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Post Block

Post Block places multiple post/blogs in an aesthetic post grid.The purpose of this element is to let you organize and place your blogs/posts in one place. Use this element to give multiple choices to your site-visitors without overwhelming them.


First, from the post settings pick what type of content you want to include in the block. You can pick content by category. Just type in the category name in the Categories field. Then pick how many posts you want to include in the block. Use the ‘order by field’ to pick a sorting criterion for the posts(Date, Author, Title). Afterwards, use the order field to pick an ascending or descending layout for the posts.

You will see 5 settings with simple toggle bars. All of them are related to what elements you want to display and what you want to hide. Toggle on/off them to show/hide the parts. If you toggle on ‘show image’ for the grid, a new field will appear. From here you can adjust the image size. Similarly, if you toggle on the show except for your posts in the grid, a new field will appear. You can set the limit of excerpt words from here.


Pick the background and overlay color in the right contrast. Then move on to adjusting the typography. You can adjust the Title Style, Excerpt Style, and Meta Style separately. Click on the little pencil icon to open the typography settings.

See how beautiful Post Blocks you can build with Essential Addons.


Click to see Live Demo.

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