Must-Have 14 Best WooCommerce Plugins To Grow Your Online Business

If you want to accelerate your online eCommerce business growth, WooCommerce built websites using the best WooCommerce plugins that are performing the finest. All you have to do is to get essential WooCommerce plugins and improve your eCommerce site’s performance.

WooCommerce Plugins

But how to know which WooCommerce plugins you must-have to get? To completely enlighten you, and make your selection easier, here we have listed 14+ best WooCommerce plugins to grow your online business right away. Let’s get started. 

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How Can WooCommerce Flourish Your Online Business?

Online business websites are far more different than any normal business website. A typical online customer buyer’s journey is looking for a product, adding to cart, paying through gateways, tracking product delivery, and receiving the product. You have to build credibility unless you can’t influence customers to complete their buying journeys. When it comes to creating your online eCommerce business website using WordPress, the best option is using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is a flexible, open-source eCommerce platform. This plugin will help you launch your online business, increase your product selling, and upscale your business growth on an instance. Also, you will find several supportive WooCommerce plugins to manage online stores without facing any difficulties. 

Here we are mentioning the top reasons how WooCommerce will help to grow your online eCommerce business.

👉It’s very handy to create your online store with WooCommerce. If you are new to WordPress and have no experience in creating eCommerce websites, its quick setup wizard will guide you to build your online store instantly. 

👉If you are searching for a solution to create an interactive eCommerce site, without coding, then WooCommerce is there for you. Without adding a single line of code, you can complete creating your online store and start an online business right away. 

👉WooCommerce offers a wide range of flexibility and customization. You can twerk and turn all options to make your online eCommerce business captivating and skyrocket your growth. 

👉You can manage and maintain your online store from anywhere in the world with WooCommerce. There is a WooCommerce mobile app that will help you to execute your business from any device or any place. 

There is a great concern about security and backups in every online business website. WooCommerce will give full support, and there are so many powerful plugins available in the WordPress repository that can help you maintain your site security in advance.

5 Essentials To Check Before Choosing Best WooCommerce Plugins

If you have done activating WooCommerce, it’s now time to furnish and upscale your online eCommerce business website performance. Before getting the must-have 14+ best WooCommerce plugins from other 58,204 plugins,  check out these essentials that you have to check. It will help you to choose your must-have WooCommerce plugins wisely.

✅Whether you want to sell apparel, digital products, or do B2B business, determine the purpose of your online WooCommerce business. It will help you to select specific WooCommerce plugins. 

✅Set the mission and vision of your online business. Depending on that, you can get the best WooCommerce plugins to maintain your eCommerce site in advance and upscale your online business gradually. 

✅List down the features you want to make your eCommerce website fully-functional and flexible for your customers. As for this, you will need different WooCommerce plugins to include all those features. 

✅Check whether your website theme supports WooCommerce or not. You can go for Flexia– The best multi-purpose WooCommerce theme for your online eCommerce business. 

✅Now look for the WooCommerce plugins that can serve you in a multipurpose and unique way. That will save you money and make your website outstanding.

Get To Know Must-Have 14 Best WooCommerce Plugins For Your Online Business & Accelerate Sales

Wondering which WooCommerce plugins will be the best for your online business? Without any other intro, check out these 14+ must-have WooCommerce plugins below to grow your online WooCommerce business. 

ReviewX: Collect Multi-Criteria Reviews & Ratings For WooCommerce

Conversion rate increased 380% for displaying reviews with products, by the statistics of Spiegel Research Center. So you can guess what important role customer reviews play to run your online business successfully. 

WooCommerce Plugins

ReviewX is one of the popular WooCommerce plugins that will help you collect multi-criteria ratings and reviews from your customers. This plugin can help any WooCommerce store to increase social proof and sales.

ReviewX offers a variety of functionalities to run your eCommerce online business. You can add multiple rating criteria, give reviews anonymously, reply to reviews, highlight special reviews, and so on. You can share reviews directly to multiple social platforms to boost conversions and influence other customers to give reviews. 

Why Need ReviewX For Your Online Business 

In the online WooCommerce business, customers can’t see the product visually. So, building credibility is the biggest challenge here. If you can collect and display beautiful, honest reviews and ratings of your customers about your products, it will help to grow your business without any doubts. 

Checkout Field Editor For WooCommerce

Almost 69.57% of products get abandoned from checkout carts. Because of not providing any fully-functional checkout page that customers can easily complete their purchase. 

Checkout Field Editor is one of those complete solutions that will help you to manage carts effectively and decrease the abandonment rate. This plugin allows users to add, edit, delete, and change the display order of fields displayed on the WooCommerce checkout page. This is one of the popular WooCommerce plugins to manage the carts of your online business website.

Why Need Checkout Field Editor For Online Business 

Checkout Field Editor will revamp your checkout page and increase user experience. It will influence customers to complete product purchases and help your online WooCommerce business to grow. 


Variation Swatches For WooCommerce

WooCommerce comes with a simple and flat yet user-friendly product detail page. To add a bit of color and fun, Variation Swatches offer some amazing features. You can add a custom field, rearrange the outlook of the product details page, show product variation items in images, colors, and labels, etc. After activating this plugin, you can bye-bye dropdown product attribute fields.

Why Should You Consider Variation Swatches?

Variation Swatches plugin is there to improve your productivity. This plugin allows you to display product attributes more impressively, and interactively which will attract more customers in taking action. 

WooCommerce Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is one of the popular WooCommerce plugins. This plugin can let your customers create a list of their favorite things that they will buy later or keep on top of their eyes. You can seamlessly integrate the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist with WooCommerce. Visitors can convert wishlists into checkout cards and eventually complete purchasing. 

The most exciting feature of this plugin is customers can create a wishlist and share that with their favorite ones. Customers can also share their wishlist on social media directly from your website. You can customize where you want to display the wishlist icon and how to handle it all from YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin. If any products are out of inventory, customers can keep that in the wishlist and get notified when available again. 

Why You Will Need YITH WooCommerce Wishlist?

Wishlists provide your customers with a reason to return to your website. When they will share it with other people it will increase your site engagement also. Customers can keep track of their favorite products also with a wishlist. You can call this plugin a keeper of your customers.

WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce Multilingual- Localize Your Online Business

WooCommerce Multilingual integrates WPML with WooCommerce to give online stores localization accessibility. This plugin allows you to translate the total website, make core level changes like translate checkout pages or emails in the language you want. WooCommerce Multilingual can display prices of your products in multiple currencies. When your customers are from all over the world, it will be easier for them to get an idea of product prices on an instance.

Why WooCommerce Multilingual Is Important?

If your niche customers are from multiple countries and regions, this plugin will help them read your website content in their own languages. It will improve the readability of your website and improve search engine ranking for sure. 

WooCommerce Plugins

NotificationX: Boost Your Conversions With Social Proof

Social proofs work in such a way that creates interest among your site visitors and influences them to purchase your products. NotificationX is one of the popular WooCommerce plugins to implement social proofs on your online eCommerce business website. You can easily showcase your products selling purchases, review teasers, etc. with interactive pop-ups to motivate new customers.

WooCommerce Plugins

You can create seamless integration with NotificationX and other different platforms. If you want, you can even create custom notifications to grab the attention of your customers. NotificationX is like an all-in-one user-friendly best marketing solution for running successful eCommerce marketing campaigns

Why NotificationX Is Essential For Your Online Business

To boost your sales, you will need to gain customers’ trust and influence them in making purchases. NotificationX’s eye-catching pop-ups will work like a magic wand to grow your online business. 

WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips

Invoices help you keep accurate records of all transactions, and invoices play a vital part in that monitoring when, where, what, and to whom you sold an item or service. They can help you and your customers both to keep track of purchases, build credibility, and so on. WooCommerce plugin has no built-in way of generating invoices and sending them to customers, you will need additional WooCommerce plugins to do it. 

Here comes WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips. After completing every product purchase, it will generate invoices and emails that automatically go to the customers’ inbox. You can send invoices to the previous customers before activating the plugin, bulk invoices, and invoices in different languages. The flexibility and simplicity of this plugin have made this popular among other WooCommerce plugins.

How This Plugin Will Help You To  Grow Your ECommerce Business

In an online WooCommerce business, an automated invoice creating tool will make your business way smoother. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing slips can beautifully handle all your invoices and packing slips.

YITH WooCommerce Compare

YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin is one of the important WooCommerce plugins when you are selling the same type of product. After installing and activating the plugin, the compare button will be available on every product available on your online store. After clicking on the compare icon, it will open a pop-up and showcase the comparisons. So that your customers won’t have to leave the page as well. 

This plugin gives you full control over your online store. Without using a single line of code, you can set comparison attributes, add or remove them if needed. You can even set the place where you want to display the compare button, add a new logo, text, and so on. YITH WooCommerce Compare will make your customers purchasing experience or easier and enjoyable.

Why Should You Consider YITH WooCommerce Compare

Online WooCommerce business, customers can’t compare keeping the same products one beside another and picking the suitable one. A customer usually buys a product depending on many different parameters. This plugin will increase the accessibility of your website and make it more user-friendly. It will boost your product selling and give you a complete idea of what products are creating a buzz among your customers.

Best WordPress Page Builder Elementor & The Best Elementor Library Essential Addons For WooCommerce

If you don’t want to mess around with codes, but design a website that ensures user-friendliness, interactive outlook, and an environment that provides your customers a great user experience during the time of purchasing, then you can use the best WordPress drag & drop Elementor page builder. It will help you to make a beautiful, fully-functional product landing page, product detail page, add to cart, checkout page, and more. 

Elementor page builder offers 10+ WooCommerce elements, and exclusive ‘drag-n-drop’ features to help you to design amazing eCommerce site web pages, customize your WooCommerce product page, and influence your potential customers to be your permanent ones.

To make your Elementor site design experience more flexible, and functional, use Essential Addons For Elementor– the largest element library for Elementor. Among 70+ cool widgets for Elementor, you will get three handy elements that are only introduced for WooCommerce. Those are EA Woo Checkout, EA Woo Product Collections, and EA Woo Product Grid. You can now sketch an interactive single product page to include direct checkout options and so on. 

Exclusive Pro Tips Designing eCommerce Website In Elementor

If you want to apply cheat code in designing a website, then Templately– The ultimate template cloud for Elementor can help you out to the fullest. Here you will get 1000+ Elementor templates to give your website a stunning look. All you have to do is signup in Templately, select your online business’s best WooCommerce template packs, and insert that. You won’t need to use custom codes to make your website beautiful anymore.

Importance Of having Elementor, Essential Addons & Templately

When you are managing your online business all by yourself, Elementor, Essential Addons, and Templately will work as your ultimate design-assist for sure. They can make your website more attractive and user-friendly which will result in more to boost your sales.

WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

While running an online WooCommerce business, you have to make sure your customers’ product purchasing journey is painless. To ensure that, you have to find out, add, & fix issues on your online payment process. Adding payment gateways with the help of the best online solutions can only help you with this. 

WooCommerce doesn’t provide built-in payment gateways with online stores, so you can go with WooCommerce Stripe which is one of the best WooCommerce plugins as far as making your eCommerce payment process smoother, trustworthy, and flexible from the buyer end. 

WooCommerce Stripe provides a wide range of facilities to your customers. For example, they can complete local transactions, make recurring payments, all major debit, and credit cards with a lot more.

Why It’s Mandatory To Have Stripe Payment Gateway

One of the main reasons customers shop online is because it’s flexible, you can order anytime from anywhere ignoring all the hassle of going to shop. You don’t have to carry any cash or bring any product by yourself at home. Just pick your desired one with clicks, do the online payment, and get the home delivery. So to make your online payment easier and seamless, you have to use fully functional WooCommerce plugins. 

WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

Running an online eCommerce site, you have to be transparent about your detailed product prices including all things like shipping, tax, ect. It’s completely your responsibility to enlighten your customers about everything. To do this work automatically, you can rely on WooCommerce Shipping & Tax the advanced WooCommerce plugins. This solution will help you display accurate shipping costs, tax on each product, outer country approximate delivery dates, and so on. WooCommerce Shipping & Tax will take care of your both digital and physical products.

Importance Of Adding WooCommerce Shipping & Tax

When you are delivering products all over the World, then shipping cost and tax need to be added. WooCommerce Shipping & Tax will reduce your pain to manage and maintain each product’s shipping cost, taxation, and so on. You can automate all these essentials and grow your online business effortlessly. 

WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration

If you can’t find out what is going well and what you need more for improvement in your online business, you can’t grow bigger and better. You can do these effortlessly only with advanced WooCommerce plugins. Among them, WooCommerce Google Analytics integration is the popular one and it’s free. All you have to do is install and activate this plugin on your dashboard.

WooCommerce Google Analytics integration will fetch data on all your transaction history, sales, and conversions, support tickets, and display them interactively on your WordPress dashboard. So that at a glance, you can see the overview of your online business. You can easily find out which product is selling well, which product’s demand is high, and so on. The analysis report of this plugin will also help you to manage your inventory wisely and smartly.

Why Should Integrate WooCommerce Google Analytics

Without any doubt, to accelerate your online business sales, you need to track present sales, conversion data, analyze them, predict future trends, and take necessary steps. Among all other analytics tools, Google Analytics is a renowned one. So Integration of WooCommerce Google Analytics will make your business analysis like bread and butter. 

Get WooCommerce Admin Plugin

WooCommerce Admin plugin is a member of the WooCommerce team. This plugin will create a frontend screen on your dashboard. So that you can manage and maintain a store with one click and drag & drop feature. You can preview revenue, order, variation, categorie, coupon directly from the admin screen. You won’t even visit activated WooCommerce plugins dashboards separately. This plugin will fetch all data and display them interactively.

Why WooCommerce Admin Is Important? 

If you are not a Tech-savvy person, handling all orders, responding to all customers from the admin end may puzzle you. WooCommerce Admin will help you customize your dashboard screens with only your essential information. 

HubSpot– CRM, Email Marketing, Live Chat, Forms & Analytics

When you are looking for a customer relationship management tool, there is no alternative to HubSpot, one of the powerful WooCommerce plugins. This plugin opens the door to immense possibilities of multiple marketing channels. You can run email marketing campaigns, form campaigns, including live chat, and so on. It will also help you to nurture your leads, track down marketing and sales performance, and so much more. t, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Benefits Of Having HubSpot To Make Online eCommerce Business

HubSpot helps WooCommerce site owners to create a communication bridge between customers and online store owners. This plugin allows you to Keep track of your leads and convert them into your regular customers. It will do the job of your professional market strategist, all you have to do is implement them and grow your online eCommerce business. 

Jetpack – Ensure Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth

All WooCommerce owners have concerns about how to protect their websites and prevent all types of attacks. If you are looking for WooCommerce plugins to take care of these, then Jetpack is the most popular and powerful one. Jetpack is made by WordPress experts to make WP sites safer and faster, and help you grow your traffic.

Importance Of Activating Jetpack On ECommerce Site 

Jetpack is an all-in-one plugin. It will take care of your website security, backup all your data, optimize your site speed, and help to grow your business. 

Nextend Social Login and Register

One of the biggest hassle customers face while doing online shopping is to register in every online store and memorize passwords. 23% of users abandon their shopping cart if they have to create a new user account. To resolve this solution you can activate WooCommerce plugins to provide direct login via social media accounts on your website. 

Nextend Social Login & Register will allow your customers to create accounts on your website in one click. Facebook, Twitter, Google, or any other social platforms you can include completing the registration process with ease.

How Nextend Social Login & Register Will Help Your Online business

You can ensure several social platform registration options for seamless your customers’ purchase journey with Nextend Social Login & Register. It will help you to increase customer registration, engagements, and boost your sales eventually. 

It’s Now All Your Turn

All these best WooCommerce plugins will help you manage your online business and upscale your business growth. Are you ready to skyrocket your online eCommerce business sales? Then give these best and essentials WooCommerce plugins a try and share your business growth transformation story with us. 

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