food blog templates

Top 5 Best Food Blog Templates & Themes For WordPress

Are you interested in sharing your cookbooks or unique recipes with the world? Finding the best WordPress food blog templates and themes might be the first step towards it. To spice up your first food blogging website, you need more than just a food blog template or theme. Let’s take a look at some outstanding food blogger website themes and templates below. 

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advanced search in Elementor

New Widget: Create An Advanced Search In Elementor With Essential Addons

Have you ever wished to add a few filters while searching online in order to get the specific result that you are looking for? To create an advanced search option, we have introduced advanced search in Elementor with new Essential Addons 5.0 & enhanced user experience Let’s get started by exploring how an advanced search bar can help you and how to create one. 

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Interactive circle

[NEW] Interactive Circle In Web Designs: How To Create One In Elementor Without Coding

A text-heavy website can be unappealing to look at. If your website consists of too many texts and fewer visual components, you can use an interactive circle by Essential Addons and display your content in an attractive circular pattern. Let’s dive in to learn how to showcase a lot of content in minimal space using this amazing widget. 

Interactive circle

Why Do You Need Interactive Circle Widget On Your Website?

For web designers, it becomes challenging to make the website more interactive and at the same time convenient from the user’s end. If the website contains a lot of text-based content, it becomes more difficult to present it in the right way. 

Research says that almost 38% of people stop engaging with any website that has an unappealing design layout. In this case, your website’s traffic is also depending on your website design as well. Let’s explore all the benefits you will get to effectively design your text-based content using an interactive circle widget by Essential Addons in your WordPress website.

Animated Presentation Of Your Website Content

Even though your website includes a lot of text-based content, you may present it in a compelling way to attract visitors and make it easy for them to check it out. Different patterns are common for presenting your website material, so a little motion might help you attract your visitors’ interest. Using the Interactive Circle widget by Essential Addons, you can showcase your text-based content with an animated pattern and make the section look more attractive.

Interactive Circle

Interactive & Responsive Design For Your Website

It can be difficult for users to find your website on search engines, read content, or navigate your website if it lacks responsive design. This could be due to layout flaws, poor images, text that is too small, or too many infographics that makes your website look cluttered. If you’re using a desktop or laptop computer, you can resize this window by clicking and dragging the corner. 

Creating a dynamic design for your website can be easier using an interactive circle widget by Essential addons. No matter what kind of device your website visitors might be using to access your website, your design will not break if you use this widget to present your text-based content.

Interactive Circle

Interactive Circle Widget To Create Beautiful Website

You can display your text-based content in an appealing circular motion with this widget, grabbing the attention of your website users. If you wish to provide your content menu, for example, you can use an interactive circle to present the content while also saving space. A simple text-based content will appear more fascinating and enticing in this manner. Let’s find out how easily you can get started with the Interactive Circle widget by the Essential Addons plugin. 

Things You Need To Use Interactive Circle By Essential Addons

Elementor: To use Interactive Circle Widget, you must first install and activate Elementor, after which you are ready to start.

Essential Addons For Elementor: You must install and activate Essential Addons for Elementor on your website in order to use the ‘Interactive Circle’ widget.

Step 1: Activate Essential Addons Interactive Circle Widget 

Let’s make your website more interactive and appealing by using the ‘Interactive Circle’ widget by Essential Addons. All you need to do is, ensure that you are using the latest version of this plugin. 

The Interactive Circle widget must be enabled in Elementor. Go to Essential Addons Elements in your WordPress dashboard and make sure the ‘Interactive Circle‘ widget is turned on. To ensure that your changes are saved, click the ‘Save Settings‘ button.

Interactive Circle

Look for the ‘Interactive Circle‘ widget in the ‘Elements’ tab of Elementor. Drag and drop the elements wherever you want to show the text-based content.

[NEW] Interactive Circle In Web Designs: How To Create One In Elementor Without Coding 1


Step 2: Start Customizing Your Content Settings 

This widget lets you customize the default content and add your own content. From the General tab, you can set any layout from the options. The Interactive Circle widget comes with 4 preset-ready layouts. Play around with the layouts and see which one suits your text-based content the best.

Interactive Circle

You can also choose whether the buttons in your EA Interactive Circle widget should display icons or text. To hide or show icons and text, toggle the ‘Show Icon‘ and ‘Show Text’ options under the ‘Button’ settings, respectively. This widget is very handy for lots of customizations. You can choose from options and create your own circular menu as per your preference.

Interactive Circle

The most important part of using this widget is, you can give your own content and add more circular options as needed. You can add the number of items you want to display with your EA Interactive Circle widget under the ‘Content’ settings. Simply click the ‘+ Add Item‘ button to add a new item. In the same way, you can remove or copy an item from the settings. However, for the sake of design, you can only add up to 8 options at a time; otherwise, the sequence would be broken.

Interactive Circle

There are three tabs: ‘Button,’ ‘Content,’ and ‘Style.’ You can add an icon for the item and edit the title from the ‘Short Title‘ input field on the ‘Button’ tab. Similarly, you may add content to your item from the ‘Content’ tab, and you can add background colors to your item from the ‘Style’ tab. 

You can receive extra setting options from the ‘Additional Settings‘ option to help you make your EA Interactive Circle widget more dynamic. You can pick between ‘Click’ and ‘Hover’ interactions in the ‘Mouse Event‘ option. You may also use the ‘Additional Settings‘ option to add stylish and eye-catching animations. As illustrated below, there are three different animation styles to choose from.

Interactive Circle

Step 3: Style Your Interactive Text-Based Content 

EA Interactive Circle widget comes with lots of styling options. This option can make a great difference in terms of anyone’s interactive circle. By altering the background color, text pattern or color, circle width, and padding or merging, you can change the appearance.

Interactive Circle

You may alter the typography for each item in your EA Interactive Circle from the ‘Item‘ settings. Each item’s width and icon size can also be adjusted. You can also alter the background color, text color, icon color, and many other things.

Interactive Circle

If you’re satisfied with the appearance of your interactive circle, you can now publish your page. Take a peek at the Elementor interactive circle we made for this topic.

Interactive Circle

As you can see, Essential Addons for Elementor allows creating a magnificent Interactive Circle and turning your web page into a more fascinating way extremely simple. 

Finally, we believe strongly in the value of continuous improvement. With this in mind, we’re working hard to offer you fantastic new Essential Addons for Elementor updates so you may have an even better website design experience with Elementor.

So, what do you have to lose? Update to Essential Addons 5.0 as soon as possible to take advantage of all of the new advanced widgets and extensions including the Interactive Circle widget. 

Try it out for yourself, and if you have any questions, please contact our support team. Subscribe to our blog or join our friendly Facebook community for more information on the latest Elementor addons, web design tutorials, tips and tricks, and more.

sticky header

How To Create A Transparent Sticky Header In WordPress With Elementor

Sticky headers can be a great way to improve your website navigation. But what if you could create an eye-catching, transparent sticky header in WordPress without any coding? This way, not only can you make your website content easy to navigate, but you can also make your website design stand out and look more interactive to site visitors. Check out the tutorial below.

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edit WordPress code

How To Edit WordPress Code – HTML, CSS, PHP (Easy Guide)

WordPress is a great platform to create websites, even for noncoders. However, you can always edit WordPress code to get more control over your website & customize it as you like. You can add new functions or tweak the look by doing some little changes in the codes. Let’s dive in and learn how to edit WordPress code that includes HTML, CSS and PHP.  Continue reading “How To Edit WordPress Code – HTML, CSS, PHP (Easy Guide)”

interior design website

How to Start Your Own Interior Design Website: Complete Guide + WordPress Template

As an interior designer, you understand how to use your expertise, sense of design, and knowledge to bring beauty and harmony to a room. Having an interior design website can help your company get off to a good start. If you’re looking to establish an interior design firm, our complete guide will help you get up and running in no time.

Interior design website

Table of Contents

The best part about building an interior design website is that it allows you to promote your firm and serves as a kind of workplace where consumers can view the company’s work and develop opinions on its style, design concepts, and other factors. But, without spending a fortune, how can you easily create a WordPress interior design website? There’s no need to be concerned; we’re here to assist you.

A Complete Guide To Start Your Interior Design Website

Before you begin, you must have a full business plan in place. When a smart business idea is implemented correctly, it becomes a success. We’ve put together an amazing guide to help you gain the visibility your interior design business deserves in today’s industry. 

👉Pick An Unique Business Name And Register It

Interior design website

To begin, choose a name for your design firm that is appropriate for your design aesthetics. People are more likely to remember a simple and memorable name, which is why you should consider using simple yet unique names for your company. It is recommended that you register your interior design service company using the name you have chosen.

👉Determine The Services You Want To Offer

Interior design website

The first thing you should consider is the services you’ll provide. You need to be certain that you’re not taking on more than you can handle as an interior designer. If you only want to design office and corporate spaces, you should state that upfront. When you are planning to offer a full interior designing experience, you can include painting pallets, mood boards, 3D rendering, shopping lists for clients, and some more.

👉Focus On Your Personal Style & Expertise

Interior design website

When it comes to decorating a place, each designer has their own unique aesthetic. Your interior design website should show your skills, whether you specialize in modern or conventional interior design. While designing, you should bear in mind where you want to concentrate your efforts. Condos, flats, and even office spaces can be your primary options. You can also select whether you want to work on indoor or outdoor designs. If you choose the correct niche for your business, you will surely attract the right customers.

👉Create A Stunning Interior Design Website

Interior design website

A website can surely help you acquire the most online exposure for your interior design service company, to begin with. People prefer to search for services online rather than visiting interior design agencies. You can design a stunning WordPress website that includes all of the important information about your business and service, as well as pricing information. You can also make your website more dynamic by using WordPress templates. If you want to avoid spending a fortune for a web designer, you can build an interior design service website from scratch using WordPress.

Best Sources To Get WordPress Templates For Interior Design Website

To make your website building experience smoother, you can use any famous page builder. For WordPress users, Elementor is one of the most popular page builders. With its drag-and-drop editor, readymade WordPress templates, plugins, and more, you can effortlessly create any of your sites. You don’t need to have a concern about writing any code; simply fill in your desired content in each element or WordPress template and publish it anytime you want.

This is why Templately – the ultimate Elementor ready templates cloud – has been launched to allow anyone to build a WordPress website without having to code. It brings you  1300+ ready designs, 80+ complete WordPress template packs. Simply install this excellent plugin with Elementor Editor on your WordPress site and begin designing your interior design website with only a few clicks. 

Let’s look at all of the top Elementor template options available from Templately and see how simple it is to build your own interior design website from the ground up.

⭐InnerSide: Interior Design Website Template For Elementor 

InnerSide is an Elementor template pack by Templately that offers a lot of customization options for your WordPress interior design website. Regardless of the services you offer, this ready-to-use Elementor template can be utilized on any WordPress designing website. 

InnerSide, the interior design template is fully responsive on all devices. With the drag-and-drop capability, you can easily design a spectacular design service WordPress website. Now all you have to do is select the appropriate Elementor template, insert it, and complete it with your content.

⭐Intec – Multipurpose Parallax Template

If you are searching for a multipurpose template that will simultaneously work for home design, architecture, or similar service websites, the Intec template is the one. This template will make your website dynamic and interactive with its motion effect or parallax effect. You can edit this WordPress template using Elementor without any coding. This premium template is super compatible with any browser.

⭐EleInterior – WordPress Website Template For Interior Design

EleInterior is another option for your interior design template that comes with image sliders, interactive widgets by Essential Addons, attractive call-to-action buttons, and animated counters. This template is elegant and stylish for any interior design service website. If you are keen to use an aesthetic interior design template for your architecture-related website, EleInterior is the best WordPress template for you.

How To Create Your Own Interior Design Website In 5 Minutes

As previously said, with the correct tools, you may quickly build your own interior design business. However, you must first purchase a domain name and choose a hosting provider. You can select the most appropriate managed hosting provider from the list of the finest managed hosting providers. To complete all of this, you’ll need to install and activate a few necessary plugins.

Essential Plugins To Start Building Your Website 

👉 Elementor: You won’t have to write a single line of code if you use Elementor to build your WordPress interior design website. Install the Elementor plugin to use the drag-and-drop feature to create a website for interior design services from the ground up. 

👉 Essential Addons For ElementorEssential Addons for Elementor is a widget library for Elementor that includes more than 70 unique elements and is used by over 1 million web designers. InnerSide, a ready Elementor template, combines elements from both Elementor and Essential Addons for Elementor. As a result, you need to install and activate this plugin. 

👉 Templately: To use the InnerSide WordPress template, you must first sign up for a free Templately account. You should install and activate the Templately plugin on your WordPress site after signing up for an account. As this is a premium WordPress template, you’ll also need to install Templately Pro.

If all of the above plugins have been successfully installed and activated on your WordPress printing website, follow these simple and thorough steps to build your own interior design services website from scratch using Templately’s ready-to-use Elementor template pack.

Step 1: Select ‘InnerSpace’ WordPress Template From Templately

First, you need to create a new page from the WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Pages →Add New and your page will be created right away. When you click the Edit With Elementor button at the top, the Elementor Editor will open.

interior design website

Click the blue Templately icon after your Elementor Editor has finished loading. A pop-up window with Templately ready collections will display on your screen. The InnerSide template can be found using the search box. You may effortlessly insert any of the ready-made pages from the Elementor WordPress template library onto your site.

interior design website

We’ll use InnerSide’s ‘Home Page‘ in our WordPress interior design website for this tutorial. This is how the inserted page will appear in Elementor Editor.

Interior design website

Step 2: Personalize The WordPress Template Content

You can edit the content and apply your own style to each page of your interior design website. To try all of the settings from the ‘Content’ and ‘Style’ tabs, use Elementor Editor. You can add your own text or update the existing text at any time.

Interior design website

If the theme color does not match your brand, you can alter the appearance by changing the background or typography color. To adjust the tab, content, and style all in one location, go to the ‘Style’ option.

Interior design website

Step 3: Preview And Publish Your Interior Design Website

Templately has its own cloud storage called MyCloud where you can store your website design. Imagine you’re a WordPress website designer who wants to utilize a particular website template for multiple clients. 

You may create backups of your WordPress website design and reuse them with Templately’s MyCloud feature. To save your online WordPress template, right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘Save Page To Templately.’ 

interior design website

This feature will allow you to save, manage, and reuse your WordPress templates. But the best part about Templately is that you can now share and manage all of your templates with your team, boosting productivity. Check out our in-depth lesson to learn more about Templately WorkSpace.

interior design website

Step 4: Launch Newly Created Website On WordPress

That’s how, even if you don’t know how to code, you can make your own website using interior design templates. Isn’t it incredible? By publishing your design, you can now see how it will look on the entire WordPress interior design website.

Interior design website

Get Access To 1000+ Elementor Templates For WordPress

Now you know how to kickstart your interior design service business and create a WordPress website for your business from scratch. If you find this blog useful, subscribe to our channel for more blogs like this and share your experience with the Templately community. 

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No matter how amazing the product collection you have, if you cannot display them beautifully on your website, it will be hard to attract potential customers. That’s why we have brought you WooCommerce Product Gallery widget for Elementor, which allows you to showcase your products beautifully in a gallery layout without coding.

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