Sticky Video

Sticky Video 1

Sticky Video

EA Sticky Video allows you to display any video content (YouTube, Vimeo or Self-Hosted) to increase your website engagement. You can customize your overall video layout and make it available during site scrolling.
Sticky Video 84
Sticky Video 85

Sticky Video From YouTube

You have to set your video source type as YouTube and embed the preferred video link to make it scrollable

Sticky Video 86
Sticky Video 86
Sticky Video 88

Sticky Video From Vimeo

Choose your sticky video source type as Vimeo and make the layout look standout by using its advance styling feature
Sticky Video 89

Self Hosted Sticky Video

Showcase any self-hosted video and make it scrollable for your users in order to get more engagement on your videos

Sticky Video 90

Make Your Videos Look Interactive

Represent any types of video content in an exciting way by using EA Sticky Video 

Sticky Video 91

Sticky Video

Responsive Design

Showcase your videos with its advanced responsive layout

Easy to Customize

Customize your video layout and overall outlook just the way you want

Custom Icon

Add and style your preferred video play icon to make it looks interactive