Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates]

When we think about creating a website, we often try to cram in as much content as possible by creating multiple pages. But sometimes, when it comes to website design, less is more. That’s why more and more website creators are choosing to build one-page websites in 2023.

One-Page Website

In today’s blog post, we are going to show you why you should create one-page websites, and how you can get exclusive access to some beautifully designed, free templates.

One-Page Websites VS Multi-Page Websites

Just like the name suggests, one-page or single page websites consists of only a single landing page whereas a multi-page website will usually have several different pages for different purposes. For instance, in a multi-page website, you will have a separate Contact Page, or About Page. With a one-page or single page website, on the other hand, you will have a separate ‘Contact’ section or ‘About’ section instead.

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There are several other key differences between one-page websites and multi-page websites, aside from the obvious. 

For instance, one-page or single page websites work perfectly for those who want to create a special product landing page, or want to run a special promotional campaign. You may also use one-page websites if you are promoting a specific service, or for creating your own personal website on WordPress.

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 2

In addition to this, it’s important to note that creating a single page website requires planning and a lot of creativity, as you have to present a lot of content in a minimalist style. So, if you are a website creator who likes a bit of challenge, you can give one-page websites a try.

Top Reasons To Build A One-Page Website On WordPress

While one-page websites are definitely a unique approach to website design, they are not recommended for everyone. If you are planning to create a website and aren’t sure whether to go for a single page website or a multi-page website, then take a look at these top reasons for building a one-page website first.

One-Page Or Single Page Websites Are Easier To Navigate

Ease of navigation is important for any type of website, and this is where single-page websites have a unique advantage. Since these types of websites consist of only one landing page, all the content your readers need to see are right at their fingertips.

One downside of this is that since your readers won’t have to browse through different web pages, they will not be staying for a long period of time on your website. If your content is interesting and relevant to the target audience, then your site visitors will happily spend time on your one-page website and have a better experience as they can find all the information they are looking for in one place.

If you are creating your one-page website on Elementor and want to make navigation even easier, you can use the One Page Navigation element from Essential Addons for Elementor.

This is one of the most popular addons library for Elementor with more than 1 million active users and 70+ exclusive widgets. With Essential Addons for Elementor, you can take your page building experience with Elementor to the next level.

Less Is More: One-Page Websites Are Simple Yet Precise

Simplicity is often considered to be elegant, and that goes for website design too. In fact, one of the most trending WordPress website design principles of 2023 is sticking to a simple, minimalist appearance.

One-page sites are perfect for this kind of style. Since there is only one landing page, you can create a simple, concise yet elegant and minimalist aesthetic with your single page website. This will draw your reader’s attention to your content and can make it easier for them to focus on the information presented on your website.

For ideas, check out how Lucky Beard made their single page website beautifully with a combination of minimum content, interactive layout and simple fonts

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 3
Image Source: Lucky Beard

One-Page Websites Give Better Experience On Mobile Devices

Research shows that traffic from mobile web users make up more than half of all global web traffic. This means that no matter what purpose your website is for, it is important to make sure it is fully responsive on mobile devices.

This is another area where one-page or single page websites have an advantage. Single page websites tend to have a lot of scrollable content, which makes reading your website content from mobile devices easier. On top of that, as your website will consist of only a single page, it will load faster too.

Easy To Showcase Products, Special Offers, Portfolio Or Events

As mentioned earlier, single page websites make it easier to showcase your products or a special promotional offer or campaign. For instance, if you are thinking of promoting a mobile app, you can use ready templates like the App21 template from Templately to create a one-page mobile app website.

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 4

Similarly, you can special promotional campaigns for popular shopping seasons, such as for Black Friday, Christmas or even Halloween. You can check out our tutorial on how to create a spooky Halloween website with single page templates for more ideas.

One-Page Websites Are More Affordable Than Multi-page Websites

If you want to create a beautiful and fully functional website without spending a fortune, then single page websites are your answer. Since they consist of a single landing page, they are much more affordable and less time-consuming than building a whole, multi-page website.

Best Free One-Page Website Templates In 2023

Now that you know why many people choose single page websites over multi-page websites, let’s take a look at some of the best free one-page website templates for WordPress and Elementor.

Acrylic: Beautiful Personal Single Page Website For Artists

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 5

For those who want to create a portfolio website, single page websites are a great option. And one such beautifully designed ready Elementor template is Acrylic. This stunning, free one-page template from Templately is designed specially for artists or painters to showcase their work on WordPress. It can also be used by art teachers or for art exhibitions. 

Featuring simple typography, soft soothing colors and attractive Guassian blur effects, Acrylic is a breathtakingly beautiful one-page website template for anyone who wants to showcase their creativity.

Wanderly: Stunning Single Page Websites For Travelers

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 6

Just as you can create a WordPress portfolio website in Elementor with single page templates, similarly, you can also showcase your travel photos or travel stories with Wanderly. This is another free, beautifully designed single page website template for travelers or travel bloggers. Wanderly comes with a bright and minimalist design, and is fully responsive on all devices.

Trainr: Bold And Modern Website Template For Fitness Trainers

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 7

One-page websites can be used for promoting a specific service, and Trainr is a great example of this. This bold and modern website template from Templately is designed for fitness trainers, fitness coaches, or anyone in similar professions. You can also use this template if you are a fitness enthusiast, or for promoting a gym or fitness center.

Check out our tutorial on how to create a one-page fitness website on WordPress without any coding using this ready Elementor template.

Cravity: A Bright And Colorful Event Website Template

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 8

For special events such as birthday or anniversary celebrations, you can create a single page website using Cravity. This free Elementor template comes with a soft and soothing color palette, attractive Call-To-Action buttons, countdown timers, and much more to help you create a single page event website on WordPress.

CrunchDealz: Attractive Single Page Coupons Websitee

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 9

For those who want to create a coupons or deals website, single page templates can be a great choice as you can display all your deals in one page. Your site visitors will have a better user experience because they will be able to find the deals they are looking for in one single place.

To help you do that, Templately gives you CrunchDealz, a fully responsive, attractive, free single page website template for Elementor. All you have to do is insert the template into your WordPress website and add your own touch to it to create your one-page coupons or deals website.

Jingles: A Festive Christmas Landing Page Template

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 10

Christmas is one of the most important and biggest shopping seasons of the year. And so, if you want to boost your Christmas sales, then you should definitely create a landing page to display your holiday special campaigns. 

With the free, ready Elementor template Jingles from Templately, you can now instantly create a beautiful, festive one-page website for running your Christmas deals and promotions. Check out our tutorial here to learn how to create your Chirstmas landing page without coding and skyrocket your holiday sales.

Get 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates & Packs

We know that one-page websites are not for everybody, but if you want to create a portfolio website, or share special events or campaigns, or you want to challenge yourself with a minimal yet creative design, then one-page website templates are a great choice for you.

Sign up for free on Templately to get access to these beautiful templates mentioned above, and let us know which of these is your favorite in the comments below. For more fun tutorials, news and updates, subscribe to our blog or join our friendly community of website creators like yourself.



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