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Pricing Table

Pricing Table

Marketing Bundle of Essential Addon includes the Pricing Table element. With its easy interface, you can input the text first. Then sleep over it to come up with the perfect styling consistent with the other parts of your website.

The starting point for the customization process can be as random as you want it to be. 


There are 5 customization bundles under this option. You can pick any of the four pricing style layouts. Type in a title and subtitle  for your pricing table

You will also find a numeric field to type in the price for your product/service.Then, Manually input the currency you accept. Align the Currency with the Price. Using this bar you can adjust the gap between the Price and Price currency. Then manually type in Days/Months/Year. You can find options for your button under the Footer area. You can type in a name for your Button, pick an icon for it and also paste a link to the Button.


Once you first start using the Pricing Table element, you may find this option difficult. Under this option you get to separately customize the features you want to include in your pricing table. Once you have added a features you can duplicate it or even delete it.

The fields under each feature you include are filled in by default. But once you click on a feature, it will open up the settings options.

Essential Addons Elementor Pricing Table

1.List Item Type in the name of the features.

2.List Icon: Pick a icon from the drop down menu. There are hundreds of icons to choose from.

3.Item Active: If you keep it to “Yes” the features will be displayed normally. But if you toggle it off, a strikethrough will be placed over the text.

4.Icon Color: Pick a color for your icon.


From this option you can pick a background color, adjust the padding and margin, pick a border type, adjust the border radius, content alignment and also button alignment. From the Color and Typography option you can pick a color for the text and also other text options. Once you turn on the Typography option, you will see the customization options.

You can adjust the Ribbon size and also colors. You can separately edit the button styling. Find the button Style option at the bottom of the bar.

See how beautiful Pricing Tables you can build with Essential Addons.


Click to see Live Demos. 

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