Configuring Elements

How to Configure Essential Addons Elements #

Essential Addons allows you to activate/deactivate elements as per your requirement. First of all, navigate to WordPress Dashboard and simply just click on ‘Essential Addons’ menu. Afterward, simply just switch to the ‘Elements’ tab to configure all the Essential Addons Elements.

Configuring Elements 1

From the ‘Elements’ and ‘Extensions’ tabs, you can deactivate any elements or extensions that you will not be needing for a certain project. The changes made here will be visible on the Elementor Sidebar. If you can’t find any Essential Addons element in the Elementor sidebar, check if it is activated here.

Besides, Essential Addons offers the ‘Global Control’ option to disable or enable all the elements at once as well. Make sure to Click on the ‘Save Settings’ button after you make any changes.

Configuring Elements 2

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