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Logo Carousel

Spotlight on brand logos using EA Logo Carousel. Choose your desire carousel effect, add logo and style up each features exclusively to attract potential customer at the very first look.
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Unique Logo Carousel Styles

Try out different Logo Carousel Effects like Slide, Fade, Cube, Coverflow, Flip and Style up in advance and make it look appealing for visitors

Choose Slide Carousel Effect On Logo

Use Slide Carousel Effect, set direction on left, enable toggle to dots on navigation panel, set position and Style up the section to make it looks standout

Advanced Design In Slide Carousel

Set up the item gap to separate logos, visible items, Toggle on Auto Play to set the slider speed and enable infinite loop to run the carousel

Experiment With Background Colors

Try out different colors to change the outlook of logo background

Create Transparent Look On Logos

Choose transparent color from Style panel Logos section and give it an elegant look