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Image Accordion

Image Accordion lets you display images in an interactive manner. You can individually use important texts for each image which will be activated either on click on hover.


Image Accordion Settings: First set the type of accordion you want to create. You can either set the Accordion to display associated content on hover or on click. Now, every image you include in this accordion will be presented as a card inside the Content Settings options. By default, you will see 4 cards included. However, you can add more cards or remove existing cards. You have to click on the card to open the customization options. You can add an image, title, content and a link to every card.


Image Accordion Style: Adjust the background color, padding, margin, height and border for the Images. Lastly, pick an overlay and hover color.

Color and Typography: You can separately adjust the background color and typography for Title and Content.

Click to See Live Demo!

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