readers and make your travel blog stand out from the crowd.

Costic: Elementor Template Pack For Cosmetic Shop 

ready Elementor templates

Previously at Templately, we introduced several ready Elementor templates and packs for skincare or beauty products or cosmetic shops. Some of the most popular of these are Skinsho, a stunning organic skincare website template and BeautyBuy, a beautiful WooCommerce template pack for cosmetic or beauty care stores

This August, we introduced Costic, a brand new, beautifully designed Cosmetic shop website template pack to our collection of ready Elementor templates for WooCommerce. Featuring 7 premade pages, Costic is fully responsive on all devices and can be customised any way you want without coding.

Dear Doc: Personal Website Template For Doctors

ready Elementor templates

At Templately we have released tons of ready Elementor templates for hospitals, healthcare providers, dental clinics, pharmaceuticals and other medical related services. This August we released our very first personal website template for doctors, Dear Doc .

Featuring 6 premade pages and a fully responsive, interactive design, Dear Doc already has more than 1000 downloads and can be used to create personal websites for any medical practitioner, physician, or anyone in the medicine and healthcare service industry.

InfinityGrowth: Digital Marketing Template For Elementor

ready Elementor templates

Websites for digital marketing agencies are one of the most popular and most downloaded ready Elementor templates available on Templately. And so this month, we’ve added a brand new digital marketing agency website template for you. 

InfinityGrowth is the latest addition to our collection of ready Elementor templates for agencies such as digital agencies, SEO agencies, marketing agencies and more. This template features bright and colorful illustrations that will instantly grab your site visitor’s attention, is fully responsive on all devices to provide the best user experience, and can be customized to your liking without any coding.

CallPoint: Attractive Website Template For Call Centers

ready Elementor templates

Up next on our list of new ready Elementor templates and packs, we have CallPoint, a modern and stylish call center website template. This template pack is designed for call centers, telecom, or telemarketing services, but with its versatile design you can easily customize it to create websites for other similar services too.

CallPoint comes with 6 premade pages, including a Services Page and a Blog Page. Like all of our Elementor templates and packs, CallPoint is also fully responsive on all devices and is compatible with multiple browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Mozilla and more.

Carly: Elementor Template Pack For Car Rental Service

ready Elementor templates

For those in the car rental business, you will be delighted to know you can now create a website for your rent-a-car service without any coding. This August we have introduced Carly, an attractive website template pack for car rental services. It features 5 ready pages and a sleek, modern, responsive design.

Create Your Website With Elementor Templates From Templately

That wraps up our showcase of the best ready Elementor templates and pack released in August 2021. Get exclusive access to these templates by signing up for an account on Templately and start creating beautiful websites without any coding today!

New to using Elementor? Then you might want to check out our beginner’s guide to Elementor as well as our handpicked list of the best sources for Elementor tutorials.

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