Default - Effect

You can simply just move your mouse over the Neural visual effects
with the ‘Default’ theme. The visual atoms will nicely move away from each other.

Nasa - Effect

You can interact with the ‘Nasa’ visual effects by simply just placing your mouse over the atoms.
They will nicely just fade way with your interaction.

Snow - Effect

If you want to give your website a Festive or Winter vibe, you really can try out the ‘Snow’ Particles effect.
You can easily click on the snows and have fun with it.

Bubble - Effect

With ‘Bubble’ Particles Effect, you will view wonderful Polygon shaped visuals on your website.
They nicely move away from one another.

Nyan Cat - Effect

To create ‘Star’ shaped Particles Effects on your website, you can choose the ‘Nyan Cat’ theme. By clicking on the visuals, the atoms will beautifully move away from one another.

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