How To Create A WordPress Deal Page That Converts [Using FREE Elementor Template]

Converting your customers into sales by creating a WordPress deal page can be one of the most effective ways to boost sales. You can mention your latest discounts and exclusive deals for your products beautifully from one place. Customers can easily visit your deal page and can have their preferred deals directly from there.

By creating a WordPress deal page, you can get more traffic as people won’t have to roam around anywhere looking for interesting, exciting deals. They can find them all from your deal page. But how can you create a WordPress deal page easily without spending a fortune? No need to worry, we’re here to help you. 

How Can An Interactive Deal Page Help To Boost Your Product Sales?

If you can create an interactive deal page on your website, you can showcase all of your exclusive discounts, sales information in one place beautifully. It makes your site unique and helps you to give it a clean look. As you are having a specific page for your deals, and others separately. 

One of the biggest reasons that you should have an outstanding deal page is that successful businesses give small or big sales, discounts, or special offers for the whole year. You can display popular deals on special shopping days like during Black Friday & Cyber Monday, or during Christmas, New year, and any other special occasions. This way, a deal page can help you promote exclusive offers, get more traffic, and boost sales.

This will make you seem more organized and efficient among your actual and potential customers who will visit your site in the future. Because they don’t have to look anywhere else, in one place they can find the most popular deals.

Besides, you can easily direct your visitors from the deal page to your specific product landing pages. As businesses deal with multiple products, you can redirect your visitors to your separate product landing pages. So it’s an easy way to boost your site traffic and sales simultaneously. 

Now you know, why you need to create a beautiful looking, interactive deal landing page that will help you to interact with your customers to accelerate your sales.  Below, we are going to show you a complete solution to get started with your deal page without coding.

WordPress Deal Page Template for Elementor

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Why Should You Pick Elementor Page Builder To Create A WordPress Deal Landing Page? 

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress users. You can easily make any of your sites using its drag and drop editor, ready templates, extensions, and more. You don’t have to worry about adding any code, just add your preferred content in each element or template and make it live whenever you want. 

This is why Templately – the ultimate Elementor ready templates cloud is being introduced to create any website to WordPress deal page without coding. It comes with impressive 1000+ ready designs, 80+ total template packs, and 100K+ happy users. You just have to get this fantastic plugin installed on your WordPress site with Elementor Editor and start creating your desired site, just with a few clicks.

Introducing Stunning Ready WordPress Deal Page Templates From Templately 

Templately offers you a complete WordPress deal page template pack as well as a single deal page template. You can get access to stunning ready Elementor templates like CrunchDealz, EleDeal for any coupons/deals website. You can also get templates for special occasions like  Black Friday & Cyber Monday and much more. Let’s take a look at these beautiful ready template designs to create your WordPress deal page. 

CrunchDealz – Ready WordPress Deal Page Template For Elementor   

CrunchDealz by Templately will help you to showcase any type of sales deal or special coupon deal on your website to attract your customers and grab their attention instantly. It comes with animated widget sections, beautifully represents your latest, featured, or any special coupon discounts in each creative section, and is completely customizable with the Elementor editor.

If you want, you can customize the color and design of each section to make it fit for your website just with a few clicks. It is absolutely responsive, interactive, and without coding, you can make your WordPress deal page template be published by using Elementor Editor.

EleDeal – Complete Elementor Deal Landing Page Template  

EleDeal is a complete ready Elementor template pack. It offers three ready pages and two individual blocks to build an entire website or a WordPress deal page. You can highlight any deal beautifully in each creative section that consists of animated widgets and more without coding. You can check out this EleDeal deals template blog to get the full tutorial in detail.

BFriday – Elementor Black Friday Deal Landing Page 

You can now make a WordPress deal page for Black Friday beautifully using the BFriday premium deal template pack by Templately. It’s well decorated, organized, and comes with animated widgets, creative sections, responsive, and more to give an outstanding look to boost sales.

BlackNov – Elementor Deal Template For Black Friday

BlackNov is another Black Friday deal landing page to make a standout WordPress deal page to highlight all products, special sales in separate sections with a countdown, and more. You can make it your own with a bit of customization, adding your own content, and publishing to have more sales instantly.

FlashFriday – Black Friday Deal Landing Page Design

You can use the FlashFriday Black Friday deal page template that is specially designed to promote your software sales, software deals, software sales campaigns, and more. You can even use this as a multipurpose deal landing page.

Black Esale – Black Friday Deal Landing Page Template

Get Black Esale ready deal landing page can help you to display your Black Friday offers in an excellent way in Elementor. Without adding any code, you can make your Black Friday WordPress deal landing page live just with a couple of clicks. 

Black Friday – Elementor Deal Landing Page Template 

You can use this interactive Black Friday WordPress deal landing page generically to offer any product discounts in each creative section, display countdowns, and more to make it stand out right away.

CyberCred- Cyber Monday Complete Deal Template Pack 

Make a stunning deal website for Cyber Monday by using this free CyberCred ready WordPress deal template. You just have to add your content, do the customization according to your need, and make it publish right away. You can check out this CyberCred template blog to make a standout Cyber Monday landing page in detail.

CyberSell – Cyber Monday Elementor Deal Landing Page 

CyberSell Cyber Monday deal landing page template can help you to showcase your business sales, promotions, exclusive offers, or discounts on this Cyber Monday sales celebration. Promote each of your sales beautifully in each creative section that consists of animated widgets, and make it live by accelerating sales. 

EleCyber – Cyber Monday Deal Landing Page For Elementor

EleCyber by Templately has been introduced to create Cyber Monday deal landing pages to show your specific sales offers, discounts, sales promotions, and other campaigns. You can customize the template design the way you want without touching any single line of code in it.

To create your WordPress deal page in Elementor using any of the ready deal page templates from Templately, you must have to get some plugins installed beforehand on your WordPress dashboard. Check out these must-have plugins below: 

Get Started With CrunchDealz To Design Your WordPress Deal Page In Elementor

We will use the CrunchDealz deal page template in Elementor Editor to build a stunning WordPress deal landing page in Elementor. Let’s follow the step by step guidelines below to create a standout WordPress deal page in Elementor:

Step 1: Insert ‘CrunchDealz’ Ready Landing Page Design By Templately

Let’s click on Edit with Elementor to create a new page on the WordPress dashboard. Within a moment, it will come up with a new page in the Elementor editor.

Afterward, you need to click on the blue icon in the middle that comes with the ‘Templately’. It will then come up with a popup window to showcase all ready collections of Templately there.

Now search for ‘CrunchDealz’, and it will automatically show the ready page designs related to it. We will pick the deal page template. Hit the ‘Insert’ button, and start customizing the template design as per your requirements.

Step 2: Modify Your Deal Landing Page Design

Now you can fully customize the ready ‘CrunchDealz’ WordPress deal landing page design by adding your own text or visual content in each creative section. You can drag & drop one section to another, or do other modifications and publish it right away.

Step 3: Save ‘CrunchDealz’ Ready Template Design On Cloud

There is another fantastic feature called ‘MyCloud’ storage by Templately to save your premade template designs in your own cloud space. This will easily create a secure backup for you. To do this, right-click anywhere on the page and click on ‘Save Page to Templately’ to save it on your personal cloud space.

Also, you can reuse these saved template designs on as many sites as you want. Besides, it lets you create a seamless collaboration through Templately WorkSpace on the cloud by sharing the ready design with other team members or eternal ones.

Final Outcome: Have A Look At Your WordPress Deal Page Design In Elementor  

Congratulations to you! You have now successfully used this stunning ready template design ‘CrunchDealz’ by Templately and created the best looking WordPress deal page in Elementor without coding for free.

Explore Templately ready collections to build your WordPress deal page without any coding. If you didn’t try it out yet, do it now and let us know your experience by commenting below. If you face any problem or need any quick help, you can freely contact our support team anytime or join our friendly Facebook Community to get in touch with other website creators.  

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