How To Translate Essential Addons for Elementor Pages With WPML

Essential Addons offers compatibility with the ever-so-popular WPML – WordPress Multilingual Translation Plugin. It allows you to translate your amazing websites built with Essential Addons for Elementor to any language you want. Follow these steps below to translate your Essential Addons Contents with WPML:

How To Configure WPML Plugin Settings #

To translate Essential Addons for Elementor pages with WPML, make sure that you have installed & activated the following plugins on your WordPress site: WPML Multilingual CMS and WPML String Translation. For more information about the installation process and general translation functionalities, you can check out this WPML doc.
WPML Elementor

To enable translation for your Elementor site pages, navigate to WPML ⮕ Languages and include your native language, a set of active languages you prefer, and a language selector.WPML Elementor

After that, go to the WPML ⮕ Settings and enable these ‘Use WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor’,  ‘Switch to using the Advanced Translation Editor’ options and save the changes. WPML Elementor

How To Configure WPML In Essential Addons For Elementor Pages #

First of all, let’s make sure that you have your page/post built-in with Essential Addons for ElementorWPML Elementor

Now, go to your WordPress Dashboard and open up your desired Posts/Pages depending on which you want to translate. Alongside your Pages/Posts you will see a ‘plus’ icon that will allow you to add translated versions for each language that you have specified for your site. Simply go ahead and click the ‘plus’ icon for the language you want to edit. WPML Elementor

If you are redirected to the Page/Post editor you will need to enable ‘Use WPML Translation Editor’ as seen below. This is the recommended method for managing translations with WPML. WPML Elementor

How To Translate Essential Addons For Elementor Pages  #

If you have completed the configurations seen in previous steps, you will be redirected to WPML’s Advanced Translation Editor upon clicking the ‘plus’ icon. See below for an example of how we would add a French translation:
WPML Elementor

In the Advanced Translation Editor interface, you will see all the texts available for translation. Here you can add translations for Essential Addons content as you need. This is what you would see before adding your translations:
WPML Elementor

Simply just go ahead and translate the Strings in your chosen Language. Make sure to select the check box once you are done. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Complete’ button to make these changes effective.WPML Elementor

Final Outcome #

After you have finished translating in your chosen language, this is how your page/post is going to appear on your Elementor site for that particular language:WPML Elementor

This is how you can easily build Multilingual websites with Essential Addons for Elementor and WPML. If you would like to know more about translating sites that use Elementor page builder, WPML has this detailed guide to assist you.

Getting Stuck? Feel free to contact our Dedicated Support Team for further assistance.

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