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Content Ticker


Ticker Settings: The first thing you should specify is which type of Ticker you want to use. Select either Dynamic or custom from the drop-down menu. Select an icon for the next and previous button. Adjust the transition animation from one ticker to the other by adjusting the Autoplay and slide speed. Use the toggle bar to enable/disbale Autoplay, Pause on hover, Show nav menu and fade effect.

Now, the second settings option will change depending on the type of Ticker(dynamic/custom) you want to create.

Custom Content Settings: If you use Custom Ticker type, the individual Tickers will be presented in a card layout. You can add more tickers or remove existing ones. Once you click on a card, it will open the card settings option. You can select a Ticker content and link for the cards.

Dynamic Content Settings: From here you can specify which type of post/page you want to include in the Content Ticker. You can fetch posts/pages according to the categories you have used on your website. Then adjust the Number of posts, post offset. Finish it off by specifying the order in which you want to display the posts in the Ticker. You can order the posts by post author, post ID, Title, Comment count and so on. And lastly, set ascending/descending order for the posts.


Content Ticker Style: From here, adjust the background color, padding, margin, border type and radius from here.

Color and Typography: You can adjust the styling for Ticker Content and Navigation from here. You can use different styling for both the normal and hover state.

Tag Style: From here you can adjust the styling for the Tag content. Adjust its typography, background and text color.

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