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Advanced Menu

Display your navigation menu anywhere in the website by using EA Advanced Menu element. You can implement any design by choosing preferred skin, add menu types of navigation and set the layout position to make it looks user-friendly for your visitors.
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Advanced Menu 101

Style Default Skin & Horizontal Layout

Add drop down menu icon, animation effect, hover effect and change content alignment

Change Top Level Item Alignment

Set alignment to right or left and modify solid border type, color, animation & more

Add To Top Drop Down Animation

Choose ‘To Top’ drop down menu animation, add icon and change the navigation

Zoom In Drop Down Animation

Choose ‘Zoom In ‘ drop down animation, add border type, background & hover color

Zoom Out Drop Down Animation

Choose ‘Zoom Out’ drop down animation, experiment with background & more

Fade Drop Down Animation

Choose ‘Fade’ drop down animation & customize the entire look of navigation menu

Style Vertical Layout Menu

Select vertical layout to display navigation menu in different form

Different Styles Of Vertical Menu

Showcase vertical layout of menu in different places of website, change background color, mouse hover color, add animation & more to make it more user-friendly