Create A WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

How To Create A WooCommerce Notification Bar With Elementor

If you are running a WooCommerce store, it would be a tough task to find out all new tactics that will boost your sales and generate more leads. Their WooCommerce notification bar tactics stand out. A top or bottom interactive notification bar on a website can help you showcase your latest sales, highlight campaigns, discounts, upcoming sales, new feature updates, and many others to drag your customer’s attention. 

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YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

How To Create A YouTube Video Gallery In WordPress Using Elementor

In this fast-paced world, marketing through a YouTube video gallery has become a new trend to promote products, businesses, or company values. But sometimes, it’s hard to find a unique way of publishing videos on a WordPress site. Now by using Elementor, you can easily create your YouTube video gallery in WordPress to boost your conversion rates.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

What Are The Benefits of YouTube Video Gallery?

By creating a stunning YouTube video gallery in WordPress, you can instantly grab audience interaction. It helps to describe a lot of things but with short content. Because it’s not always possible to express your exact work through a lengthy text. Also, people can easily interact and learn fast by seeing a video. 

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

So let’s check out some benefits of the YouTube gallery below:

Boosts Conversion Rate

A YouTube video gallery can easily boost the website conversion rate by more than 80% instantly according to HubSpot. It is because people feel convinced by seeing a video with a great presentation more than reading a blog. Also, it is an easier way for companies to promote their product or services through small video tutorials or announcements. It helps your visitors to get a quick overview. This is why visitors feel the interest to visit your sites or take services that ultimately help to boost the conversion rate.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

Build Trust and Credibility

By using a YouTube video gallery, you can easily do promotions about your company and products. It helps to create a brand value immediately. Users feel confident about the product when they see details in the video. This is the easiest way for the advertisement and targets the desired audience. In such a way, you can able to grow trust among your visitors in a quick manner. It will also help you to build trust and credibility about your product or company.

Encourages Social Shares

In the latest trend, people are more used to sharing videos on social networking sites. And the YouTube video gallery creates a great impact on users. Where they can easily search about their problems and find a perfect way to solve them immediately. It also encourages them to share those on their personal profile, community, or groups to help others. This becomes a quick chain process of sharing.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

In this way, your post can easily go viral. More and more people will get to know about your video content and spread it on different social sharing platforms. Who don’t even heard about your product or creatin work, they can also know about your product or services with quick sharing or online promotion approach of YouTube video. So, it creates an effective line to grow a company or product value and boost the site reach.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

Easily Use In Marketing Campaign

When you are doing email marketing or any campaign on social media, the YouTube video gallery plays a vital role in reaching out to the targeted audience. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you post videos on your youtube gallery, share those on your website, and on social media, your conversion rate will boost on the spot.

So in terms of marketing strategy, YouTube videos can be a very effective way to build trust, increase site conversion, and add credibility.

How To Create YouTube Gallery Without Any Coding In WordPress Using Elementor

Elementor Pro has come with a separate widget called Video Playlist’ to create a video gallery for your Elementor site. You can showcase all your YouTube videos in an organized place with this Elementor Video Gallery element and make it style the way you want. 

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

You can add as many videos as you want to add to your YouTube Video gallery section and make this section interactive for your Elementor site visitors. You have full control over inserting ‘Self-Hosted’ or sharing your videos with the ‘Share External URL’ option.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

Also for each YouTube video that you have inserted, you can enable the ‘Get Video Data’ option to automatically import all your video settings and information with your video title and thumbnail. Or if you want you can add more content as per your choice there on the description section and more. To get more details, you can check out this step-by-step Elementor Video Playlist blog here.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

YouTube Gallery With Elementor Media Carousel Widget

Elementor Page Builder offers you the opportunity to build a YouTube gallery without any hassle. So, even you are a newbie, you don’t have to worry a bit. You will get a Pro element Media Carousel to create a YouTube video gallery using Elementor on your WordPress site. Where you can add as much video content you want and style it to attract your visitors. You can easily choose a different slider option to display your video gallery beautifully on the website. You can insert effects and can design each video content as per your wish. 

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

It allows you to combine both videos and images to make your media content look interactive for visitors. You will be able to customize the overall design. If you want, you can prefer to add images or videos separately on your Media Carousel to provide a different outlook to engage your audience more.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

If you are looking to add more options to your YouTube Gallery, then we would recommend using the Filterable Gallery element of Essential Addons for Elementor. Aside from its beautiful layout and ease of you, it gives you the control to categorize your entire Gallery.

Create YouTube Gallery Using EA Filterable Gallery

EA Filterable Gallery is a free element of Essential Addons. By using this, you can easily add your YouTube video gallery with beautiful animation effects. You can showcase your YouTube videos beautifully by the Filterable Gallery element.

You can create a separate category and showcase your different sorts of video content on each criterion. Suppose you can display all your tutorial base videos on a separate sector and name its tutorial. In this way, you can insert as much as the filter section to visualize different types of video. It will soothe your audiences’ eye and make it easy for them to view their desired content on a different filterable section.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

You can also style every section of your YouTube video content using the Filterable Gallery to grab your audiences’ attention. It will provide an organized look to facilitate your users at a glance. You can also style every section of your YouTube video content using EA Filterable Gallery to grab your audience’s attention. It will provide an organized look to facilitate your users at a glance.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

Make Your YouTube Video Sticky On Website

You can now make your YouTube video gallery sticky on WordPress using Elementor anytime with EA Sticky Video and invite audiences to give a click on it immediately. You can add and sort videos effortlessly and make them available through scrolling. Not only Youtube, but you can also add Vimeo or any self-videos through this element. If you want to know more about this element, you can check out our documentation.

You will be able to change the position of your sticky video from the Sticky Options feature. You just have to add links from the Video feature. It will then automatically track and publish your content on your website. It helps you to enable autoplay or mute to make it more interactive for visitors.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

You can choose the preferred video source and combine images with your content from the Image Overlay section. It will attract your visitors more to the website and help you to boost the site traffic.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

On the other hand, if you want to customize the look of your video content, you can also do this from the Style section. You can configure each section of the desired contents of your Youtube video gallery as per your wish.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

After making all the changes as you wish, you will get your sticky YouTube video gallery view like the image below. That’s how simply you can add sticky videos on WordPress using Elementor.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

Quickly Embed YouTube Video Content In Elementor 

Even if you want, you can now embed YouTube videos in the Elementor site anytime just with one click using the advanced embedding plugin EmbedPress for WordPress. And it is absolutely free for Elementor users.

All you need to do is drag & drop the EmbedPress element on your website preferred section, afterward just copy and paste the in the embedding panel. That’s it, it will then automatically fetch and display your YouTube video on your website just in a blink of an eye.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

If you want, you can change the outlook of your YouTube video gallery section as per your preference using EmebedPress separate ‘Style’ section.

YouTube Video Gallery Elementor

Instead of YouTube, you can embed anything and everything using this exclusive automated embedding plugin EmebdPress. So if you avail of its premium version, you can even explore more amazing features for Elementor and WordPress. Go through this link and upgrade to EmebedPress Pro

Start Creating Your YouTube Gallery In Elementor

In short, people feel more interested in YouTube videos rather than reading lengthy content. In the meantime, your views will also increase on the YouTube channel. It will then help you to boost your site traffic and conversion in a fast manner. You just have to follow this easy process of marketing. It will help you to hit quickly on your visitor phycology to get that product on the spot.

If you find this blog helpful or you want to share something new, then leave a comment below. And don’t forget to join our Facebook community to get engaged with all WordPress experts. 

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