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Go over to the search bar at the top of the side panel and type in EA Toggle.

Content Toggle 1

Content #

01 Primary: From the Primary tab you can change the label of the toggle texts. By default the label text for primary toggle is Annual.

Content Toggle 2

Content-Type: You can use any of the three available types of content for the toggle- Image, Content, Saved Templates.

Content Toggle 3

  • Image- You can pick an existing image from your Media Library or upload a new one.
  • Content- If you pick content from the drop-down you will get a mini-sized WordPress editor.

Content Toggle 4

  • Saved Template: You can use an existing Elementor Template that you had created previously. As soon as you pick this option, you will get a drop-down menu to appear on the side panel.

Content Toggle 5

02 Secondary

The Secondary Toggle bar will have the same customization options. You will also have the same content type options as you got with the Primary Toggle.

Content Toggle 6

Style #

First, adjust the Switch styling.

Content Toggle 7

You can adjust its relative alignment to the two sets of label text, switch style, switch size.

Content Toggle 8

Then under the same tab, you will find customization options for the Primary and Secondary text.

Content Toggle 9

Label: Switch between Primary and Secondary and pick the right background color, text color and active color for both the toggle tabs- Primary and Secondary.

Click on the little pencil icon to open the Typography pop-up.

Content Toggle 10

Content: Click on the little pencil icon to open the Typography pop-up.Content Toggle 11

Click to see Live Demo!

Content Toggle 12

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