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Lightbox & Modal 91

Lightbox & Modal

EA Lightbox & Modal will let you showcase your videos, images or other content with popup. You can set the desire trigger actions, add animation and set the layout to make the popup look interactive to grab attention.
Lightbox & Modal 92

Popup Images On Button Trigger

Represent your amazing image content on a button click trigger, choose the layout & add animation with it
Bordered Image
Image Gallery
Custom Overlay
No Overlay

Popup Text Content On Button Click

Showcase your desired text content with exact icons related to it and style it
Simple Text
Transparent Content
Mixed Popup
Gallery & Text

Showcase Image To Button Trigger

Insert your preferred image on button tab to attract audience on a very first look
Lightbox & Modal 115
Lightbox & Modal 117
Lightbox & Modal 119
Lightbox & Modal 121

Insert Custom HTML

Add Custom HTML, animation on popup to make it look appealing for visitors
Lightbox & Modal 123
Lightbox & Modal 124
Lightbox & Modal 125
Lightbox & Modal 126

Fullscreen Image Popup

You can choose Fullscreen layout to Image, Video, Text or other media types popup
Fullscreen Popup