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Best Ready Elementor Template Packs #12: August 2021 Edition

With more than 1400+ ready Elementor templates and more being added to our growing collection, Templately is empowering over 100,000 websites all over the world. This August, we added several more website template packs for you to fuel up your web building skills without needing to touch a line of code.

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Ready Elementor Template Packs

Best Ready Elementor Template Packs #11: July 2021 Edition

Looking for new ready Elementor template packs to create beautiful websites on WordPress? Then get ready to check out some of the latest website templates for Elementor released this month from Templately. From beautiful NFT websites, modern resume websites, templates for food blogs and travel agencies, we have added tons of new template packs this month so web creators like you can showcase your web design skills.

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Zoo Website

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template

Creating a safari or zoo website is one of the easiest ways for attracting national or international tourists to your zoo or safari park. This can help you increase online ticket sales and generate immediate interest in wildlife protection. And in today’s post, we will show you how to create one without coding in less than 5 minutes.

Zoo Website

Table of Contents

Top 5 Reasons To Create A Zoo Or Safari Website

One of the most important purposes of any zoo or safari park is that they help raise awareness about wildlife and animals. And with a zoo website you can increase this awareness while also getting more visitors.

👉 Create entertaining educational resource: Zoos and safari parks are regularly visited by students studying animal diversity in school. If you create a safari or zoo website, students and children who wish to learn about animals will have easy access to wildlife.

👉 Connect individuals to the natural world: By taking photographs and videos of animals, you can encourage people to become more interested in wildlife. It will help the society to become aware of their current condition. 

👉 Promote animal welfare: Your zoo website can be the medium to spread and promote animal welfare related campaigns or slogans. You can invite people to learn and donate for their wellbeing through your interactive WordPress website. With your website you can also drive international animal conservation campaigns to help your zoo or safari animals. 

👉 Collect donations for reserved animals: Your WordPress website could be used to collect donations for the benefit of animals from individuals all around the world. You can also show photos of reserved animals and mention your donation target so that people know exactly where their money is going.

👉 Arrange tours for visitors: You can organize tours for people and post information about them on your WordPress website. A beautifully designed zoo website can also be used to sell tickets online. A WordPress website can easily help you reach international tourists if you wish to attract them.

How To Create A Zoo Or Safari Website Without Coding

If you want to create your zoo or safari website quickly and without coding on WordPress, then the easiest way to do this is by using ready Elementor templates.

Elementor is the most popular WordPress website builder that comes with a drag-and-drop editor. Because of it’s popularity, you will find tons of resources for Elementor templates online. And one of the largest among them is Templately.

More than 100,000 web creators use Templately and its huge collection of 1300+ ready Elementor templates and unique cloud collaboration features to create stunning websites quickly.

With Templately, you get access to Zoo Park ready Elementor template pack which comes with 6 beautifully designed ready pages to create a fully functional zoo website without any coding.

Home Page: With Zoo Park template from Templately, you get access to a stunning Home Page that comes with an animated header section featuring different images. This will make your Zoo website more dynamic and amaze your site visitors.

Zoo website

Ticket Page: The ticket page for the Zoo Park template from Templately is built using dynamic counter widgets to draw attention to your website. 

Event Page: You can use excerpts of highlights from your upcoming events to show them on your WordPress website. The intriguing style of the Zoo Park template’s event page may easily capture people’s attention. 

Zoo Website

Membership Page: For those who allow membership to zoo or safari parks, you can create a page for members with the Zoo Park template from Templately.

Things You Should Have Before Creating A Zoo Or Safari Website

You must first install and activate a few necessary plugins on your WordPress website before you can use this fantastic zoo or safari website template. Before we get started, let’s look at which plugins you might require:

Elementor: As mentioned earlier, Elementor is the greatest option for anyone who do not want to hire a web designer or learn how to code. As a result, make sure this plugin is installed and activated.

Essential Addons: Zoo Park is a premium WordPress Elementor template pack created with amazing widgets from Essential Addons for Elementor. To use this premium template, you must also install and activate Essential Addons.

Templately: Sign up for a Templately account and install the Templately WordPress plugin on your site to get access to ‘Zoo Park’ and other wonderful WordPress website template collections. It is entirely free to join.

Watch The Video Tutorial To Create Your Zoo Website

No Code Guide: Build Your Zoo Website On WordPress

After installing and activating all the plugins mentioned above, you can now use the Zoo Park WordPress Elementor template pack on your WordPress website by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Insert ‘Zoo Park’ Homepage Ready Design By Templately

To make a new page, go to your WordPress dashboard and select Edit With Elementor. You’ll see the Elementor Editor appear in a few seconds and be able to start building your page. 

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 1

Now, click on the blue Templately icon to bring up a pop-up window with Templately ready collections.

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 2

You must type ‘Zoo Park’ into the search field. All the blocks and pages related to the keywords you searched for will be displayed automatically as a result.

Select the ‘Zoo Park’ homepage design and place it on your site. You are free to personalize it as much as you wish.

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 3

Step 2: Personalize Your Zoo Park Template From Templately

Without writing a single line of code, you can easily customize your zoo and safari website with Elementor. You can add your own content in each of the pages and change the appearance.

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 4

Step 3: Save ‘Zoo Park’ Homepage Design To Cloud Storage

Templately’s MyCloud storage is where you can keep and secure your zoo website design. The next time you wish to create a page in this design, it will save you time. Click on the design and choose ‘Save Page To Templately‘ to save your personalized template. This design will be saved in the Templately cloud, making the process of creating a WordPress website much easier. 

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 5

You can use this template on as many other WordPress websites as you wish. You can also use Templately WorkSpace to share your templates with your teammates and improve team cooperation.

When you are done, you can publish your zoo or safari website design and share it with the world. Here’s the one we made in this tutorial.

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 6

That’s how simple it is to make a zoo website without having to hire a web designer. With Templately ready templates, creating a complete WordPress website without coding takes less than five minutes.

If you want more websites templates that are related to wildlife or animal welfare, check out some of these other ready Elementor templates from Templately below.

Pawwelfare: Animal Welfare Website Template

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 7

To promote your nonprofit animal welfare organization, you need to create an attractive website. For that, you can use Pawwelfare template pack from Templately. Check out our step-by-step guide of how to create an animal welfare website from scratch with this Templately template pack in a matter of minutes. 

Claws N’ Paws: Pet Service Website Template

How To Create A Safari Or Zoo Website In WordPress Using Elementor Ready Template 8

For creating an engaging pet service website, Templately has a fully responsive WordPress template to easily promote your pet service. You can offer pet grooming, adoption or any other pet service through your website. Claws N’ Paws, a beautiful WordPress Elementor template pack comes with 8 eye-catching premade page templates.

Gain Access to 1300+ Elementor Templates

You now know how to create a complete zoo website without any coding. So sign up for Templately today to get access to more than 1300+ ready Elementor templates.

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WordPress blog website

Video Playlist

How To Easily Make A Video Playlist Using Elementor Without Any Coding [2023]

While it is super easy to add a video to your website, but making a video playlist using Elementor was a challenge for content creators. Now, with the latest update of  Elementor PRO, you can easily create beautiful video playlists for your website & showcase your videos. Continue reading “How To Easily Make A Video Playlist Using Elementor Without Any Coding [2023]”

WooCommerce Product Slider

Introducing WooCommerce Product Slider for Elementor: Create Attractive Product Carousel

Creating an attractive eCommerce website that truly engages your customers is important for any online business. And an easy way to do that is by showcasing your products beautifully. That’s why we have created & released WooCommerce Product Slider for Elementor.

WooCommerce Product Slider

With this new widget from Essential Addons for Elementor, you can now easily create attractive product carousels and catch your site visitor’s attention. Let’s find out how you can use EA Woo Product Slider to make your eCommerce website stand out.

Display WooCommerce Products With An Animated Slider

Using the EA Woo Product Slider widget, you can now easily create beautiful, animated sliders to display your WooCommerce products. 

A WooCommerce product slider is similar to a product carousel in some ways. In both cases, you showcase your products beautifully and boost sales for your online store by adding ‘Add To Cart’ buttons.

But with the EA Woo Product Slider, you get to enjoy a bit more flexibility. You can add eye-catching product descriptions to give more information about your product to your customers and thus entice them to make a purchase.

WooCommerce Product Slider

What’s more, you can also make your WooCommerce Product Slider standout by customizing it freely anyway you want without coding. You can choose from ready layouts to instantly make your WooCommerce Product Slider look attractive, display star ratings for your products to boost credibility and much more.

How To Create A WooCommerce Product Slider In Elementor?

For those of you who enjoy pagebuilding with Elementor, the EA Woo Product Carousel widget will help you create a stunning product slider without any coding for your online store, by following the step-by-step guide below.

Feel free to also check out our complete beginner’s guide to Elementor to find out how you can use this popular, drag-and-drop website builder. 

Before getting started, you must first set up your WooCommerce store (if you haven’t already), add all of your products to your store, and then install Essential Addons for Elementor to get started. Below, we have given you a quick checklist of things you will need to make it easier for you.

Things You’ll Need To Create A WooCommerce Product Slider

☑️ Elementor: To create a product slider for your WooCommerce store without coding, you will need to install and activate Elementor on your website.

☑️ WooCommerce: Make sure that you have the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress installed and then follow the on-screen instructions to set up your store and add your products.

☑️ Essential Addons for Elementor: As the EA Woo Product Slider widget is an element from Essential Addons for Elementor, you need to install and activate Essential Addons on your website. 

Once you have installed and activated these plugins, you are ready to create your WooCommerce Product Slider in Elementor.

Step 1: Activate EA Woo Product Slider Widget In Elementor

The first step is to activate the WooCommerce Product Slider widget in Elementor. Simply navigate to Essential Addons→ Elements from your WordPress dashboard and then make sure that the ‘Woo Product Slider’ widget is enabled. If it is not enabled, you can always toggle it to turn it on. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Settings’ button to make sure your changes have been saved.

WooCommerce Product Slider

Next, open a new page in Elementor Editor and search for the ‘Woo Product Slider’ widget in the ‘ELEMENTS’ tab. 

Now drag and drop the widget anywhere on your page, and your WooCommerce Product Slider should appear by default as shown below.

WooCommerce Product Slider

Step 2: Configure Your WooCommerce Product Slider

Under the ‘Content’ tab in Elementor Editor, you will see there are four different options to configure the content of your WooCommerce product slider. These include ‘Layouts’, ‘Slider Settings’, ‘Query’, ‘Sale/Stock Out Badge’.

From the ‘Layout’ settings, you get to choose between four ready layouts for your WooCommerce product slider as shown below.

WooCommerce Product Slider

From here, you can also choose whether or not to display your product’s title, product rating, price and description as well.

You can also set the number of words that will be displayed as an excerpt for your products, control the image size, hide or show ‘Quick View’ and much more.

WooCommerce Product Slider

Similarly, from the ‘Slider Settings’, section, you can add some stunning preset effects to your product carousel with the EA Woo Product Slider widget. Feel free to adjust the speed of the slider, adjust the transition effect, enable ‘Auto Play’ and ‘Infinite Loop’ and other settings to create an attractive and eye-catching product carousel.

WooCommerce Product Slider

Afterwards, head over to the ‘Query’ option and choose how you want to filter your products, how you want to order them, and sort them in descending or ascending order. You can also choose the number of products to be displayed in your product carousel or slider, and even select the products to be displayed by tags and categories.

Introducing WooCommerce Product Slider for Elementor: Create Attractive Product Carousel 9

Besides these, you can also decide how you want to display products that are out of stock or sold out by playing around with the options under the ‘Sale/Stock Out Badge’ settings. The EA Woo Product Slider widget comes with four ready preset styles that you can choose from to help you customize your stock out badge quickly.

WooCommerce Product Slider

Once you have configured the settings for your EA Woo Product Slider widget, then let’s move on to styling your product slider in Elementor.

Step 3: Style WooCommerce Product Slider In Elementor

To customize your WooCommerce product slider in Elementor, head over to the ‘Style’ tab in the Elementor panel and tweak the settings there.

From the ‘Products’ section, you can change the alignment of your product description, column and position. Similarly, from the ‘Image’ settings, you add borders to your product images, change background colors and much more. You can also make more changes such as customizing the colors and typography, style the buttons and much more.

Introducing WooCommerce Product Slider for Elementor: Create Attractive Product Carousel 10

If you want to find out more details about how to customize your product carousel with EA Woo Product Slider widget, then check out our step-by-step documentation here

When you are done, you can publish your WooCommerce product slider by saving your changes and clicking on the ‘Publish’ button in Elementor. Take a look at the product slider that we made in this tutorial.

WooCommerce Product Slider

With the help of Essential Addons for Elementor, creating your own WooCommerce product slider without coding is now easier than ever. In less than 10 minutes, you can create an attractive product carousel to beautifully showcase your product offers and boost sales for your online store.

Give it a try for yourself and share your experience with us; we’d love to know your feedback. For more fun tutorials, news, and updates, make sure to subscribe to our blog.

If you have any questions, you can always reach out to our support team or join our friendly Facebook Community for further assistance.

Bonus: Build A Stunning Online Store With Ready Elementor Templates

Love using Elementor? Then head over to Templately and browse through more than 1000 ready Elementor templates and build your online store instantly on WordPress.

Instagram Access Token

How To Generate Instagram Access Token To Show Posts On WordPress

Sharing your beautiful Instagram feed on your WordPress website is a great way to boost your follower count and get more engagement. But to do this, you need to create or generate your Instagram access token first. Don’t worry, this is easier than you think. Today, we will show you how you can collect your Instagram access token in only three easy steps.

Instagram Access Token

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Query Optimization

Important Update For Essential Addons: Query Optimization, Security Enhancement & More

As we are always trying to improve the experience of web creators like yourself, today we have a very important announcement to share with you. With the latest release of Essential Addons for Elementor, we have introduced several improvements such as query optimization to help you build pages faster than before. Besides this, we have also added security enhancements, thanks to help from Wordfence team. We strongly recommend that you update to the newest version of Essential Addons immediately.

Query Optimization

From reducing query requests for our dynamic widgets for Elementor, fixing vulnerability issues, refactoring code, and introducing fixes for minor bugs, the latest update of Essential Addons will help you to build and customize pages faster in Elementor. Read on below to find out the details of the work we have done.

Recommended: Make sure that you are using Essential Addons Free 4.6.5 or later. For PRO users, make sure that you are using Essential Addons PRO or later

Improved Query Optimization For Dynamic Widgets

When you are running a large website with many pages, speed is definitely a major concern for any web creator. That’s why our team has been working on improving query optimization for many dynamic widgets from Essential Addons for Elementor. 

By reducing our query requests for these dynamic widgets, you will now experience noticeable improvements in performance and page loading speed. This has been done for many of our dynamic widgets from Essential Addons, including ‘Dynamic Gallery‘, ‘Post Timeline‘, ‘WooCommerce Product Carousel‘ and more.

To put it simply, when you configure these widgets in Elementor, the ‘Query’ search option will not retrieve all of your posts or custom post types by default. Instead, it will only fetch the posts or custom post types that you want to show on your website thus reducing the loading time massively. 

Important Update For Essential Addons: Query Optimization, Security Enhancement & More 11

So if you are using these dynamic widgets from Essential Addons for Elementor on any of your pages, you will see improvements in both performance and the loading speed of your web pages.

Implemented Measures For Security Enhancements

Website security is an important concern for any web creator. And after the recent vulnerabilities that were discovered in Elementor by Wordfence, who also reached out to our support team, we took the necessary steps they recommended to help boost security for your website.

Query Optimization

We have refactored code and sanitized options in Elementor HTML tags, text fields and text areas for security purposes. For instance, the widgets which were accepting html_tag parameter output without escaping, we have sanitized them to prevent any sort of attack using attribute-based XSS. This will prevent cross-site scripting so that key characters in the data received by a web page cannot be used in any malicious or harmful way. 

Besides, we have added AJAX Request permissions for security enhancements as well. This will prevent unauthorized users from executing the AJAX actions and do things like install plugins and save settings.

Of course, ensuring security is a constant process; there is no one-fix solution to solve all vulnerabilities forever. But with every update, we look for potential vulnerabilities and try to resolve them quickly so that your website security is never compromised.

New Fixes For Bugs And Several Other Improvements

In addition to these, we have also introduced several new fixes for bugs as well as other improvements. Most notably, our team has fixed conflicts with swiper JS, in order to improve the functionality of our slider widgets such as ‘Testimonial Slider‘ and ‘Logo Carousel‘. 

Besides these, the latest version of Essential Addons for Elementor also comes with some bug fixes and improvements that will help make your page building experience smoother and better than before.

Update To The Latest Version Of Essential Addons 

To summarize, with this new update for Essential Addons for Elementor, we want to help you to build pages effortlessly in Elementor while enjoying faster loading speed and enhanced security. So, make sure to update to Essential Addons 4.6.5 on your website as soon as possible. If you are using the Pro version, then make sure to also update Essential Addons Pro to version

We are always trying to improve your experience, so if you have any feedback, please feel free to share it with us by reaching out to our support team. For more updates, news and tutorials, subscribe to our blog or join our friendly Facebook Community.

One-Page Website

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates]

When we think about creating a website, we often try to cram in as much content as possible by creating multiple pages. But sometimes, when it comes to website design, less is more. That’s why more and more website creators are choosing to build one-page websites in 2023.

One-Page Website

In today’s blog post, we are going to show you why you should create one-page websites, and how you can get exclusive access to some beautifully designed, free templates.

One-Page Websites VS Multi-Page Websites

Just like the name suggests, one-page or single page websites consists of only a single landing page whereas a multi-page website will usually have several different pages for different purposes. For instance, in a multi-page website, you will have a separate Contact Page, or About Page. With a one-page or single page website, on the other hand, you will have a separate ‘Contact’ section or ‘About’ section instead.

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 12

There are several other key differences between one-page websites and multi-page websites, aside from the obvious. 

For instance, one-page or single page websites work perfectly for those who want to create a special product landing page, or want to run a special promotional campaign. You may also use one-page websites if you are promoting a specific service, or for creating your own personal website on WordPress.

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 13

In addition to this, it’s important to note that creating a single page website requires planning and a lot of creativity, as you have to present a lot of content in a minimalist style. So, if you are a website creator who likes a bit of challenge, you can give one-page websites a try.

Top Reasons To Build A One-Page Website On WordPress

While one-page websites are definitely a unique approach to website design, they are not recommended for everyone. If you are planning to create a website and aren’t sure whether to go for a single page website or a multi-page website, then take a look at these top reasons for building a one-page website first.

One-Page Or Single Page Websites Are Easier To Navigate

Ease of navigation is important for any type of website, and this is where single-page websites have a unique advantage. Since these types of websites consist of only one landing page, all the content your readers need to see are right at their fingertips.

One downside of this is that since your readers won’t have to browse through different web pages, they will not be staying for a long period of time on your website. If your content is interesting and relevant to the target audience, then your site visitors will happily spend time on your one-page website and have a better experience as they can find all the information they are looking for in one place.

If you are creating your one-page website on Elementor and want to make navigation even easier, you can use the One Page Navigation element from Essential Addons for Elementor.

This is one of the most popular addons library for Elementor with more than 1 million active users and 70+ exclusive widgets. With Essential Addons for Elementor, you can take your page building experience with Elementor to the next level.

Less Is More: One-Page Websites Are Simple Yet Precise

Simplicity is often considered to be elegant, and that goes for website design too. In fact, one of the most trending WordPress website design principles of 2023 is sticking to a simple, minimalist appearance.

One-page sites are perfect for this kind of style. Since there is only one landing page, you can create a simple, concise yet elegant and minimalist aesthetic with your single page website. This will draw your reader’s attention to your content and can make it easier for them to focus on the information presented on your website.

For ideas, check out how Lucky Beard made their single page website beautifully with a combination of minimum content, interactive layout and simple fonts

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 14
Image Source: Lucky Beard

One-Page Websites Give Better Experience On Mobile Devices

Research shows that traffic from mobile web users make up more than half of all global web traffic. This means that no matter what purpose your website is for, it is important to make sure it is fully responsive on mobile devices.

This is another area where one-page or single page websites have an advantage. Single page websites tend to have a lot of scrollable content, which makes reading your website content from mobile devices easier. On top of that, as your website will consist of only a single page, it will load faster too.

Easy To Showcase Products, Special Offers, Portfolio Or Events

As mentioned earlier, single page websites make it easier to showcase your products or a special promotional offer or campaign. For instance, if you are thinking of promoting a mobile app, you can use ready templates like the App21 template from Templately to create a one-page mobile app website.

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 15

Similarly, you can special promotional campaigns for popular shopping seasons, such as for Black Friday, Christmas or even Halloween. You can check out our tutorial on how to create a spooky Halloween website with single page templates for more ideas.

One-Page Websites Are More Affordable Than Multi-page Websites

If you want to create a beautiful and fully functional website without spending a fortune, then single page websites are your answer. Since they consist of a single landing page, they are much more affordable and less time-consuming than building a whole, multi-page website.

Best Free One-Page Website Templates In 2023

Now that you know why many people choose single page websites over multi-page websites, let’s take a look at some of the best free one-page website templates for WordPress and Elementor.

Acrylic: Beautiful Personal Single Page Website For Artists

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 16

For those who want to create a portfolio website, single page websites are a great option. And one such beautifully designed ready Elementor template is Acrylic. This stunning, free one-page template from Templately is designed specially for artists or painters to showcase their work on WordPress. It can also be used by art teachers or for art exhibitions. 

Featuring simple typography, soft soothing colors and attractive Guassian blur effects, Acrylic is a breathtakingly beautiful one-page website template for anyone who wants to showcase their creativity.

Wanderly: Stunning Single Page Websites For Travelers

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 17

Just as you can create a WordPress portfolio website in Elementor with single page templates, similarly, you can also showcase your travel photos or travel stories with Wanderly. This is another free, beautifully designed single page website template for travelers or travel bloggers. Wanderly comes with a bright and minimalist design, and is fully responsive on all devices.

Trainr: Bold And Modern Website Template For Fitness Trainers

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 18

One-page websites can be used for promoting a specific service, and Trainr is a great example of this. This bold and modern website template from Templately is designed for fitness trainers, fitness coaches, or anyone in similar professions. You can also use this template if you are a fitness enthusiast, or for promoting a gym or fitness center.

Check out our tutorial on how to create a one-page fitness website on WordPress without any coding using this ready Elementor template.

Cravity: A Bright And Colorful Event Website Template

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 19

For special events such as birthday or anniversary celebrations, you can create a single page website using Cravity. This free Elementor template comes with a soft and soothing color palette, attractive Call-To-Action buttons, countdown timers, and much more to help you create a single page event website on WordPress.

CrunchDealz: Attractive Single Page Coupons Websitee

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 20

For those who want to create a coupons or deals website, single page templates can be a great choice as you can display all your deals in one page. Your site visitors will have a better user experience because they will be able to find the deals they are looking for in one single place.

To help you do that, Templately gives you CrunchDealz, a fully responsive, attractive, free single page website template for Elementor. All you have to do is insert the template into your WordPress website and add your own touch to it to create your one-page coupons or deals website.

Jingles: A Festive Christmas Landing Page Template

Should You Create A One-Page Website In 2023? [Examples + Free Templates] 21

Christmas is one of the most important and biggest shopping seasons of the year. And so, if you want to boost your Christmas sales, then you should definitely create a landing page to display your holiday special campaigns. 

With the free, ready Elementor template Jingles from Templately, you can now instantly create a beautiful, festive one-page website for running your Christmas deals and promotions. Check out our tutorial here to learn how to create your Chirstmas landing page without coding and skyrocket your holiday sales.

Get 1000+ Ready Elementor Templates & Packs

We know that one-page websites are not for everybody, but if you want to create a portfolio website, or share special events or campaigns, or you want to challenge yourself with a minimal yet creative design, then one-page website templates are a great choice for you.

Sign up for free on Templately to get access to these beautiful templates mentioned above, and let us know which of these is your favorite in the comments below. For more fun tutorials, news and updates, subscribe to our blog or join our friendly community of website creators like yourself.

Elementor Pro Nulled Version

Should You Use Elementor Pro Nulled Version For Free Or Not?

Elementor Pro Nulled Version

Have you ever wanted to get Elementor Pro access for free? Of course you did, who wouldn’t enjoy free things! With Elementor Pro nulled version, you can enjoy all the premium elements at no cost at all. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? In this blog post, we are going to tell you all the reasons what you should consider before getting Elementor Pro nulled.

What Is Elementor Pro Nulled Version?

The only way you can get Elementor Pro for free is by using its nulled version. A nulled plugin is a version of a plugin that has been hacked, or whose code has been tampered with. When you look for ways on how to download Elementor Pro for free, you will only get links to these nulled plugins. They are usually provided free of cost by third-party websites who are not associated with the plugin developers. 

In other words, with Elementor Pro nulled version, you can get all premium elements without spending a penny. This is what makes nulled plugins look so attractive to unaware users. It is human nature to want free things. There is no shame in it. But you shouldn’t give in to the temptation of getting Elementor Pro for free. You will be making yourself vulnerable to hackers, malware, and tons of other problems. Keep reading to find out more.

Reasons You Should Not Get Elementor Pro For Free

As nulled plugins come from the third party sources, there is no way to know for sure how secure the plugin is. The only way to know if the plugin is safe for use is by looking through the codes yourself. This can take too much time and effort for professional developers. For those without coding knowledge, this is not even an option. So, your best bet is to play it safe and avoid Elementor Pro nulled version at all costs. Otherwise, you might face the problems listed below.

Activating Elementor Pro For Free Can Lead To Malicious Attacks

Elementor Pro Nulled Version

If you choose to get Elementor Pro nulled version, chances are that there will be malicious codes in it. This means that the plugin may contain malware that could cause problems for your device. Your website might also be at greater risks of being hacked. Moreover, if you use Elementor Pro nulled version, you might face data privacy issues. Sensitive information about your website and yourself may be hacked. To protect yourself from these issues, you should not try to activate Elementor Pro for free. Avoid Elementor Pro nulled version and keep your data safe.

No Security Fixes Or Updates To Protect Your Website

The team behind Elementor provides frequent and constant updates for Elementor Pro. These updates help resolve security issues to protect your website. For example, the latest updates after Elementor 3.0 are helping users resolve many issues. If you are using Elementor Pro nulled version, you will not be able to get these updates. So, your website will become more vulnerable due to not getting security fixes.

Higher Risks Of Getting Hacked With Nulled Plugins

No security fixes means your website is much more likely to get hacked. Every time you install a nulled plugin, you are exposing your data to potential hackers. They can steal sensitive data such as your identity, location, and financial information. To protect your data privacy, you must avoid any nulled plugins. 

No Support From Developers If You Face Issues

Elementor Pro Nulled Version

One of the best things about Elementor Pro is that you will get premium support for any issues that you may face. With Elementor Pro nulled version, you will not get this benefit. So if your plugin stops working for any reason, you will not be able to resolve the problem. There is no point getting something for free if you cannot even use it. This is why it is better to avoid Elementor Pro nulled version and instead pay for premium 24/7 support.

Plugin Compatibility Issues When Activating Nulled Elementor Pro

WordPress often releases major updates to improve their user experience. These updates are likely to cause compatibility issues with nulled plugins. This is because with every WordPress update, developers also update their plugins accordingly.  But, if you are using Elementor Pro nulled version, you will not get access to these important updates. So, you may face compatibility issues that might cause your entire site to stop working. 

The same goes for updates for other plugins installed on your website. When your other installed plugins get an update, you might face compatibility issues with Elementor Pro nulled version.

Developers Deserve Supports For Their Work

Elementor Pro Nulled Version

The most important reason for you to avoid Elementor Pro nulled version is because the Elementor team needs your support. Plugin developers work hard to create innovative solutions for you. Without financial support, it will not be possible for them to continue their work. 

If you know about the benefits of using Elementor Pro, then you already know how useful this plugin is. You wouldn’t want the developer team to stop working on improving it now, would you? So, give some support to the Elementor team by avoiding Elementor Pro nulled version

Of course, we understand that not everyone can afford a premium plugin. That’s okay too. If you want, you can keep an eye for special discount offers and grab them when they are available. Or, you can use the free version of Elementor along with extension like Essential Addons for Elementor, the largest elements library for Elementor, with over 70+ elements and 1 million happy users. Feel free to try it out if you want to enhance your Elementor experience.

As you can see, the problems of using Elementor Pro nulled version far outweighs the benefits. Sure, you will get access to premium elements without paying money. But, you will also become vulnerable to hackers, malwares, and SEO spams. Your plugin may also stop working, and you will not have support from the developer team to help you. 

Why take so many risks for a nulled plugin that may stop working anytime? From now on, keep your website safe and avoid using Elementor Pro nulled version.