Interactive Cards

Interactive Cards brings you advanced content management capabilities. It is ideal for WordPress Professionals. Although with its easy interface new WordPress Enthusiasts can also create top-class interactive cards in no time.

The starting point for the customization process can be as random as you want it to be. 

Content #

You can either use the Image Card or Text Card style. Use the drop-down menu to do so. No matter which style drop-down you will have three card types to choose from-Image Grid, Scrollable Content and Video. You have to separately adjust the Rear and Front panel for the card. According to the Card Style you have picked you will see slight variation in the customization options for Front and Rear panel. You can pick a transition animation for the two cards. You have five options to pick from.

Style #

From the General Style Option adjust the Max Width,Height,Padding, Background Color and Overlay colors.

You can adjust both the Front and Rear panel style separately. Edit the typography and color  for both the panels. Then Go on to edit the Button style on both the panels. At the bottom of the side panel you will see a separate option for the close button style.

See how beautiful Interactive Cards you can build with Essential Addons.

Interactive Cards 1

Click to see Live Demo. #

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