EA Duplicator 83

Post Duplicator

EA Post Duplicator Extension will let you make duplicates to any of your website page or post types just with a click. It can help you to create multiple posts in a short amount of time or even cloning a post as a draft for further editing.
EA Duplicator 84

Configure EA Duplicator Post Types & Settings

Select your preferred post types as post, page or others. Here we will go with the ‘Post’ & configure EA Duplicator ‘Settings’ for that.
EA Duplicator 85

Edit Your Duplicate Post With Full Freedom

Choose your desired post & make a hit on the ‘EA Duplicator’. You can create as many copies you want just with one click
EA Duplicator 86

Get Full Freedom To Edit Your Duplicate Posts

Fill your post with your own content & make it the way you want. Now just hit the post ‘Publish’ button to make it live on the spot.
EA Duplicator 87

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