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Info Box

Info Box is a great way to add credibility to your website. This widget helps to display key information regarding any aspect of your website in a sober yet vibrant manner. Don’t expect your readers to spend that extra time searching for an information. Instead, include colorful Info Box to your website so that your readers can easily skim through them and receive the message that you are trying to send out.


First, select a position for your icon. Use the drop-down menu to do so. You can either choose to use an image or icon for your Info Box. You can Further make the InfoBox clickable by enabling the option at the very bottom. You then need to add a link to your desired web-location inside the link field.

From InfoBox Content, you can specify a Title and Text. Once you have added the text, adjust their alignment.


Find the Background color, padding, and margin from the Info Box Style option. Add border and adjust the border-radius from the successive customization fields.

You will find a separate customization bundle for the Icon Bundle. From there fix the Icon Margin, Icon Size, Icon color. From the Color and Typography bundle, you can separately adjust the color and font specifications for Title and Text.

See how beautiful Info Boxes you can build with Essential Addon.

Click to see Live Demo.

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