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MailChimp Account Settings: Select your MailChimp List from the drop-down.

Field-Settings: First select an Email Label for the MailChimp list. There are two toggle bars for enabling/disabling fields for First Name and Last Name.

Button Settings: You have the option of specifying text label for the submit button.

Message Settings: Type in a Success Message text in this field.


General Style: Inside the general Style Tab you will find all the basic styling options such as background color, padding, border, margin.

Form Fields Style: From here you can customize the entry spaces for all the form fields.

Color and Typography: You can specify different background colors and font styling for the different types of texts. Click on the little pencil icon to open up the Typography Pop-up.

Subscribe Button Style: Adjust the Padding, Margin, and Width for the Button. At last, specify styling for the button for both static and hover state.

Message Style: From here adjust the message box as well as the texts.


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