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Content #

Logo Carousel: Start off by selecting the number of icons you want to add in the Carousel. By default there will be five icons in the carousel, you can add new ones or delete existing ones as required.

Logo Carousel 1


There is three content filed in each Icon Card- Logo Image, Title, and Link.

Carousel Settings: There are five effects for the Icon Carousel- Slide, Fade, Cube, Overflow and Cube. Specify the Number of Icons per Slide by dragging the Visible Items Bar. Pick the Arrow or Dot as Navigation. Toggle on the Grab Cursor to enable manual scroll through the slides.

Logo Carousel 2

Style #

Logos: Pick either Gradient or Classic as the background for the logos in the Carousel.

Title: Adjust the color and typography from the Titles.

Arrows: There are a dozen Arrow formats. Use the Hover and Normal styling options to create a perfect Hover Effect for the Navigation Arrows.

Logo Carousel 3

Dots: You can use both the Arrow and Dots for a Logo Carousel. The styling settings for Dots are similar to that of the Arrows.

Logo Carousel 4

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