Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates

We’re so thrilled to announce that Templately has reached an incredible milestone of 20,000 active installations on WordPress within a few months and published 1000+ ready Elementor templates to help web creators like you to build stunning websites faster than ever.

Templately Ready Elementor Template

We are truly grateful to the community for showing so much love and support for Templately

So what makes Templately stand out? Well, keep reading to know why more than 20,000 WordPress website creators are choosing Templately, and take your chance to grab an exciting, exclusive limited time offer.

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Templately: More Than An Elementor Templates Resource

Backed by WPDeveloper, the same trusted team behind Essential Addons For Elementor, Templately was launched last year to take page building experience to the next level, even for those who don’t have any coding experience!

And since building website requires a huge team effort, we introduced unique, seamless cloud collaboration features with Templately. That’s why Templately is not just an Elementor templates library, rather it is game changer for WordPress web developer for collaborating with team using Templately Cloud feature.  Now, with the help of Templately, web creators like you can get their entire team on board and collaborate together to create breathtaking websites without coding, from anywhere around the world.

Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates 1

More Than 1000 Ready Elementor Templates & Counting

Since our initial launch, we have been working hard to introduce as advanced ready Elementor templates so you can create any kind of website instantly with a single click.

You will be surprised to know that we have more than 1000 ready Elementor templates and blocks, and will be adding even more in near future.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, a website designer, or part of an agency, Templately has something for all who want to quickly create stunning web pages with Elementor and WordPress.

Build Stunning Websites For Agencies, Freelancers, & More

If you want to create an agency website on WordPress, you will find tons of beautifully designed ready Elementor template packs to do just that on Templately. Whether you want to create websites for a digital marketing agency or an SEO agency, Templately has you covered. 

That’s not all. You can also create websites for freelancers, or personal websites for travelling, fitness training, motivational coach, mobile apps, and much more. Take a look at some of them below.

Unigency: A Flexible, Multipurpose Agency Website Template Pack

Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates 2

For those looking for a versatile agency website template, Unigency can be a great choice. This is one of the most popular ready Elementor template packs on Templately, because it comes with a very flexible interactive design, and comes in both Light and Dark modes.

With this template pack, you get a total of 14 pre-designed pages and 39 ready-to-use blocks, along with several animated counters, testimonial widgets, and much more.

Ready WooCommerce Templates For Online Stores

Ready Elementor templates for WooCommerce are some of the most popular templates you will find in Templately. From template packs for creating your jewelry website, or an online shoe store website, or even an electronics store website, you will find tons of ready Elementor template packs to create websites for any kind of online or e-Commerce business. 

What’s more, many of these WooCommerce templates from Templately come with premade WooCommerce Checkout pages, so you don’t have to worry about creating your checkout page from scratch. You can simply insert the Checkout page template on your website for your WooCommerce store. Let’s take a look at some of the most trending WooCommerce templates from Templately that you can use.

EleGift: A Multipurpose Website Template For Gift Shops

Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates 3

If you need to create a website for your online gift store, then you can give EleGift a try. This is an attractive, stunning ready Elementor template pack that you can use to create websites for any kind of e-Commerce website, be it a gift shop, an accessories store, or even a souvenir shop.

EleShoply: E-Commerce Website Template For Clothing Stores

Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates 4

Jewelry stores are not the only ones who see a rise in sales during the month of February. Clothing stores also see a chance to boost their sales during this season. So if you are running a fashion or clothing business, then you can definitely increase your sales by creating your online clothing store website with EleShoply. This ready Elementor template pack comes with a clean, minimalist look and is fully customizable without any coding.

These are just a few of the beautifully designed and fully responsive WordPress website template packs that you can get from Templately. There are more than a thousand ready Elementor templates for you to explore.

And to help make the entire website creation process easier for you, Templately comes with its unique cloud collaboration feature so you can build websites faster.

Create Websites Faster With Cloud Storage & Collaboration

While Elementor has empowered people without any technical knowledge to become website creators, more often than not, website design and creation is a team effort. 

For instance, you might need someone with marketing skills to research what the target audience will want to see in your website. You might need someone with great content writing skills to add the content for your website. And of course, you need someone with creativity to decide the right look, feel and design for your pages.

Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates 5

Grab Exclusive Limited Time Offer

In other words, website design and creation often requires several people to get on board and work together, and that’s why cloud collaboration is more important than ever. 

This is where Templately comes in. With Templately’s MyCloud storage, you can save your designs on cloud as backup and access them anytime from anywhere when you need it. Moreover, you can create a Templately WorkSpace, and add your team members to your WorkSpace to share your designs and collaborate together from any location.

Save And Add Your Template Designs To MyCloud Storage

Saving your template designs to MyCloud takes only a single click. After inserting a ready Elementor template from Templately, and customizing it to your preferences, you can save your design to cloud storage. Just click anywhere on your page and then choose the ‘Save Page to Templately’ option.

Templately Hits 20,000 Happy Users With 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates 6

The best part? You can save unlimited number of items in your MyCloud storage space with Templately Pro. This means you can create backups of all of your page designs without any worries. But if you want to start small with just the free version of Templately, you can still save up to 100 items in your MyCloud storage space and re-use your designs anytime.

Share Your Designs With Your Team Using Templately Workspace

After saving your page to Templately, you can easily share your designs with your team by creating a Templately WorkSpace. Just log in to your Templately account and click on ‘My WorkSpace’. From there, click on the ‘Add New WorkSpace’ option.

At the moment, you can only have one WorkSpace with the free version of Templately. But if you have Templately Pro, you can create unlimited number of WorkSpaces for your team.

With these advanced features, Templately stands out as more than just another Elementor templates resource. And if you want to unlock all that Templately has to offer, then we have an exciting offer for you. For a limited time only, you can save $700 on Lifetime Access for Templately Pro to get access to all Pro templates, unlimited MyCloud storage items, unlimited WorkSpaces, and upcoming premium features.

What’s Next For Templately?

Although we are thrilled to reach an important milestone in such a short time, our work on Templately is far from over. We are constantly trying to make your pagebuilding experience better than before, and will be bringing new templates and features to enhance your web designing experience. If you have any feedback or feature suggestions, let us know in the comments below or reach out to our support team.



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